I could feel the sweat drip down my jaw as my body moved to the beat of the music. My arms in the air, my hips moving side to side, and my eyes closed as I danced. The bass pumped through me and directed the pace at which my body moved. Very little could be heard over the blaring sound of the music, which is exactly how I like it.

I felt a body press up against my back, while their hands slid around my waist. This was something I did not tolerate. I turn immediately and pushed the man lightly against him chest, attempting to hint that I didn't want him touching me like that. As my hands found his chest I instantly noticed how cold it was and that's when I realized he was a vampire.

He smiled knowing what conclusion I was coming to in my head. "Don't be scared love." He began to fill the space between us, "I won't bite." He lifted his hand up to stroke my cheek.

"No offence, but I want to dance alone."I began to back away before he could touch me again. I tried to continue to dance but this vampire did not understand the meaning of no. He continued to come closer. The dance floor was packed and I had little space to flee. I decided I would push my way through the crown. I was done dancing for now. That vampire had put me out of the mood.

As I sat at the bar sipping my drink as I watched all the people dancing on the floor and the professional dancers on each of their platforms with their poles or cages. It wasn't my usual type of club but I was very interested in this 'vampire' club I had heard so much about. The music was good, and the drinks were not expensive either, I definitely was going to come here again. The only downfall was the people, or should I say vampires, like the guy who just randomly decides I'm his to do with what he pleases.

I was shaken from my thoughts by someone clearing their throat next to me. I turn to find a tall blond vampire. She wore a tight strapless black leather dress and looked at me with a bored expression. "Hello?" I said to her. I was confused as to why she was talking to me, or better yet just staring since she hasn't said a word. I had seen her a few times tonight, up with the other tall handsome blond vampire who sat on the throne, and also as a bouncer when I came into the club earlier. Did I do something wrong? Was I being kicked out?

"He wants you." She looked me up and down and a slight smile played on her face, but was quickly banished.

"I'm not sure I know who you're referring to." She couldn't be talking about the vampire on the throne, could she? I mean you couldn't NOT notice him; he was on a raised platform overlooking the whole club. Not to mention he was incredibly good looking, anyone could see that!

"Eric Northman, vampire and club owner." She pointed her finger up at the platform in the far side of the club. As I followed her finger I saw the vampire staring straight at me. This brought chills down my spine. I had no idea what to do.

"oh." I said looking right back at her with confusion.

"You don't act like you belong here," She made an unpleasant face; "You are too nice. And your blood smells virgin." I had no idea I was that obvious. I guess I was a bit too polite?

"What does he want?" I was curious. "Have I done something wrong?"

"You're a nice piece of ass and on top of that your blood smells delicious." She licked her lips. "Maybe he wants to fuck you, or maybe he wants to feed from you and if you're lucky; both." The smile came back to her lips. "Better not keep him waiting." And with that she began to walk back towards the vampire who was comfortable seated on a throne.

I didn't know what to do. I had never been in any type of relationship with a vampire, sexual or not. I had never been fed on either… maybe that's what she meant when she said my blood smelled virgin? I decided to get up anyway I gulped down the rest of my drink and followed. I didn't want to get on this vampires bad side, especially if I wanted to come back here again. The walk to Eric Northman was a long one, especially with all the thoughts that filled my head.

I found myself standing in front of the gorgeous blonde vampire. He was extremely relaxed with one leg up on a small stool and one hand holding his face up while his elbow was perched on the arm of the throne. He could sense my hesitation I was sure it was completely visible on my face. "You smell incredibly mouth-watering." He looked me up and down. It didn't make me feel self conscious because I was aware that I had a nice body. I mean I did like to exercise and stay healthy so I did try to keep it nice. But I did blush anyway, because I was not expecting to get attention from someone like him.

"Thank you I guess?"

"Am I correct in thinking you do not belong to another vampire?"

"Yes." The corner of his mouth rose in a slight smirk. Maybe this was his way of asking if I was single. It was pretty funny I had to admit. If he wasn't so intimidating I probably would have laughed.

"What are your intentions of coming here tonight? You aren't the usual Fang Banger we get." I guess I really do stand out. I guess a black corset, short black shorts, and shiny black heels don't fit in here like I thought they would. Or maybe it's just me.

"Just wanted to have a good time." I looked down at myself. "I didn't know I would stick out this much!" I let out a small laugh.

