Author's Note: Story devoted to Spin Cycle and Pillow Talk. It should be interesting. First chapter is the wives of Fortune.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mikaela's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why were we here again? We had all dressed to the nines. There was never a thing we didn't dress well for. I was in a pair of grey slacks and a navy blue blouse. My hair was curled and part of it was held by a clip. Selena sat on my right side. She was in a pair of black maternity slacks and a black blouse. Her blonde hair was straight and left to hang around her face. On the other side of table Brianna and Celeste sat. Those two were in identical dresses. It was sort of pretty. Even their hair was done the same. Curled and left to hand around their shoulders. We looked up when JB walked in. He stood at the center of the table. The way he was standing Selena and I was on his right while Brianna and Celeste were on his left.

"Welcome to another edition of Spin Cycle. I'm joined today by the lovely ladies of Fortune." JB said.

"JB we're not just the ladies of Fortune. We're the wives." Selena said.

"Oh. Well on this side we have the lovely Selena and Mikaela Styles. While to my left the stunning Brianna Payne and Celeste Bryne are seated." JB said.

"JB it isn't Bryne. It's Storm." Celeste said.

"Interesting." JB said.

"Yeah that sort of answers so many questions." I said.

"First question. Everyone tweets now a days. Do you guys have twitter? Let's take it for a spin Celeste." JB said. Celeste smiled.

"Well I'm still new to a lot of these things but I've got a twitter. James helped me set it up. My account is CelticFlower. I use it every now and again." Celeste said. Brianna laughed.

"I'm on twitter. I use it more than my sister here." Brianna said.

"Mine is TheFrenchCanadianPrincess." Brianna said.

"Think highly of yourself much?" I asked from across the table.

"Of course don't you? I've seen your twitter Styles." Brianna said. I raised my hands in surrender.

"Okay Mikaela what is yours?" JB asked.

"I tried using my name but it was already taken so I went back to my first e-mail address. I have the password written down for it somewhere. My twitter account is TheBroodPrincess." I said.

"I feel like we all have one. What about you Selena?" JB asked.

"I have one. It's used every once in a while when I remember it. SelenaKazarian." Selena said with a shrug.

"Want to explain the names behind them. I'm interested about yours the most Celeste." JB said. Celeste laughed.

"I'm Irish. Celtic knots? I just took Celtic and added flower after it. Not the most imaginative but it got me in there." Celeste said.

"Interesting. What about yours Brianna?" JB asked.

"I'm from Montreal. I'm French and Canadian. I'm not the only female in my family but I've always been more of a princess." Brianna said with a shrug.

"How does Bobby keep up with you?" Selena asked with a smile.

"Very carefully. Haven't you seen?" Brianna asked. I laughed.

"Mine is pretty self-explanatory. Daddy is Gangrel. He made the Brood. I may not be the only daughter of someone from the Brood but I've always been daddy's little princess." I said.

"Silver spoon." Selena muttered.

"Not a chance. Daddy didn't spoil me that much." I said. Selena shook her head.

"Do I really need to explain mine?" Selena asked.

"No. That one we understood." JB said.

"You all got to know each other at different points what was your first impression of each other? Let's take it for a spin Mikaela." JB said. I shook my head.

"I'm gonna start with the lovely woman sitting at my right. I didn't really have much contact with Selena until Flair made Fortune. I don't think she liked me in the beginning because I wasn't really comfortable being in Fortune at that point in time. As we got to know each other we've become support for each other. She was my saving grace after A.J. was power bombed through the table. When it comes to the lovely sisters across the table our relationship started bumpy. Brianna asked why I was calling the shots and it got under my skin. Now we all get along just fine now." I said.

"We love you too Mikaela." Brianna said. I shrugged.

"I didn't like Brianna and Celeste when I first met them. Honestly I thought they were witches with a b. Now they're okay. They've proven why they fit in with Mikaela and me. Now when it comes to Mikaela herself she and I had a rocky road. I didn't like her. It may have been her connection with A.J. or how she seemed stuck up. Now I've got her back and she's got mine." Selena said.

