"Stay where you are!" the police officer said. "Show your hands!"

Leo Davidson raised his hands. He saw apes driving cars and riding motorcycles. One little chimp got a shoot shot of him with a camera. The police and the firefighters approached him.

"Keep your hands up!" the gorilla said, his gun pointed at Davidson. "Who is your owner?"

Davidson was in shock. The gorilla officer handcuffed Davidson.

"In the name of the Thade Dynasty, you are under arrest!"

"Thade Dynasty?"

"No humans are allowed in this place. You must stay silent until we take you to the station!"

The police officer pulled Davidson closer to the police car. The chimp photographer tried to interview the policeman.

"Officer Urto! Officer Urto! What do you know about that space pod?"

"None of your business, Lucas. Do your reporting elsewhere."

"If the human arrived in that thing, then are the rumors true? Is the Space Ape-ministration sending humans into space?"

"No human deserves such a privelage!" Urto shouted.

Urto pushed Davidson to the backseat of the police car. As they drove away, Davidson gazed out the window at all the modern apes. They were more advanced than the ones on Ashlar. If he barely escaped from less advanced apes, then how would he escape from these ones?

"Here we are," Urto said.

They were at the police station. Urto pulled Davidson out of the car and brought him inside. He was taken to the interrogation room.

"You may speak to answer my questions," Urto said. "What is your name?"

Davidson was not sure whether he should say anything or not.

"Answer me, human!"

The gorilla's fit frightened Davidson. He spoke immediately.

"My name is, uh, Leo Davidson, officer."

"Who is your owner?"

From that question, Davidson could assume that humans worked for apes here, too.

"I don't have one."

"Nonsense. Every human around here has an owner."

"That's the thing. I am not from here. I mean, I was from here, but a different here."

"You are not making much sense. Where did you come from?"

"I am originally from Earth."

"A human with a spacecraft would have to be stupid to escape this planet and then come back."

What Davidson did was stupid. Why did he return to Earth? The chances of him getting back to his own time were slim. This was not the date that he had left. He should have stayed on Ashlar with all of the new friends that he had made. He remembered what the beautiful Daena had said after she kissed him.

"Maybe you'll come back."

He hoped so.