Chapter 3: Wakey Wakey, Tofu Eggs and Bakey!

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Beast Boy woke up from his odd dream. It was so disturbing at times. Kissing Raven. It make him shutter. But even though his dream was weird, his reality was even weirder. His eyes were still close, but he could just tell he wasn't in his footy-jammies. He was butt naked. Second, his pilow wasn't the same either. It was slightly firmer, though in a good way. Third, the room didn't stink. Amazing! Beast boy could really breathe again in his bed. But the biggest, and weirdest change was hugging, He felt around a little and felt a... Well, I'll you use your imagination. Bad B.B.!

Beast Boy opened his eyes and saw a black haired pale woman with her back to him. She also had no clothing on what so ever. Realizing that this was not his dream anymore he let out an ear pricing scream. This caused the woman to roll over to face Beast Boy. Her eyes were closed, but she still looked disturbed. Though she did look very beautiful, and very familiar. Why was that?

"What the hell was that?" She mumbled to herself. The woman opened her eyes then shreeked in terror herself. "Who the fuck are you and why are you in my room? Don't you know that nobody ever goes into my room?"

Beast Boy gasped. She was just lioke Raven. She couldn't be though. The person wasn't sixteen, unlike Raven. She looked more like she was in her early twenties. Though the more Beast Boy looked at her face, the more she could see the face of his friend. It wouldn't hurt to ask. There have been weirder things that have happened. "R-Ra-Raven?" He stuttered.

"How do you know my name?" She-Raven-demanded.

"Wait a second. You don't reconize me? I know that we bug each other, but we're still friends. We decided that when Cyborg and I got sucked into a magical mirror thing in your room and helped you fight what looked like your father. I even found out that your happy side thinks I'm pretty funny." Beast boy said slightly hurted, slightly amazed that Raven hasn't killed him because he was in a bed with her. Just remember that they were both in the nude.

Raven's eyes grew wide in shock, terror, amazment, and embarrassment. "Beast Boy? Why do you look... normal? And older? Your voice is even a little deeper."


"Haven't you looked in a mirror lately? You even have stubble." Raven informed him.

"What about you? You look way different, too. No purple in your apperance." Beast boy tried to look at her face, not the fact the her entire chest was bare. Not even the sheets were doing thw they were made to do. "And I think we should put on some clothes."

Raven was first confused, but then she looked down at herself. "Oh. Uh, yeah. That'd be good." She agreed with the young man, which was rare. "Grab your clothes and change in the bathroom. I'll close my eyes while you pick them out."

They did just as Raven suggested. Beast Boy grabbed his clothes then closed the door. Raven then opened her eyes and picked out her own outfit. A navey blue top, with sleeves that go down to her elbows; dark denim capris the stop just blow her knees; a pair of black ballet flats; and a black newspaper boy, er... girl, hat.

While Raven was fixing her outfit, Beast Boy was changing into his. Blue jeans that were faded over time, not by a designer; a forest green shirt, an image of a raven was on the front that Beast boy didn't notice until when he put it on; black hightop sneakers; and a black hoodie jacket, unzipped.

He looked at himself inthe mirror. Raven was right, he did look normal. White skin, blonde hair, he was slightly more muscular than before, taller as well. There was even blonde stubble, just like Raven had told him in bed. Beast Boy slapped himself for making that sound wrong. He didn't want to look like he was a slob, though he was, so he put on shaving cream and tried to shave. Something that he had never done before. He hoped he wouldn't kill himself with the razor.

Raven looked at herself in the mirror that was connected to the dresser. She wasn't much taller, though her B-cup turning into a D-cup did make up for that. She was also curvier, and not in the fat way either. Her purple eyes were now a deep blue, though there was a tint of blue-violet in her eyes that were only visable if you looked very carefully. Her hair was longer than before, but not too long for her liking, it was also no longer purple. Now it was black, like Robin's. Her pale, almost gray, skin had a little more color to it, but she was still pale for someone living in Californian. Her cheeks had more of a pinkish hue to them as well. She looked like she wanted to wear makeup but only wanted some light blush. It looked good actually, but Raven wasn't going to tell anyone that she thought that. When she looked at her forehead, she saw no chakra. That Raven didn't like.

Raven went out of the bedroom and walked down the hallway. She heard muffled "ow"'s and curse words. They became louder with each step she took.

"Ow... Ow... OW...! Dammit!" The voice came from behind a door. From Beast Boy. He sounded mad, and like he was in mild pain.

"Beast boy, are you ok?" Raven asked knocking on the door.


Raven sighed. "Beast Boy I know you're in there. I heard you from the other end of the hall." Raven informed the young man. "You can open the door. I may be able to help."

Reluctantly, Beast Boy opened the bathroom door and let Raven in. When she walked in Raven saw Beast Boy with shaving cream on one half of his face while the other half had a small cut and was very poorly shaved. Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Hey, shaving is harder than you'd think!" Beast Boy deffended himself because he knew that Raven was silently dissing him.