"Oh don't worry; we can still make sure you have a good time." His smirk grew into a full on smile in which showed his beautiful white teeth. I was a sucker for nice teeth, and that just made him so much more attractive.

It seemed like he thought that he was in control of this situation. That I would give into his wants. It looked as if I was the innocent little girl who wouldn't know how to say no to a vampire like him. I intended to flip the tables though. I may not have had too much experience with a vampire. But I knew his type of guy, and I wasn't going to just let him do what he wanted with me and be done. I was going to be in control of this situation if I wanted something out of this.

I was done being shocked by the sudden interest of the sexy vampire and was now ready to play this game. I smiled and said "I have no doubt in my mind that I will," I took a few steps closer to Eric as he watched me carefully, "I'd like to keep dancing though, would you join me?"

A smirk played on his lips, "I had something different in mind," he looked me up and down before he stood to reveal he was still a whole 3 inches taller than me, even though I was in heels! "But this will do for now." He extended his hand out to me and I took it with a slight blush playing on my face due to his polite and chivalrous hand gesture.

Mr. Northman intended this to go a lot further tonight. I still didn't know how far I was willing to let it go. I thought about it as we made our way back toward the crowd I was previously dancing in. He took us somewhat near the edge, but I pulled on his hand and took him deeper into the crowd. The more people around, the less space we will have between our bodies. No matter how this night played out, I wanted that sexy vampire's body on mine and dancing so close would definitely be the only 'safe' option.

The music was still extremely loud and the bass still pounded through my body directing all my body movements and Eric Northman was behind me with his body pressed up against mine and also moving to the beat of the music.

I could feel his cold hard body on my back, and the cold was a great relief in such a hot crowd of humans. It felt as if I was currently press upon a well sculpted master piece, such as Michelangelo's David, with his entire body's perfection.

His hands found my hips and they slid a little further front as he gripped my waist and pulled my body deeper into him. I still kept my hips moving side to side, front and back in little and big circles. My arms too now were raised in the air and I put one behind me and around the vampire's neck. I began to get low still moving my hips in circles while getting lower and my hand tracing its way down the rock hard body of Eric Northman. I went all the way down into a near squat and let my hand trace his body all the way down to the edge of his pants.

I looked up to meet the piercing blue eyes staring from me to my hand and back into my eyes. His eyes were filled with lust, filled with the want for me and my body, and probably even my blood. I smirked at him and began ascending once again but this time we were face to face, and I could feel his cold breath on the top of my head as he breathed in my scent and with that I felt a slight vibration in his chest along with a barely audible growl escaping his lips. His hands were still on my waist and now nearing my butt.

I continued grinding into him as he continued trying to fill all the spaces between our bodies by pulling me closer and closer even when closer wasn't possible. I closed my eyes to let the moments sink in and enjoy them to the fullest. I heard more soft growls coming from him as time passed. He was definitely enjoying this. I couldn't say that I wasn't, because I was definitely more than turned on right now!

Just as the thought came to me I felt a vibration in my back pocket. Eric did too. I looked up to his face to see a bit of annoyance. He got to it before I did because of his vampire speed, which did startle me because I had never seen it in person before; I knew vampires had speed, but wow!

Erick unlocked my phone with quick finger movements and read the text I had just received. "Apparently someone believes this message to be urgent and that you must call them immediately." We had stopped dancing now but our bodies were still extremely close. Sweat glistened on my face and chest as I took the phone to see who it was.

I sighed, "I think I better take this."

Eric gripped my lower body tighter and pulled it closer into his. "Make it quick." He growled and with that he let go of me and disappeared with his vampire speed. As I looked around on my way to the bathroom I saw that he was back on his throne.

I hadn't had this much fun with a guy I had such an interest in for quite a while. I silently wished that we had not been interrupted; because the feeling of Eric Northman pushed up against my body and our hands keeping us unbelievably close as we danced was something that I couldn't easily get out of my head. The touch of his body set mine on fire, and the fire felt so extremely satisfying especially with his ice cold body pressed against it. The more I thought about it the more I hated the stupid text and just wanted Eric's body.

"Why now?" I muttered to my phone as I pushed open the door to the Ladies Room.

Well I still haven't decided on weather this was just a one-shot or not, so hopefully your responses will tell me weather I should write more or just quit now! lol This was just a random thought that I couldn't get rid of till i wrote it down, so hopefully you guys like it! Please let me know all your thoughts feel free to say this is terrible or say you loved it! I love honesty =)