Almost from Only in Dream

Spat from existence in Darkness

A darkness longing from ceasing to be

Like an overture screaming from shadows

She came alive to reveal to me

To an infinite void I was cast down in flames

Thought never to silence my screams

But her eyes, like a jewel, which encompassed the moon

Startled all conscience to flee.

I endeavored to grasp her so tightly

Deepened eyes that were tossed to long stares

Even the glass in the dark mirrors cast

A reflection of beauty, in her moon silkened hair

Crept from darkness, something came clawing

A feral thing passing closed doors

A joy, so relentless, an angel, descended

More gorgeous than Aberdeen shores.

At once, like the strike of a thousand strings

An aria riding the sky

I fell like a tower and slipped to her power

I was consumed by her radiant eyes

I tore free from restraining affairs

Quickly and dizzy I gleaned

Waiting for madness, a walk in the moonlight

Her silhouette has haunted my dreams

Suddenly, she came to be

Standing forward, her beauty, choked all words from me

Stumbling, and grasping in mind I lost sight

My sorrow turned in to a slave acolyte

An acolyte lighting her candles for me

To be joyous, I laughed at it's failed subtleties

Whence once from her words came longing and lust

Now invited my soul to swim in dead seas

I stared in her eyes, the brightest of stars

I trembled bewildered and weak

The longing consumed, my thoughts thrown askew

Wanting nothing but passion, replete

It was too much to bare

Our souls soon ensnared

Like something from only in dream

My passion took flight, her lips met with mine.

Broke the ill of the future and we fell to the spell finally...