"Yeah, that's why my legs have never been cut by a razor." Raven quipped. She grabbed a towle and wetted it. "Here." She started to ridd his face of the cream and then cleaned the cut. "You've had much worse. You'll live."

"But it still hurts." Beast boy whined.

Raven rolled her eyes. She then took the razor fron Beast Boy's hand, relathered his face, and started shaving him. "I feel like your mother." She groaned.

"How come you can shave me without it hurting and I can't?" Beast Boy complained.

"I shave my legs and armpits. I've had more practice than you." Raven informed the young man. "I know how to not get cut. Even to shave when you have a cut."

Boy raised his left eyebrow. "I thought you said that you never cut yourself while shaving."

"We fight crime, and I don't wear pants while we do so. I land on the road a lot of the time. Isn't it ok for me to get a cut once and awhile?" Raven dryly asked.

"I guess so."

Raven rolled her eyes as she grabbed a cup of water to clean out the razor with her left hand. When she did she heard a small ding like noise. The sound of a light piece of metal hitting a hard material. This confused Raven and made her look down at her hand. When she did, she wished she didn't. Her breath quickened, becoming shallow. A small gasp excaped from her pale pink lips. The cup full of water dropped to the ground and shattered into pieces.

"What?" Beast boy asked the usually calm and collected woman.

"Look at your left ring finger." Raven demanded in a whisper.

Beast boy didn't ask anymore questions. Judging by the tone of voice Raven used it was importiant. Raven also just wasn't the type of person you question. B.B. had to learn that the hard way over the years. Many times. So he looked. A gold ring was on his finger. It looked like a wedding band. Beast Boy looked up at Raven who had on a gold wedding ring the had three diamonds. Two little diamonds were on either side of a bigger diamond. This. Could. Not. Be. Good.

They ran out of the bathroom in search of answers in the strange home. They went down the hall and ended up in what seemed to be a living room. There was a couch, a loveseat, some arm chairs, a coffee table, a TV, and a fireplace. On the fireplace mantle were pictures, all of them. Some were of them at the beach. Some were photobooth pictures. Some were random pictures of them. And others... others were wedding pictures. The kiss, the dance, and them just poising for the camera. Raven was smiling in the pictures.

"What the hell are those?" Beast Boy asked wide-eyed. "Rae?"

"They're pictures of... Oh Azar I can't even mange to say it."

"What?" Beast Boy demanded. "Please Rae, I need to know." He was now pleading. But Raven couldn't tell him. He'd be way to disturbed. Though thinking about it, that wouldn't be so bad.

"Us on our, wedding day." Raven spoke those last two words as if they were just pure salt covering her who tonge going down to the back of her throat.

"Si, Señorita Raven. Or shall I say, Señora Logan?" An old Spanish woman's voice spoke from a corner of the room. Señora Martinez.

Beast Boy's eyes grew as wide as dishpans as his jaw hit the floor. Raven's eyes widened and her jaw hung open, but not as much as Beast Boy's eyes and mouth. Of course, that's just how they are.

"What do you mean señora, Señora Martinez?" Raven asked, still dumbfounded. This was very shocking. Even more so than when they two found out that the other one didn't hate them.

"I mean that you are no longer known as Raven, Rachle Roth-Logan." The old gypsy informed the young woman.

Again, the two were confused and suprised.

"Why is my human alias connected to his last name?"

"Why is my last name with her?"

"Is this some sort of joke?"

"If it is, this isn't funny. And I know funny."

Ravn just raised an eyebrow at that. "In what world?"

"Every world!"

"Por favor, for you sake and mine don't always be at each others throats." Señora Martinez begged. "I will not be able to live with myself..." She started babbling in Spanish. Niether young nonSpanish speaking adults could understand.

"Señora, why don't you start from the beginning?" Raven suggested to the woman, walking her over to the dining room. The old gypsy sat down in a chair as Beast Boy and Raven looked for food to eat.

"Good we have tofu eggs and bacon!" Beast boy exclaimed excitedly. In return, Raven glared at him.

"Continue." Raven said to the woman as she got out waffles and microwaved them. Beast Boy nodded his head in agreement.

Señora Martinez sighed. "I am not a bad person, my dears. I just have a bad older sister. I was born in Spain ten years after my sister, who was born in this country. She changed her name afterwards to Mother Mae-Eye.

"I never like my sister, no matter how hard I tried. I try to use my own powers for good. Mae, as I call that old perra, tries to use them to bake people into pie. You two have had front row seats in the watching of it. Almost getting baked and such. I myself have no wish of eating you, just to help you. I only want to should you about amor... Love. To teach you that you have no way to controll it."

"But, you see, if we hve no controll over love, then you have no more controll than us." Raven replied to the old woman.

The señora just smiled. "Doesn't mean I can't have two people be married for a year."

"A year?" The couple exploded, eyes growing wider than ever before. They glanced nerviously at each other for help and comfort. All they saw was themselves.

"Si. I knew I forgot to tell you something. Have I told you the rules yet either?" Señora Martinez replied.

"We get thrown in hell and we have to follow rules?" Raven asked shocked, but yet saw it coming some how. She found a lot of irony in it that it was almost funny.

