"Are you ready for sectionals?" Rachel chirped, way to chipper for the early eight a.m. hour. Santana had had a killer headache for days that no amount of ibprophen could help. "Rachel, sectionals aren't even until the 22nd. Pipe down." Santana snapped her tone icy and straightforward. Rachel placed her hand on her hip. "Exactly today is the 19th. Three more days." Santana opened her purse and pulled out her day planner. Yesterday had been the Cheerios weigh in, which was always the third Monday of the month. So that meant today indeed was the 19th. She must have lost track between extra glee practices and Sue's new mandatory 3 hour practices. She glanced at the calendar. There was a red asterisk on the tenth, the day she was supposed to start her period. But she hadn't. And hadn't realized until now. Her stomach sank. She always got her period. She wasn't Quinn Fabray after all.


"Santana I think I'm pregnant." Brittany said squeezing her stomach. Santana nearly spat out her drink of water. She slugged Brittany on her arm. "I didn't think wheels had it in him." Brittany looked confused. "Artie? What does he have to do with it?" "Britt, why do you think you're pregnant?" "Remember that stork? It came back." Santana shook her head. She was about to explain to her best friend that was not the birds and the bees people talked about when a brilliant idea popped in her head. "Well bring over some pregnancy test. I'll try some too to see if they work." Brittany smiled. "Thanks Santana you're the best." At least she'd know for sure now. . .

*Santana's house*

Brittany brought in a box of 40 pregnancy tests. "Why on earth do they make this big of a box?" Santana asked dumping them out on the bed. "I don't think we have enough pee for all of these."

Brittany shrugged. "Finn and Puck want a couple. They want to see what happens when a guy pees on them."

Santana snorted. "they would."

Brittany went first. After six pregnancy tests she realized there was no baby in her belly. Brittany sat on the edge of the tub. "I was actually starting to look forward to a little baby to push around in a wheelchair."

Santana went next. She did three right in a row and lined them up on the sink.

"Santana look! The tests are defective! All yours are coming up with X's!" Brittany squealed, her hope for a wheel chaired baby rekindling.

Santana snatched them up. "Those aren't X's, those are plus signs. I'm pregnant."