"We love you too." Celeste said.

"I adore Brianna. She's my sister. Even if her parents didn't become my legal guardians. I thought Selena was uptight when I first met her. Especially after she snapped at us. When I met Mikaela I thought she was nice but just a little stressed out." Celeste said.

"I was stressed out. I was leading Fortune on my own." I said.

"We realize that now." Celeste said.

"Celeste has always been my sister. It doesn't matter what happened between our parents. Selena was to high strung. I just asked a question and she snapped at me. Mikaela was sweet if a bit scattered." Brianna said.

"You all get along so well. Now we all have phones let's see them ladies." JB said.

"You've got the I-Phone right JB?" Brianna asked.

"Yes what have you got let's take it for a spin Brianna." JB said. Brianna held up her BlackBerry Curve 3G in Graphite Grey.

"It's little and cute. I've got a picture of Bobby and me for the background." Brianna said.

"That is cute." JB said.

"It fits our little Princess." I said with a smile.

"Show us yours Styles." Brianna said. I shook my head. I held up my phone.

"It's a BlackBerry Torch in Sunset Red. My background is of A.J. and the kids. Good thing is that it has survived my twins. They like to try to eat my phone." I said.

"I think that background saved her butt when A.J. wasn't around." Selena said.

"It did. Are you kidding me?" I asked.

"What are you packing Selena?" JB asked.

"I've got the LG Phoenix. My background is of Kazarian and me." Selena said.

"I seem to be the only one who doesn't have an AT&T phone. Mine is a Verizon Casio G'zOne Commando. My background is of James and me." Celeste said as she showed her phone to the camera.

"You all seem very attached to their other halves." JB said.

"Of course we are JB. We've got to. Considering the number of times they all get in trouble." Selena said. That had me chuckling.

"You have no idea." I said.

"Now I want to do a segment we call Revelations." JB said. I was already thinking about mine.

"Let's take it for a spin Selena." JB said. Selena threaded both fingers through her hair before she looked at us.

"Can I say this? I hope I can. Powers that be if you're watching don't fire me." Selena said.

"That seems bad." JB said.

"Well I wouldn't call it completely bad. My dad, who I haven't spoken to in years and is in jail, was abusive of my mom, my twin, and me." Selena said.

"That is heavy Selena." JB said.

"You're telling me." Selena said.

"What about you Celeste?" JB asked.

"Um. Back in Dublin I was engaged to this guy. At eighteen mind you. It was the day of the wedding. Two hours before the entire thing was supposed to happen I found him in a broom closet with my maid of honor. Yeah that wasn't a good day." Celeste said.

"Yeah mom and dad were pissed." Brianna said.

"What about you Brianna?" JB asked.

"Nothing as intense as Selena and Celeste that is for certain. Three years ago I was in a photo shoot. Let's just say it didn't involve clothes." Brianna said.

"I didn't know that." I said.

"Does Bobby know?" Selena asked with a raised eyebrow.

"If he did know has he gotten a hold of those pictures?" I asked.

"He didn't know. He does now." Brianna said. Selena shook her head.

"What about you Mikaela?" JB asked. No one knew of the actual relationship between Phoenix and I. Well Fortune did but that was because they were Fortune and I didn't talk to most others about it. I mean the Gregory girls along with Alex and Sabin knew about it.

"I'm actually related to Phoenix. She's my half-sister. Which makes me related to Jeff and Karen." I said.

"Family reunions must be so much fun." JB said.

"Haven't had to live through them yet." I said.

"I bet she's hoping she doesn't." Brianna said.

"Have you met my family?" I asked.

"We've met them. They're all crazy." Selena said.

"Yeah especially Phoenix's other half…though your sister's husband doesn't help." I mused.

"Ah I know. You hear his crazy laugh last week?" Selena asked. JB cleared his throat and we looked at him.

