"Oh, lookie here!" Daisy leaped in front of the mirror, gazing at herself for a moment. "Waluigi got a fancy new mirror."

"Um, yeah." Waluigi and Luigi sauntered into the room together, Luigi glowing in a way that Daisy could only take as a hint at what they were doing before the two invited her over here.

With a smile, Daisy turned around to face the others, "So, you wanted me to check out this thing? What does it do, exactly?"

"Well." Luigi began, "It worked for us, I don't know if it's work for you." He stepped into the mirror's view. "Um, Waluigi? How did you…"
"Hang on; go over there for a moment." Waluigi ushered the other two to the side, looking back at the mirror with a glare. He faced away from it, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes quickly before swinging back around, and there she was again. "Aha!"

"What what?" Daisy shouted, excited over something so silly. "What is it? Lemme see!"

"Hold up, hold up!" Luigi stood next to Waluigi, and his flip returned to view. "Alright, it works!"

"Lemme see already!" Daisy whined.

"Wait." Waluigi crossed his arms, turning to the side while crossing his legs. "Damn I'm good looking."

"Liar." Luigi copied him, "I'm better looking."

"What is this, a modeling contest? Move it!" Daisy jumped in front of Luigi and Waluigi, standing proudly in front of the mirror before yelping and jumping backward into them. "W-what the heck?" she asked, "T-that's not me, what is that? That's not even you!"

"Exactly." Waluigi replied. "This mirror is special because it does, well, that." He pointed at the reflections.

Daisy – as Luigi and Waluigi expected – was flipped in the mirror. The only part of her hair that her male counterpart had was the bangs, and the rest of the hair was short. His eyes where wide and blue like hers and he still had a bit of a baby face.

"Wow." Daisy said; her male reflection's mouth moving as hers did. "This is… trippy."

"You bet?" Luigi laughed, "When I first saw it I thought I was hallucinating."

"Don't use big words like that, you'll be dumb." Waluigi muttered, Luigi reaching behind Daisy and slapping his thigh.

Daisy ignored the action and kept staring at herself – well, him. "L-look at me! I'm so thin! Wow, he's got on a nice t-shirt, I'd wear that. Look, the sleeves are orange but the torso is yellow – I like it a lot I mean – hey, are you listening to me?"

Waluigi and Luigi stopped exchanging light punches behind Daisy's back as she turned around to face them, looking at her.

"Anyway." Daisy turned back to her reflection. "As I was – hey, orange pants? Since when do they make those? I want a pair!"

"She's seeing this more like a clothing catalog." Waluigi leaned over and muttered to Luigi.

"I'm not." Daisy spat, "What you two are wearing is something I'd never want in my castle."

"Offended!" Luigi replied.

Daisy shrugged, "Well, I don't think I'd really like overskirts."

"They're just like a dress." Waluigi growled before jumping back and covering his mouth.

Luigi and Daisy turned to him, "And how do you know?" The both asked.

Waluigi blinked at them. "Guessing." He replied with a squeak.

"Huh." Daisy took a step towards the mirror. "Maybe it also takes us to another…" she stood still for a moment, Luigi and Waluigi cocked their heads at her in question.

"…dimension!" She leaped forward, slamming against the mirror before stepping back away from it. "Ouch…" she groaned, "Maybe not…"

Luigi and Waluigi were laughing hysterically, Daisy turned around to face them. "Hey, it's not funny!" she spat. "Why don't you two try to – whoa."

Upon turning around again, Daisy saw the mirror wasn't mimicking what they were doing. Rather, the reflections in the mirror where just standing there, looking at Waluigi and Luigi in confusion.

Daisy scowled at them, leaving the mirror's view to look around it, something was fishy about this thing…


"Is… it, supposed to do that?" Daniel pointed at the mirror and asked, seeing his female flip storm out of view.

"It did that last time we used it." Louisa replied. "But you made such a pretty princess!"

"Weh." Walouisa growled.

Daniel coughed before replying. "Well!" he put his hands behind his back, "I guess you two could have some fun with this thing, huh?"

Walouisa grinned, "Like put Maria in front of it, see how ugly she is as a man?"

"Leave my sister out of this." Louisa growled.

"Oh, what about Pierre?" Daniel asked. "He'd totally be a Barbie doll!"

"In a pink dress." Walouisa muttered, "And then he'd go off about how much he'd love to wear it and see Maria in it and –"

"You know Maria hates dresses!" Louisa spat.


Daniel began walking out of the room, "Then after Pierre we'll see that Raleigh looks like…"

"Oh balls." Walouisa followed Daniel out, and then followed by Louisa, who shot one last look at the mirror to see her male counter part trying to catch his breath.

"…I'll call you Luigi." She said, skipping out of the room.


**OK, that's all for that folks.

So, I also genderbent Daisy, and I couldn't really put her in royal clothes so I just drew her/him casual. Pierre came up whenever I couldn't think of a masculine name for Peach and Rosalina just ended up with her name. Of course, we all know Maria, so shut it about her.

Again, you might see these guys in the future, might. Maybe if I get enough support or inspiration or all of a sudden feel like writing Walgi yuri (Which is unlikely).

Call me sick, call me weird. Just don't call me sane, because I'm Crazee Canadia. **