Title: Fallen

Author: Lazalot_Anreads

Beta: None

Characters/Pairings: Bella/Jacob

Rating: NC-17

Challenge: None

Summary: Bella is just starting to heal when she is raped, beaten, and left for dead on the side of the road near the reservation. Jacob finds her.

Notes: Rape, New Moon AU

Chapter 011

Entry 008 - Friday, October 15, 2010

Jacob and Embry both think that telling Charlie the truth is a great idea, so Jacob called Billy with one last lie to get him to bring my Dad up here and now we're just waiting. Jacob told Billy to bring Charlie straight to the backyard, so here we all are, my Chosen sitting back against the trunk of the biggest oak tree and me sitting back against his chest, with Embry in his Wolf skin laying quietly beside us. We thought it would be best to show Charlie our proof before we actually told him anything, because otherwise he might not even listen.

Jacob said he thought his Dad sounded sort of suspicious on the phone, but that with nobody knowing that Sam is no longer Alpha of the Pack, Billy will likely be almost as surprised as Charlie by our little show and tell. I'm nervous about both of their reactions, but since Jacob and Embry seem to think everything will turn out okay, I'm not having any panic attacks or anything.

I'm afraid that they'll be mad at me, Billy for outing him as a liar to his closest friend, and Charlie for not telling him the truth sooner. I'm worried that they'll be disgusted with me, too, for all sorts of reasons - dating a Vampire and being raped just two of them. My emotions are bouncing around so much that I feel more than a little sick, but I'm not questioning my choice because I know it's the right one.

"They're here," Jacob said softly, taking the notebook and pen from Bella and setting them aside just as the sound of an engine reached her own less sensitive ears. Embry lifted his head off his front paws and tossed her a – literally – wolfish grin, his dark eyes sparkling with mischief. Bella giggled nervously, and then they all faced the side of the house as Billy and Charlie turned the corner and saw them.

Billy's jaw dropped and he rolled to a stop, obviously stunned. Charlie took one look at Embry and reached slowly for his gun, saying through gritted teeth, "Don't move, kids."

"Wait!" Billy shouted, coming to his senses and slapping the gun out of Charlie's hands before the other man could even get the safety off. It fell harmlessly to the ground several feet away and Charlie looked at Billy like he was crazy. "Bella and Jacob aren't in danger, Charlie, I swear!"

"Dad," Bella said, more calmly than she felt, "look at the Wolf. Look VERY closely." Charlie gave her the same look he'd given Billy, but did as she asked anyway and turned his attention to Embry. Bella kept her eyes on her Dad's face, not at all interested in seeing her friend in the buff.

A moment later Charlie gasped and stumbled back, tripping over something and landing hard on his ass. Under other circumstances, one or all of them might have laughed, but the situation was far too serious for that now. Billy wheeled himself over to Charlie and held out a hand to help the Chief of Police to his feet, which he took after only a slight hesitation. "What IS this?" he demanded of Embry, then held up a hand. "Wait. Don't answer that until you put on some pants. My daughter is sitting right THERE!"

Embry flushed, having forgotten his nudity in favor of watching Bella's father's reaction to his transformation, and quickly untied his sweatpants from his leg and pulled them on. "Sorry, Bella, you can look now. Sir, my name is Embry Call, and I'm a Werewolf. I'm sorry for startling you, but we all thought it would be best to give you some proof of the supernatural BEFORE Bella tells you her story, so that you wouldn't think she was crazy or lying or anything like that."

"A Werewolf?" Charlie stared at him for a long moment before heaving a sigh and turning his gaze to Bella, who sat tense and trembling as she waited for … something. "Christ, Bella, I knew you had secrets, but this is just – this is … Shit, I need a drink."

Jacob gently nudged Bella forward so that he could get out from behind her, grabbing the bottle of whiskey resting on the ground next to him and handing it to the Police Chief. "We thought you might say that, so Embry ran out and picked this up earlier."

Charlie didn't bother to ask how they'd managed that – it was obvious to anyone who looked at the boys that they could easily pass for adults. Instead he just twisted the cap off and took a very long swig. Then he turned to Billy. "So you knew about this? Werewolves, I mean?" Then, without waiting for a reply, he looked back at Jacob. "You too?"

"Yes, sir," Jacob replied with a nod. Then he glanced at his father, who was still looking very confused. "In fact, just recently I challenged Sam for the title of Alpha, and I won."

Billy's eyes widened, the light dawning. "But WHY? You told me that you NEVER wanted to claim that title! So why now?"

Jacob looked at Bella, who got to her feet and picked up her journal and pen. "I think we should probably go inside for this. It's a very long story and it will be dark soon." That said, she walked into the house, trusting all of them to follow her.

