Author's Note: This takes place during the previous chapter when Amy and Rory are behind the map while River and the Doctor are otherwise occupied.

Amy stared across the table at the Doctor gazing sulkily at his pudding and River enjoying her ice cream. She turned her attention to her husband who looked entirely too calm. Amy snatched the park map from him, unfolded it, and held it up as if studying it. She hissed at Rory to get his attention and motioned for him to come closer. He glanced across the table, shrugged, and leaned down behind the map to be face-to-face with his wife.

"How can you be okay with this?" Amy hissed to him. "I'm not!"

"You will be. River said you will be," Rory whispered.

"How would she know?"

"She probably has been with us in our futures, just like with the Doctor. So she knows."

"But that's just it!" Amy said, her voice rising a bit. "All this time, Rory! All this time, she's known, and she never even said anything!"

"She couldn't, Amy." Rory replied quietly, shaking his head. "It was probably hard for her, but she couldn't. I'm sure there's more that she can't tell us. There's also stuff the Doctor knows that he can't tell her. Or us, come to that. For all we know, the Doctor may have known her a long time before he knew us. What if, at some point before they met us, she saves his life? How different would our lives be if you never met the Doctor?"

"Well, we would have our baby for one," she said bitterly.

"Would we? I was the only one mad enough to pretend I was your raggedy doctor. Would you have really paid any attention to me if it weren't for that? You may have ended up with Jeff or someone if it weren't for him."

Amy sighed and gazed down at the table. "Why does everything have to be so complicated?"

Rory reached over and tucked a lock of her ginger hair behind her ear. "I know it's hard, Amy, but she's still our daughter. We're family. A really… weird… family, but a family. I love you and I love her." He gently put his hand on hers when the table rocked sharply.

Rory peered out from behind the map at the disturbance and his jaw dropped. There, on his daughter's face as she eyed the Doctor, was same seductive gaze he was so used to his wife giving him. He glanced under the table to see River's foot hooked around the Doctor's knee bend and his hand on her thigh. He looked back up, stunned, at the two of them.

Amy glanced at Rory, about to say something but stopped when she saw the look on his face. She followed his shocked stare across the table. "Oi! Spaceman!" She said loudly as she slammed the map down. "That's my daughter you're flirting with!"