**What is this? Oh, and I warn you, Walgi – in two aspects.**

A mirror reflection, that's all it was – a mirror reflection.

Waluigi stared at the glass, covered in silver and other materials to show what he looked like. Tall, skinny, jointy, and insomiatic.

He stared for a little while longer before he stepped away from the mirror, rubbing his hands against his face. He stretched, not yawning because he wasn't tired mind you. He stood there quietly for another minute or so, mirror behind him.

Then he turned around and stood in front of the mirror again, eyes widening at the reflection.

There stood his reflection, but not his. Hers rather.

Waluigi had gotten this mirror yesterday, from the basement of a friend's house. They said the mirror scared them, which was a really stupid reason to keep a mirror in a basement – but now Waluigi saw why.

In the mirror was his reflection if he was a girl. Her eyes were empty and tired like his, but her face had more pleasant features. Her nose, for example, was on the normal side – save for it being a little pointy. Her face was thin, shaping down to her sharp chin, and that was it.

Waluigi reached his hand up and covered his mouth; his female reflection did the same. Her hand covering her face now brought out her insomniac stricken eyes, her thin eyebrows rising as his did.

The rest of the reflection was pretty for a woman like her. Her brownish-red hair was long, but you could see the ends of it poking out from her back like Waluigi's mustache did. Her purple hat covered the top of her head; the L was in cursive and upside down.

Waluigi moved onto inspecting her outfit, not much different then his own. She wore a black overskirt*, with a purple long sleeve that had frilly ends. Her gloves looked more like she stole them from Princess Peach and stitched the same L on her hat onto each glove.

The skirt part only reached down to her knees (Waluigi was tempted to do something bad, because of this fact, but changed his mind knowing that was basically himself), from there her thin legs were showing. Waluigi could see scratches and bruises; she probably got into a lot of fights like he did.

Finishing her outfit, Waluigi took admiration to her orange boots – only covering up her ankles but still being too big for them, the tops sagging downward. They seemed scuffed up towards the toe, and her left ankle had a band-aid on it.

Waluigi looked at his reflection up and down a few more times, posing feminine like just to see how good she'd look.

Ugh, she was pretty, so pretty Waluigi wanted to start talking to her.


He jumped and turned around, laughing nervously while rubbing the back of his head. "Hi, how you doing?"

"You didn't answer when I knocked." Luigi replied, "So I trotted on in. Why are you posing in front of that mirror?"

"Well, it's kinda hard to explain." Waluigi began, turning around to see his female mirror image copying him still. "This mirror… a friend of mine had it…"

"Oh, is it magic?" Luigi laughed while walking over. "What does it do? Show you the future?"

"No, it –" Waluigi began.

Luigi stepped into the view of the mirror, looking at himself before gasping.

"– shows you as the other gender." Waluigi finished blankly, looking at Luigi before looking back up in the mirror.

Standing next to his female self was Luigi. Well, not Luigi, but her.

Waluigi had to admit, his female self wasn't as pretty as Luigi's. Her hair was only shoulder length and brown, her hat mimicking Waluigi's feminine hat only with all green and a proper cursive L. Her slim fingers were in lacy gloves, which were covering her face like Luigi himself was doing.

"Lower your hands." Waluigi muttered.

Luigi slowly did as told, his eyes widening with her same blue ones. Her face was slim, and – Waluigi had to notice – her lips were just that right shade of pink (his female version had chapped lips, as if she bit them a lot).

Waluigi started gazing down at her outfit. Like his own, Luigi's female flip was wearing an overskirt and long sleeve – only his clothes matched the colors of the ones he actually wore. The skirt ended a little below her knees, revealing that (Waluigi chuckled at this) she had on thin green leggings which ran into her shoes – the same shade of brown as Luigi's work boots, only these were fancy little boots.

"I'm…" Luigi broke Waluigi's focus, "… I'm so weird looking."

"Pah!" Waluigi scoffed, "Look at mine!"

Luigi looked over at Waluigi's flip, "She looks better then I do." He mumbled. "Um, her bust…"

Not wanting to be looking at himself (it'd very awkward), Waluigi just returned to Luigi's reflection, seeing at his flip was somewhat not well built.

By what Luigi said, maybe his flip was, but he didn't want to see.

"Well." Luigi coughed, "This was, uh, nice to see. You, uh, keeping this?"

"Maybe, I could stick it outside on Halloween." Waluigi and his reflection shrugged.

With another cough, Luigi turned around and said, "Y-you're reflection is pretty… I'd – I'd date her."

Waluigi laughed, "Same here, Luigi. Shame they aren't real though."

Luigi gave a slight chuckle, turning back around to the mirror – him and his reflection blushing. "You would?"

"Yeah," Waluigi put his hand on Luigi's shoulder and turned so they were facing each other. "But since she's not here, I guess I'll have to live with you."

Luigi's face grew even redder. "Waluigi, you – mmph!"

Although they were standing in front of the mirror kissing, their reflections weren't.


"Does it read your mind as well?" Louisa asked, cocking her head at her male reflection's current actions.

"Ugh, I hope not." The other woman replied, snarling. "You make a freaking cute guy but you're still a hideous bitch."


"Just saying."

Louisa scoffed, "Hey, why don't we throw Prince Daniel in front of this and see what he looks like?"

Walouisa cackled, "He'd made an ugly princess!"

"Oh we'll see." Louisa started towards the door, throwing her hand back and slapping Walouisa's rear end as she passed her.

"You little!" She spat, chasing after the shorter woman in means of revenge.

Meanwhile, their male reflections –still smooching, stumbled out of the mirror's view.


*Basically overalls, but instead of pants there's a skirt. That's what I call them.

**Genderbends? In the MARIO section? Oh heck no Crazee Canadia!

actually yes. The word needs more Mario stories. Why not add something unique?

So, a while back I drew the Mario characters genderbent and gave them names. Walouisa and Louisa originally had headbands, but that was because I couldn't draw hats. And if you can't figure out Daniel then you're not really familiar with your normal Mario characters, are you?

Anyway, I might bring the genderbending back next time. It's actually an hour past when I'm supposed to be sleeping. I hope this was worth your time.

Remember, call me sick, call me outrageous, but don't call me sane, because I'm Crazee Canadia. **