Chapter 1: Fortune Teller

Ok, I know that I have other fics, but I'm saying goodbye to "Interview..." since I wasn't really taking it serious. I'm still working on "Unwanted...", but I lost my plot line, and have to rewrite it. I'm doing a BBRae one along with my RobStar one. Want to please both types of fans!

Raven and Beast Boy go to the store to buy food for the Teen Titans. What happens when they stop to talk to an old gypsy woman along the way?

I dedicate this chapter to my friend Melina (Whooopdeedooo) for being an awesome friend and telling me that I'm beautiful. She's helping me through a tough time of my life. One that I never thought I'd be sucked into.
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Warning: Magical things are in this chapter. And they're next to Beast Boy. Take cover! *runs to ditch and hides from Beast Boy's reach* Every girl/woman, for herself! *pushes men near BB so they'd take most of the blast*

'Two more blocks.' Raven thought to herself. 'Two more blocks until we get to the store. That's just ten minutes. Beast Boy cant do anything that stupid in just ten minutes. He can't think that fast, otherwise he might pull a muscle.'

Beast Boy stopped in his tracks and grabbed Raven's hood so she would have to stop as well. He had a goofy grin, a shimmer in his jungle eyes, and was basicly an image of peer joy from his forest green hair to his milky green toes. He was showing s much happy emotion that it made Raven sick just to look at him. Well, at least sicker than usual.

"Dude, look it! A real gypsy caravan!" The changeling exclaimed with stars in his eyes. "Let's go check it out." He started walking but a pale hand grabbed his shoulder, making him turn around.

"Beast Boy, are you even crazier than I thought you were? The last time a Titan dealed with a gypsy the Teen Titans almost became a pie." Raven reminded the boy in her regular monotone voice. "Have you complety forgotten about Mother Mae-Eye? I thought that you could remember at least that much."

"Aw, c'mon Rae." Beast Boy complained. "You'r smarter than both Cyborg and me combined." He didn't know that he just dissed himself. "You can tell if somebody isn't somebody you'd wanna be around."

"First, never call me Rae. My name is Raven. Second, you were dumb enough to call yourself dim-witted, so you proved that point in the wrong way, and third, if I'm smart enough to know when I shouldn't be around somebody, why am I here with you?" Raven replied.

"Hah, that's funny!" Beast Boy laughed then suddenly stopped with a glare that could kill. Usually it was Raven who gave Beast Boy those type of looks, not the other way around. "Dude, that wasn't funny! It was a personal assult!"

Ravn rolled her eyes. "Beast Boy, if I so much tried to assult you, personally or unpersonally," she paused for effect, "you'd be dead." She let that sink in. "Wounded very badly at the least."

Beast Boy thought this othe rna d realized that was true. He was glad that they fight with each other, not against each other. "Ok, that's true. But seriously Rae, that type is just for fun. You can't believe that will happen to ya!" His smile disapppered. "I'm right, aren't I? Because a person reading my palm once told me that I'd have twin girls. That's two girls too many for me!"

Raven rolled her purple eyes. "I highly doubt that anyone will have children with you, of all people."

Beast Boy sighed in relief. "phew, beacause I don't wanna have to... HEY! Seriously dude? You're doing it again?" He crossed his arms and pouted a like a child. "That's not cool Raven."

She rolled her eyes once again, then started walking towards the gypsy caravan. "Come on. The sooner we arrive, the sooner we can leave and get what we really left the tower for."

The two teenagers walked over to the gypsy caravan. They were greated by a tall skinny woman from Spain. She was dressed all in black, even her eyes were black making it almost-to-totally impossible to tell what was he pupil and what was just the color of her eye. She was older and wrinkly, but she she was still very, very, very beautiful. Her long, black, curly hair made her even more beautiful, like an ancient Greek or Eygiptian goddess, only she was from Spain. She smiled at them, as if she knew many secrets, and that they all involved them. Raven and Beast Boy.

"Hola my children. Welcome to my humble 'lair-on-wheels', as I call it." The women spoke to them in a friendly voice with a heavy Spanish accent. "Sit, por favor What do you want from Señora Martinez?"

"Señora?" Raven asked confused. "You are dressed like a Spanish widow, wearing all black. I don't mean to sound rude or like I'm questioning your culture or anything. It's just that, you look like how a Spanish woman would dress if her husband died."

Señora Martinez smiled at how smart the girl was. "Si, Señorita Raven, but I will always be married to my José in my heart." She then smiled at the little shocked and confused emotion Raven was had, no matter how much she tried to hide it.

"Dude, how'd you know Raven's name? You don't look like the type that listen to the media unlike all my fan girls." Beast Boy asked as Raven rolled her eyes, once again, at him.

"That's for me to know, and you to try to figure out. But now, the reason why you've come here." She looked at them. "You've come to find out your futures, si?"

The two nodded. "Si." They both agreed. Señora Martinez just smiled slyly, causing Raven to become suspicious, while Beast Boy just over looked it. He was too into the cool magical things in the caravan. Raven had to keep an eye on him if she didn't want him blowing up the whole block. That wouldn't be very good, would it?

"You two are superheroes. You will stay like that forever by the looks of your inner souls. Unless..." Beast Boy leaned in towards the woman out of curiosity. Raven even took an interist, though she hated to admit it. Unlike Beast Boy, she could hold in most of it.

"C'mon Señora-Gypsy-Lady, I need to know!" Beast Boy exploded in a whining tone. He got a smack on the back of his head from Raven for that outburst. The old gypsy however, just laughed.

"Oh, very well young man."

"Hear that Rae? She called me a man!" He elbowed Raven playfully while wiggling. He just got shushed from the dark teenaged girl.

Señora Martinez pulled out a crystal ball from a table. The type that Beast Boy knew he'd receive a slow, painful, and very disturbing death from Raven if he even thought of touching it. She looked in, and said what she saw. "I see a writer, she has black hair with blue eyes. She is married to a comedian, he has blond hair with green eyes. They have no children. Maybe in a year of two they will, but even I can't know if they ever will. They can live a life that they want. No going off to save to world, fight monsters, fly to outerspace, or saving cats out of trees. Just them." She smiled a warm, yet wistful smile. "They love each other very much."

Raven gave a rare smile at the fact that two people were happily married. Beast Boy, he was a completely different story.

"I don't see what the hell this has to do with me or Raven." Beast Boy pointed out.

"Ths is a future without superpowers for you and and Raven. You two are the married couple I see."

The two teens looked at each other and shuttered at the same time at the very thought of sharing a bd with the other every day for the rest of their life. "Eww..." They manged to say. That was the only thing at could come to them at the moment.

Señora Martinez grabbed a small plate of food and two small medicine cups. She muttered something under her breath that neither of the two even heard. They were both still grossed out. "Eat and drink por favor." Señora Martinez offered. "100% vegan It's an old family custom. Tell some body what you see for them and give them this little treat. It would be offending me and my family if you didn't have any."

They took some of the strange food and the small sip of wine. Suprisingly it wasn't bad at all. Quite tastey really.

"Thank you, Señora Martinez." They said over their shoulders as they walked out of the gypsy caravan.

"You're welcome!." The old woman called out to them. "Good luck with tomorrow." She added under her breath. She knew it was bad of her to mess with things, but she just loved to have fun with youngsters that she thought needed a lesson about love.

Ooh, what's gonna happen? What does Señora Martinez mean by 'good luck'? Well, you know if you've read the summary, but Raven and Beast Boy aren't reading this now are they? They would kill me because I'm the one writing this story. *gulp*