Disclaimer: The characters all belong to Charlaine Harris.



My man at Louisiana Mental Health Services gave me a call, said the facility might have a telepath in residence. Interesting, I had never met one. I kept someone on my payroll at all the mental health facilities in my area. Humans with amazing talents sometimes showed up there because regular humans tend to fear differences and label them as "illnesses". Better than demons, but still humans are spectacularly narrow minded. This particular telepath was only a child – 5 or 6 I am told – not old enough to be useful. I can at least check her out. If she has talent, perhaps it can be nurtured until she is old enough for me to attach her to my retinue.

I levitated and peered inside of the tiny room she was assigned to – a prison cell with a little institutional green paint as far as I could tell. The child was huddled on the bed shaking, crying. Probably completely useless. Then she looked up at me. She came to the window and pressed a palm against the glass. Her blue eyes held my gaze completely.

"Why can't I hear you?" she asked seemingly awestruck. "And why do you glow?"

My "inside man" had temporarily disabled the alarm on the window and I motioned for her to open it. She hesitated, then opened it just a crack, clearly cringing for the sound of the alarm. When none sounded, she opened the window all the way.

"How did you do that? I opened it yesterday morning and alarms rang, people came running from everywhere. They thought I was going to jump or something. I just wanted to feel the sun on my skin. (sigh)."

"If I reveal all of my secrets too soon," I answered with a wink, "you may loose interest."

She laughed and reached out to touch my hand.

"I still can't hear you. I can almost not hear anyone." She closed her eyes and sighed deeply.

"Come with me?" I asked taking her hand in mine.

Eyes round as saucers, she nodded and climbed out of the window into my arms. I flew off toward a large wooded area carrying a small human girl.