Nina Sakura nervously made her way through the halls of her new school. The school was called Eltoria, and it was a magic school. For the past year, all of her 7th grade, she had been going to a regular school on earth. Before that, she had attended a regular magic school. Nina had never had very good grades, never really excelled in magic, and had ended up getting kicked out of magic school for accidentally causing all the windows to shatter.

So now, why was she here, at a school for geniuses? Even her friend, Yuta Kirishima, who was a master at magic, hadn't been admitted in. It puzzled her just as much as the next person. A teacher, Professor Luki, had showed up on Nina's host-family's door one day, to inform her that she had been given a full scholarship, to the highest school in the magic kingdom! Quite a lot to take in all at once.

At first, she hadn't known what to do. If she excepted, she could become a wonderful witch with extreme powers, and she would really be able to help the world with her powers. But, if she went, she would be leaving all her friends, and wouldn't be able to visit them, because Eltoria was a boarding school, and it would take her three to eight years to graduate.

Right away, Nina knew in her heart what she had to do. If she wanted to be a great witch, and use her magic to do some good in the world, she would need to attend this school that would guide her and train her properly. It was so hard for her, to leave all her friends. Ayu, Tetsushi, Yuta, Sayuka, and especially, Hiroku. Ayu was Nina's very best friend. She was the very first person Nina had become friends with at school, and they had stayed friends all year. Tetsushi was Ayu's boyfriend, and Nina was friends with him, though she had not in trusted him with the truth about Nina being a witch. Yuta was Nina's childhood friend. He and Nina had gone to school together in the magic kingdom before Nina got kicked out, and Yuta also ended up getting kicked out for blowing up the school. He always was a troublemaker. Sayuka was Yuta's girlfriend, she was also a witch, and had once hated Nina, but now they were friends.

Then there was Hiroku, Nina's (eep) boyfriend. Nina had always been friends with Hiroku, then Hiroku ended up liking Nina. It had taken her a while, but she soon realized she also had feelings for him. He also knew about her true self, and he didn't mind. They were determined to stay together, even if it meant going three years without seeing each other.

Ayu Teteishi

Tetsushi Kaji

Hiroku Tsujiai

Yuta Kirishima

Sayuka Nakamura

Mito Kirishima