Authors Note: I've been playing with this idea in my head for a little while. For those of you who have watched the show (I'm not sure if it's the same in the books) Pegasus had a Wife named Cynthia. They gave no back round on her. She was just alive and died at a young age leaving Pegasus depressed. So, why not let her have a family. In this story, I have made her family do something's I know did not happen in the series seeing as they didn't exist, but just deal with me, okay? In this story, it's in Cynthia's brother Jayden's P.O.V. as I plan to do with the rest of the story. I am currently looking for someone to help me out with the story; that would be great. As you can guess, grammar, and spelling isn't my thing. I know there is some mistakes in there but I did do my best to find them. I do except Con-crit; Just not flames.

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Making Amends

If someone were too come up to me last year and say, "Hey! Jayden, guess what! In a year your sister will marry a million air and leave you. Then she'll die. Yep. But by that time you'll also be seeing a ghost." I would have paid for their therapy. I would have laughed at them, asking them what type of drug they were on. I would have never thought it would be true.

Maybe it was the fact that my sister would actually marry after my parents died. Maybe it was the fact that my older brother Jared would actually allow such things to happen. But, Somewhere in me, I knew it was a lie. I knew that at the moment that my sister and Maximillion Pegasus locked eyes, they were meant to be. I saw it, Jared saw it, everyone saw it.

But, that isn't important. What is important is keeping what little family we had left together, right? After the summer of two thousand and one, family became top of the list when my dad killed my mom. Did I see this coming? No. Who would have? I mean, they seemed happy. All the press would write about was how much of a great family we all were; how fairy tales happened; They were wrong.

I grew up with fighting parents that stayed hand-in-hand with their company for trading cards drew up by Max. If it wasn't for the business, they would have gotten a divorce. They were both married to their jobs; they didn't love each other. That was when my mom started inviting over various wealthy men when my dad wasn't home. When I asked my oldest brother about what was going on, he responded with the line of, "For once it doesn't involve us; Let it go."

And I did.

Or at least I tried.

I was six when my dad found my mom and her new "Friend" in his bed and shot them. I was young. Too young to remember anything. After the police were called, I was adopted by my brother Jared and lived with him in our House in Japan. I remember the moving, but nothing else. Everything else is just a blur. A deferred dream.

My sister Cynthia met Maximillion Pegasus at a company meeting when I turned nine. By that time I had a nanny with the name of Laurel and wasn't allowed to do much outside. I wasn't a loner by any means; I just didn't understand the true meaning of friendship. My sister at the time was sixteen but yet, they got married a little before her seventeenth birthday.

Everyone saw the signs; she was pregnant. But no long after, she wasn't anymore. It just all stopped. But that's when everything went Hay-wire. At the age of Twelve, I started hearing baby crying noises at night in the nursery that my sister and brother in law set aside. It was real. But, when ever I looked in there, I wouldn't see anything.

When I told my nanny, she thought I was crazy. She thought I was hearing noises from the future I wanted; That's when I started to believe that. Every night I would hear a baby cry so I would go crawl in bed with my older brother Jared and sleep there.

I was loosing everything. Sometimes when I opened my eyes at night, I would see something and when I asked Jared if he saw it or not, he would tell me to "Go back to bed," and that, "Everything is alright."

But even then, nothing was.

Three months after that, Cynthia married Pegasus. Why? I'll never know. He claimed it was love, but he was nothing but a stranger.

Then she died.

That was when Max went to Egypt and Jared and I had the funeral of what was left of her.

Crazy, right?

I know what your thinking, and I'm not crazy.

My name is Jayden Tylar Yorke and I am a Shadow Speaker. A Shadow Speaker is someone who can see the after life and sometimes can talk to them. That's right. I'm a freak. I'm the type of person who you would see trying to collect money for doing odd ball acts in the circus.

When Max got back from Egypt, we all acted like nothing have happened but no one forgot. I do have to admit that when Max got back from his vacation, he did have some weird ideas of games.

And Thus Duel Monsters was formed.

Since Jared helped him out with the creation, they both split the company fifty-fifty giving us tons of money. I wasn't sure to be happy that we're rich, or depressed that the money coasted me loosing my older sister. But, no one will ever talk about that. Its our little secret.

So now, I stay awake all night in our house in Tokyo, Japan trying to figure out This. Jared took my hand that day and promised me that he would never change; told me it would be all about me. But, he was lying. Most of the days, he spends at the office, at Max's, or at meetings.

It's like he doesn't have a brother.

So, what's a teenage boy who has too much free time on his hands, and not enough to do? Me. A Delinquent. I do tons of stupid things with my unused time that isn't spent towards school or homework. Most is used toward skateboard tricks that I need stitches for or just annoying people.

Whatever gets my attention, I guess.

But at night time, it all catches up with me. You know the old saying, "Quietness Screams The Truth,"? Well, their right. At night when I go to bed and I'm rotting my brains out in front of a TV I think of people who are in my shoes and don't get in as much trouble as me. Like, the Kaiab's. Mokuba's brother, Seto, is younger than Jared and owns a company on his own. Last time I heard, Mokuba hasn't been expelled, had to get stitches, or anything. He's prefect.

Maybe that's why I hate him.

He's everyone's angel, while I'm the "Wild-Child" everyone wants to part with.

At the end of the night, I cant even stand myself.

But then again who cares.

Anything I mess up, Jared will fix with money.

So, it doesn't matter.

I just screw the rules, because of how I have money.

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