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"You did what?!" I was laughing so hard right now that I almost knocked my glass of water off the table.

"I was young! It was my first time! I guess the emotions were just too much for me to handle at the time!" He laughed as he tried to defend himself.

Alcide really was just so easy to talk to. I could see the friendship forming right before my eyes. We had spent hours already just talking, letting the conversation drift where it wanted. I am a very open person so talking to people is easy for me, and I love meeting people so this was great to actually get to know him since we only ever had a minute or two the 2 times I saw him. Even though I love talking to people, finding things to say is hard sometimes, in the case of Ms. Betty from earlier for example. But Alcide took all that away. A conversation with him was just so easy to have. There wasn't a dull moment and I had learned a lot about him as a result.

"I still can't believe you couldn't control that, "I was saying as I tried to calm down my laughter, "So you literally turned as you were having sex?" I let myself laugh again since it was just too hard not too. When I was sure it had died down I reached for my glass to take a sip of water.

"You don't have to rub it in, I'm still pretty embarrassed all these years later!" he laughed and looked at his phone since he had apparently gotten a text message his face hardened.

"That's pretty funny. I definitely think your most embarrassing moment beats mine by a landslide." I didn't even know what time it was, I just knew I was finally enjoying myself for the first time since I left Mario, and right now I didn't even feel bad thinking about that.

Life was pretty good at the moment. I had place to live. I had a job… Sort of. My sort-of-boss was REALLY attractive. And in the past few days I think I might have successfully made two friends! I definitely had no complaints. Except maybe the next time I would see this sort-of-boss of mine, things might be a little awkward. I'd probably see him when I went home depending on what time it was... since my sort-of-boss is a vampire. When I get home…

Home… that apartment… that's my new home. That empty apartment with no food… food! The food was still in my car!

"oh god… Alcide I think I have to go soon, I completely forgot about my groceries in my car!" I was so glad that the meal was 'on the house' since I don't think my groceries could afford to stay in the hot car any longer. If they weren't all spoiled or rotten already.

"It's alright, I think I have to go too." He looked at his phone and back at me, "Sorry I kept you so long, but we should have lunch again some time."

"Yes that would be fun. Was that Ricky?" He told me all about his girlfriend, she would probably be so mad if she knew he was out having lunch with some girl, I hope that this friendship doesn't become an issue. I really don't want to deal with any drama.

"Yeah, there seems to be a problem with the pack. Someone's had a v-relapse." He wasn't laughing anymore. I knew his opinion on V. I remember it from when right after I had a lot of Eric's blood. Alcide was not happy about it. And from our long conversation I learned about his past with it. He lost almost two packs to that stuff.

"Oh man, go to them, we'll have lunch again some other time." I started gathering my stuff. I had my wallet and keys in my hands and was already getting up from the tale when Alcide began talking again.

"What is your number? So that we could get in touch for next time?" He was also standing now.

"Giving it to you would be a waste, seeing as to I have lost it…" I sometimes get a little suspicious when a guy gets a little too interested in me. All the past experiences point to bad signs at that point.

"Oh, well here is mine." He bent down to the table to scribble a number on the back of his receipt.

I smiled at him as he handed it to me, "Bring Ricky next time, I'd love to meet her!" I said as I placed the paper into my back pocket. I gave Alcide a quick hug and we were both out the door. He went to his tuck as I went to my poor little sad excuse for car.

Seemed like it was traffic hour here in Shreveport as I made way back home. I was only just made aware of the time when I got back to my car. It was the only clock I had access to since I no longer had a cell phone. 6 pm. Sun was going down soon and I could count on my boss to come see me. I can't even remember how things ended last night. I remember the sun, him leaving, and then him again, except in a sexual way… not that when he left the first time it wasn't already sexual… Either way, I was pretty sure he would be back some time tonight.

I felt the buildup of all the nerves in my stomach as I drove home. Light after light I kept checking the time. The minutes felt like hours but it also felt like they were moving faster at the same time.

"Would he be there right at sundown? He is fast after all… and I don't have a clue to where he is… he could be miles away for all I know! Maybe an hour or so later?"

I didn't know why I was so worried about it. I don't know why I'm anticipating this so much. I felt an excitement though. I could feel a bit of happiness somewhere deep inside… I wanted to see him.

When I had parked the car I gathered my groceries rather quickly. I began making my way up the stairs faster than usual. My heart was even beginning to quicken the closer I got. The lights were on inside the corridors of the apartment building due to the night getting darker with each minute.

I had to stop at my front door to take in a breath.

I'm getting too excited… no way he is going to be as happy to see me….

I looked to my right down the corridor and over the railing. The sun was gone. The sky was dark. The first couple stars of the night were beginning to show their light in the night sky.

The night is young. Eric was probably just now beginning to stir from his day of slumber.

I put the key in the lock and came into the apartment to find it undisturbed. Not a surprise. No one would be here. I'm sure only Eric and I actually have access to this place.

I began unloading the contents of my grocery shopping out on the counter, and slowly began to put them in all the proper places. I didn't get much that could spoil since it was just a small shop. Most was snack food, chips crackers and such. I put the juices and waters in the fridge, and I put my bottle of vodka in the wine fridge next to the true blood. I smiled.

When everything was in its place and I finally relaxed it was almost 7. It was definitely dark outside and my kitchen light was on. I leaned my back onto the counter and crossed my arms.

I took a deep sight and I felt a little sad on the inside. He isn't here. I didn't think he would be realistically. But I still couldn't help but think he would be here at the first crack of night. He isn't a puppy… He is a person. He is my boss… he is a vampire… one that tried to eat me once… one that saved my life once…

"You've been doing quite a bit of thinking about me today haven't you?" I knew exactly who that voice belonged to. My head snapped up immediately and I met the ice blue eyes of that vampire boss of mine, Eric Northman. He was only a few feet away from me, bent over the island counter that housed the True Blood and Vodka.

It's true I was doing a lot of thinking about him… I have been for days… I don't know how he knew but I didn't really care at the moment. Seeing him made all the anticipation and worry disappear. But it was now replaced with a mixture of nervous and happiness manifesting itself as butterflies in my stomach.

And all I could do was smile.