"Finished now?" JB asked.

"Sorry. We do that a lot." Selena said.

"I have a final question for you." JB said.

"Please fire away." Brianna said. Before we got very far someone's phone started ringing. It was playing "Full Throttle" by Jackyl.

"Whose phone?" JB asked. All of our phones are sitting on the table so we all look down. It wasn't mine. I had that song on my phone but it wasn't a ringtone. I looked over at Selena who was shaking her head. Brianna shrugged her shoulders.

"Celeste who is it?" I asked.

"James." Celeste said.

"Answer the phone. Tell him where you are and then put him on speaker." I said. Celeste nodded her head and answered her phone.

"Hey James. I'm on Spin Cycle right now. Kayla said to put you on speaker." Celeste said as she set her phone on the counter.

"Hey Storm." I said.

"Hey Styles. What are you guys up to?" James asked.

"I was about to ask them about their guilty pleasures." JB said.

"I have an idea." James said.

"Spill." Selena said.

"You should just call the rest of them and we can do it this way instead of waiting." James said.

"How much have you had to drink?" Brianna asked.

"Right. A.J. is on kid duty at the moment." I said.

"It'll be fun come on girls live a little. JB back me up here." James said. We all looked at JB.

"Go ahead. It'll be interesting." JB said. I sighed as I took the mike off of my shirt to make the call. I clicked the Voice Dialing icon. The phone beeped.

"Call Phenomenal Heartthrob." I said. I listened as the phone rang. Wasn't the most creative nickname but I was working on it. I smiled when his voice came over the line.

"Hey hot stuff. I'm sitting on seat of Spin Cycle and James had the brilliant idea to call you guys to listen to the last one." I said. I held the phone three inches from my ear when one of the girls let out a scream.

"Which one was that?" I asked.

"I'm sorry. Should I let you call you later?" I asked. I laughed.

"Okay okay I'm putting you on speaker phone." I said as I tapped Speaker Phone. I put the phone on the table and reattached my mike.

"Sorry. It took me so long. Had to make sure kids were all nice and quiet." I said as I leaned my elbows on the table.

"Okay ladies I want to know what is your guilty pleasure take it for a spin Mikaela." JB said.

"Why must you start with me?" I asked.

"Come on Kayla tell us." A.J. said. I stuck my tongue out at the phone though he couldn't see it.

"I think my guilty pleasure would be after a long day of working taking a nice hot bath and then spending time with A.J." I said. I heard the catcalls from the audience. I had just given them an image of myself in a bath. Not that I cared.

"What about you Selena?" JB asked. I looked at Selena. Right now was a horrible time to ask her that.

"As of right now? Some soft pillows and Kazarian rubbing my back. Normally? Finding pictures of Enrique Iglesias." Selena said.

"He is hot." Celeste said.

"Exactly." Selena said with a smile.

"Hey we're on the phone." Kazarian said.

"We know. You all wanted to listen to Guilty Pleasures." Brianna said.

"She has a point." A.J. said. I shook my head.

"What about you Brianna?" JB asked.

"Me? I like to eat a good container of Häagen-Dazs Raspberry sorbet or Zesty Lemon sorbet after a stressful day." Brianna said.

"How do you stay so small?" JB asked.

"She's got Bobby for an other half." Selena said.

"Point." Bobby said from the phone. I shook my head.

"What about you Celeste?" JB asked.

"Well I like to listen to Celtic Thunder and Celtic Women when I train. Or when we're on the road in the car." Celeste said.

"Yeah. Not county music there." James said.

"She's Irish." I said from my spot.

"Ladies it's been fun learning something new about each of you." JB said.

"Thanks JB. It was interesting learning something we didn't know about each other." I said. We left. I picked up my phone and took Allen off of speaker so I could speak with him.

"I'm coming home. I'll be there in a few hours to help you." I said.

"Love you too." I said as I hung up the phone. We each nodded to each other. We'd see each other again in the locker room.