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Uncle Jake

Uncle Jake met Briar Rose when he was walking down the street while everyone was in New York. While walking Elvis, the dog tugged on him hard and he tripped on Briar Rose. Who was coincidentally taking her daily morning run at the time. He crashed down onto her and dropped his coffee and donuts, which he had bought at Sacred Grounds a few minutes ago all over her. In an effort to apologize, he let her eat all the donuts that Elvis and dirt had not gotten into. That is how their relationship was born, ending with Briar's death.

He always goes past the place where he coffee shop used to be and remembers everything that made Briar, Briar. Uncle Jake remembers when her eyebrows lifted and her nose scrunched up when she got confused. He remembers her laugh that sounded like a dozen birds singing in harmony. He remembers every single thing about Briar he could when he walked past that burned out shell of a coffee shell.

He loves going to sleep, because when he sleeps he dreams. And in his dreams, he sees everybody he misses. He sees his father with his old overalls on. He sees Briar with her cute smile. He sees everyone and everything he's missed in his dreams.

He plays the guitar. He learned when he was in high school and he's been in love his instrument ever since. What he plays changes with his overall mood. When he was a teenager, it was all angst songs. It was anything he could get his hands on in his twenty's, love songs after he met Briar Rose. After Briar's death he's been playing nothing at all because of his grief.

He hates not being able to fix things, and he'll do everything in his power to clean up his mess(s). If he could, he would go back in time and end his mistakes before they even happened. His father and Briar wouldn't be dead. His father would proudly look on as his youngest son married the most beautiful woman (or Everafter) alive. But that was only himself dreaming when he wasn't planning revenge for Briar's death or mourning her it.

Jake has the feeling he's not going to date anyone else in his entire life. Briar Rose was his all and his only. If he did get a new girlfriend, it wouldn't feel the same. When she laughed, he would of thought of Briar's laugh. When the new girlfriend glared, he would of thought of the time Briar glared at him when he accidentally set off a food fight between the godmother's. When the new girlfriend did anything, he would somehow connect to Briar. He's not saying that he wouldn't have a good time, he would, and it just wouldn't be the same.

He's never told anyone this, but he's a chocoholic. If humans were made of chocolate, everyone would be dead but his family and Briar. The Scarlet Hand would be defeated because of his big mouth. The only bad thing about that chocolate filled world is that he would commit suicide.

He has a song to describe Briar's and his relationship. It's "What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flats. He left to many things unsaid and now he can't say them. It's a regret that's going to stay with him for his entire life.

He has a motto. It is " Silence is golden and duct tape is silver." That may be the reason he carries a roll of it around all the time. Don't even ask about what he does with it.

He knows it's not allowed, but he has a favorite niece. Maybe he can relate to Daphne better than he can Sabrina. If you really wanted to, you could compare both of them to Henry and himself. Sabrina being like her father: hotheaded, determined and stubborn. Daphne being him: whimsical, happy and magical.

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