A/N: Okay I'm finally writing a new story. I do intend to return to Living Forever In You, but that is a tough one to complete. This prologue is a trial run to see if anyone likes it. The concept is raw, but I'd like opinions. I might twist it into something completely unsuspected.

Disclaimer: Mai Hime belong to Sunrise, but this chapter isn't violating anything yet.

Forgotten Reality

By Kara Papas


"Searching in this madness in long forgotten reality I find no where to turn. The shores are in front of me and land stretches far beyond what I can see, but it is not what I want. I will go into that darkness of time and become forgotten until you find me again. Upon this note even my name I dare not write but what remains of me and my lost mind I shall try and purge the remainder of you calling, away. Far away."

Dust sifted in and about the air as a lone maiden ran across the night sky, it would seem, her feet tirelessly kept going with her heart. The eyes of another she had known so long finally had lost their glimmer. The world around them was ending as countless singularities tore their proud world apart. It was called darkness by some, God's wrath, finality, and the end by most. The tremor sounded about 20 miles away from her. The hushed darkness of night suddenly sparked to with great vibrance by the shore side. A voice echoed in her head from not too long ago, "When I leave. I will go to the shore." The timing was not fair as the maiden's heart throbbed painfully, hoping she close the distance between her and the light source; a singularity forming. The ground below her seemed to know her distress as it gave her no thwart. In the maiden's mind and heart she knew that it would be impossible to reach the shore as the humming light grew in size. As she grew closer to it the singularity ripped into being quickly absorbing all it could before it disappeared taking with it the one person she traveled through time save.


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