My first MBSV fan fiction:)) This is basically my version of the Season 1 Finale:))

"Rory, I already told you, Star Trek is way better than Dusk! Dusk is just a story with sparkly stalker vampires!" Benny argues, while Ethan stands in the middle of their fight. All of a sudden they feel a gust of wind and see blurs of black and purple.

"What did you say about Dusk?" Erica growls, whilst dragging Sarah with her.

"Ow! Erica you didn't have to drag me with you." Oh Sarah, Ethan thought If only you knew I loved you.

"She might love you, too, E!" A voice says in his head.

"Ahhh!" Ethan yelled out loud, all four turn to him.

"Ethan! What's wrong? Are you ok?" Sarah yells out of concern. "Yep, she loves you alright." Benny looks smug trying his hardest not to laugh, but failing, doubling over on the ground, tears rolling out his eyes from laughing.

"Mind –laughter- Spell –laughter." Benny says between fits of laughter.

"Benny!" Both Ethan and Sarah yell whilst smacking Benny on both sides of his head, Sarah left and Ethan right.

"Well Ethan here, needs his privacy in his mind." Sarah says while putting one hand on his left forearm.

"Protective much of your nerd boyfriend, Sarah?" Erica says with a fit of laughter after. Before Sarah could protest with technically being called Ethan's girlfriend, he went rigid and his eyes glowed a white silvery color.

"A fanged one who rose shall bite

A person to miss

To be saved by ones might

Both shall be saved by a true loves kiss."

After those words, he fainted shouting "Sarah!" All confused, Benny said,

"We should all take him too my grandma, she'll probably explain what just happened."

Hope you like:)) Update Soon! 33