"Seems fair don't ya think Rae?" Beast Boy asked with hints of sarcasim in his voice.

"Don't call me 'Rae'." Raven snapped. Suddenly she raised an eyebrow. "Did you just use sarcasim?"

Beast boy blushed. "I think I've spent too much time with you." He admitted twiddling his thumbs.

"You two will spend even more time with each other." Señora Martinez informed the young man and woman standing in the kitchen.

Raven and Beast Boy glanced neriously at each other, again. Like last time, they found no comfort for the other. This just made Señora Martinez smirk. "Rule number one. You two are to use the same bed. Si, you sleep with each other for a year. You may not like this idea, but you are married.

"Rule number two. You are to eat all - if not then most - of your meals together.

"Rule number three. Make your marriage look believeable. Matter-a-fact, I would love it if you believed it yourselves.

"Rule number four. You already have a spouse, you do not need any other kind of boyfriend or girlfriend.

"Rule number five. Raven, do not, I repeat, do not get embarazada. Pregnant. If you do, there is a chance that you that you'd never see your child or children after the year is up."

Raven smirked. "Don't worry Señora, I will not get pregnant. And when I do it will be of my own will, and not with him." Raven reassured while dissing Beast Boy.

The gypsy had a feeling about it, but she tried to shake it off by taking Raven's word for it. She went on. "Rule number six. Señor Logan, you need to protect your lovely wife from dangerous people y situations."

Beast Boy blushed as Raven just raised an eyebrow and smirked. "He has to protect me?" Raven asked a hint of laughter in her voice. "He can't even do that for himself."

As if on cue the microwave went off, scaring Beast Boy. He slipped and fell with a hard thud on his butt. "Dammit, now my ass is sore." B.B. muttered under his breath, and began rubbing his tush.

"See?" Raven asked the old Spanish woman.

"Si." Señora Martinez sighed. "But he has to try his best."

"And then some." Raven mumbled to herself as she sat down, putting a plate of waffles in front of her and another in front of their 'house guest'.

"Rule number seven." The señora continued as if nothing that had just happened really happened. "Señora Logan, you are to help your husband and show him some love and kindness."

It was time for the young adult to switch roles as Raven became red red with embarrassment and Beast Boy red with laughter. "Are we talking about the same Raven?" Beast Boy manged to gasp between his hysterical fits of laughter. He had to use the counter for suport. A glare from Raven stopped him though. "Sorry." He apoligized. "it's just a funny idea. You showing me love and kindness, a mirical is the only way that'd happen!"

"Or magical help." Señora Martinez corrected the man. She smiled and then went on. "Rule number eight. You must watch what comes out of those mouths you have. They need to be connected to your mind, and your heart. If you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, your lives are going to be very hard for the next year to say the least.

"Rule number nine. If you want to have a marriage of understanding and trust, get involed with one anothers' lives. That way you will know how and what the other partner is doing.

"Rule number ten, the last rule of this list. You cannot get seperated. For the full year you will live together and will be married. Do not even think of getting a divorce." Señora Martinez warned. "I want to teach you children a lesson, and that's exactly what you're going to get. Now you can either live together for a year and pass, or you could fail. If your choice is to fail then you will be punished for an extra year in this life."

The two gulped. "Those who fail Marriage 101 are doomed to repeat it, huh?" Beast Boy asked walking for to the table with his own tofu breakfast.

The gypsy chuckled. "You can put it that way I suppose."

"I can't help but wonder, what happened to our world." Raven said to the older woman.

"What do you mean?" Señora Martinez asked, trying to act like she had no idea what they were talking about. All she got was a cold glare from Beast Boy and an even colder glare from Raven. She sighed. "I don't know for sure. Either it is frozen it time, it's still going on with you in them as you would be if you never met me, or... Do I have to?"

Raven nodded as Beast Boy gave a pleading smile. "Please." Beast Boy asked putting a hand on her shoulder.

"If you wish." The gypsy took a deep breath before going on. "The next to are worse then the others. Either they are going on as if you were never a part of the Teen Titans, or your world is gone as we know it."

Ravens eyes grew wide then turned into slits thinner than paper. "What?" Coldness was in her voice like a blizzard.

"Do not worry my dear. At the end of the year you will be able to go back, but they will not remember anything about this world. The most likely won't even know that you were gone." The old señora tried to reassure, but she said the wrong word.

"Most likely?" Beast Boy asked. "What if most likely doesn't happen? What then Mrs. I-got-all-the-answers-and-powers-in-the-world-I-can-change-your-life-if-I-wanted-to? Huh? What happened to that?"

Raven put a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder and gave him a kind look. A kind look that read 'Calm down. Yelling isn't going to get us anywhere. No matter what, we'll find a way.' Beast Boy silently thanked her. They looked at where the gypsy was sitting, but she wasn't there. Nor was her plate. at the sink the was a clean plate, knif, and fork that wasn't there before hand. She had gone without answering their questions.

"Nice." Raven said to this sarcasticly.

"Yeah, just peachy."

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