They made themselves comfortable in the living room and Bella took a deep breath. "Please just listen until I finish, okay? This is really hard." Once they all nodded, Jacob and Embry smiling at her to show their support, she continued. "It all started on my first day of school, right after I returned to Forks. I saw Edward Cullen for the first time, and even though he looked at me like I was something gross on the bottom of his shoe, I was fascinated. I wanted to know everything about him. Looking back now, I can see that I mistook my first crush for real, true love, but back then I really believed that he was it for me.

"Then, when T-Tyler's car almost hit me, and Edward did impossible things to save my life, I took it as proof that he felt the same way about me as I did about him. I also became even more curious than I had been before." Bella paused and rubbed a hand over his eyes. "Long story short, Dad, I found out that he and his family are all Vampires. Not the movie kind – I'll explain how Vampires work to you later, and I'm sure Billy will be happy to explain Werewolves. In fact, I'm going to skip over quite a few things tonight because I'm getting sort of tired, but I promise I'll fill in the blanks tomorrow morning if you want to stay. They can stay, right Embry?"

"Of course," Embry said with a sympathetic smile. "There are plenty of rooms and plenty of sheets. Go on, Bella."

"Right." Bella bit her lip, reached for Jacob's hand to give her a little extra courage, and went on. "Anyway, when Alice threw that party for my eighteenth birthday, I got a paper cut opening a gift and it bled. Jasper – and it wasn't his fault, he's new to the Cullens' lifestyle of feeding only on animal blood and doesn't have quite the same amount of control – tried to get at me. Edward threw me behind him a little too forcefully, trying to keep Jasper away, and I fell into a glass coffee table and got my arm all sliced up. Carlisle sent the others away and took care of it, but then the next day Edward took me into the woods and – God, he made me HATE myself. He basically told me that I was just a toy to him, that he never REALLY wanted me, and that I was worthless. I believed him, and you all know how things went after that."

"Bella." Charlie's eyes were dark with impotent rage, and he took another long drink before he continued. "You know that I've never liked Edward – and I ESPECIALLY hate his guts now – but that story makes me think that he left to protect you. He still shouldn't have said those things to you, but you have to realize that the things he said were probably lies."

"It doesn't matter anymore if they were or they weren't." Bella shrugged and smiled wryly, squeezing Jacob's hand. "Jacob made me realize for MYSELF that I'm worth plenty. Unfortunately, though, that belief was recently tested again and some days I find it REALLY hard to hold onto. Thank God for Jacob and Embry – if it weren't for them, I don't know what I might have done."

Letting go of Jacob, Bella leaned forward and looked deep into her father's eyes. "You're not going to like this next part at all, Daddy, but you need to keep your head. Okay?"

Charlie took another long drink and nodded, reaching forward with his free hand to clasp one of Bella's. "I promise to try my absolute best, sweetheart."

Bella closed her eyes, unable to bear seeing his reaction when she told him what had been done to her. "I lied to you. I didn't intend to leave, and there was never any note. I've been here with Jake and Embry the entire time. You see, on Friday night I was walking to the Reservation because I had something I needed to tell Jacob, but when I was a little over halfway there I remembered that he'd come up here with Embry. So I turned around to go home –" She choked and shook her head. "God, I just CAN'T. Jacob, you know the story. Will you tell it? PLEASE?"

"Of course, Bells." Jacob ran his fingers gently over Bella's hair and looked his Chosen's father right in the eye. "I'm not going to name any names, because I know you'd want to arrest them, and I have every intention of torturing and killing the bastards. Jail is too good for them. I don't care if you arrest me for murder after the fact, but please just understand that I can't allow those fucking MONSTERS to live."

"Son –" Billy started, not believing his ears, but fell silent when Charlie waved a hand at him.

"Tell me," Charlie told Jacob, tightening his hand around Bella's. "If YOU are planning murders, then I know it's bad. I need to know. Tell me."

"On Friday night Embry and I were on our way back home when we spotted Bella curled up on the side of the road – Werewolf sight, and thank God for it. I knew from her scent what had happened but I couldn't make myself acknowledge it until later. She was beat up pretty bad, so I told her that I would take her to the hospital, but she refused. I might have taken her anyway, but my instincts were telling me that a hospital would be the worst thing for her and since they'd never let me down before, I followed them. Embry and I brought her back here and took care of her. She hadn't just been beaten and left for dead, Charlie. She'd been r-raped. By THREE guys."

The whiskey bottle fell from Charlie's suddenly nerveless fingers and only Embry's quick reflexes kept it from spilling all over the carpet. He squeezed his eyes tightly closed and shook his head like he simply couldn't accept that such a thing had happened to his amazing daughter. But he knew it was true, despite the lack of evidence. Bella and Jacob would NEVER lie about something so terrible. "She looks fine, though. How – how did you heal her? Is it a Werewolf thing?" Then he shook his head and held up a hand to indicate that he didn't want the answer to his question just yet, and pulled his daughter into his lap, rocking her gently when she began to sob.