I'm back! And I've got the highly anticipated second installment of the PenJackson series with me, so let's get to it!

Journal #6

Third Earth

I guess we're all kind of obsessed with the future; what will the weather be like tomorrow, what will the latest trends in fashion be, will we stop Saint Dane before he conquers all of Halla? Okay that last one might have freaked out guys out, but it's a ligament concern all the same, as unpleasant to think of as it is. So what I'm getting at is that I've seen the future, and it was nothing like I expected. Okay I need to rewind for a minute; so it all started when I left you guys at the flume on Second Camp Half-Blood, I had just shouted out "Third Earth!" and Aja, Spader, Siry, and I were on our way to the year 5010.

"Is… whatever's outside the flume's walls, always this crowded with images?" asked Siry.

"That's a recent development, and reallllly troubling considering they haven't decreased even though we've saved Veelox," I said.

"Saint Dane keeps talking about The Convergence, they certainly look chaotic enough," remarked Aja.

Presently the sweet jumble of musical notes of the flume grew louder and I could feel the tug of gravity returning, signaling that our flume trip was about to come to an end. The cavern the flume deposited us in kind of reminded me of the one on Second Earth, but then again they are both Earth. When we found the pile of cloths I did a double take, because they looked exactly like cloths from Second Earth!

"Okay, we're like 3,000 years in the future, and fashion hasn't changed at all?"

"That's not entirely true, have you seen the shoes?" said Spader.

To emphasize the point home Spader put his foot into one of these weird doughnut-shaped thingies, and when he did the doughnut formed a shoe that perfectly conformed to his foot.

"Well it still looks like a shoe from Second Earth!" I objected.

"No wonder Pendragon calls you princess!" laughed Spader.

Spader and Siry went to one end of the cavern and Aja and I to the other; as we changed cloths I noted how Aja looked tanner and more toned and athletic since I'd last seen her.

"What?" asked Aja as she tried on a teal blouse.

"Have you been working out?"

"Well in the month or so Spader and I were gone…"

"But you guys were only gone for a week… wait, time works differently on different territories, continue."

"Well in that time we stopped by Ibara to help Pendragon, and that's also where we picked up Siry. After that we swung by Zadaa and Loor put us through Tartarus, but all things considered I'm glad I earned the skills I earned, and on the plus side we're now honorary Batus. And of course we spent a little time on Cloral before we made our way to Second Camp Half-Blood to check on you."

"Seriously, you training to be a Batu warrior, I'll believe it when I see it!" I teased as I found a black skirt that went great with my lavender blouse.

"As if you'd do any better!" snapped Aja.

"Relax Aja, I was just joking!"

"Oh right… still working my people skills."

"So how are things with you and Spader? Details, give me details!" I asked as I slipped my feet into a pair of Third Earth shoes.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I was a bit busy for romance, far too busy," replied Aja with just a hint of playfulness.

"Aw, welllllll we can work on it!"

"Keep dreaming Aphrodite-girl, keep dreaming."

As soon as everyone had finished picking out Third Earth cloths Spader rummaged around the pile and found a small white devise of some kind and pushed the button on it.

"It lets Patrick know we're here," he explained.

We pushed open the wooden door (that by now was over 3,000 years old) open and stepped out onto… a sleek, modern, no futuristic subway tunnel! Gone were the grimy walls and filthy track, instead I found the walls covered in super-clean white tiles and tracks that kind of reminded me of monorail tracks from Disney World.

"Wow, they clean up this place nice!" I said in amazement.

"If you think that's amazing wait until we get to the station!" beamed Spader.

When we got to the subway station I clapped my hand over my mouth in shock, because there was an entire city underground. No seriously, imagine a fabulous multi-level shopping mall, but the size of a city and all the things you'd expect from a city and you'd probably have a good idea of the amazing site I was looking at.

"If this is what they've done underground I can't wait to see the surface!"

A short escalator ride later and we were…defiantly not in Kanas anymore! Instead of the concrete and steel urban jungle of the Bronx I was used to I was greeted by rolling green hills, fresh air, and hardly any buildings at all.

"Grover would love this place!" I laughed to myself.

Not long after that Patrick drove up to us in a car that was big enough for all of to fit in but not overly huge, and it made virtually no sound and didn't seem to have an exhaust pipe.

"What does that thing run on?" I asked.

"It's electric; here on Third Earth all of our power comes from completely eco-friendly and renewable resources such as solar and wind power that operate at maximum efficiency and give us a carbon-footprint of absolutely zero!" said Patrick with that sort of perkiness you see in enthusiastic teachers, but he did seem like the preppy type and he was a teacher.

"And all of this," I motioned to the magnificent landscape that surrounded us.

"Well after the 21st century Earth suffered from severe overpopulation problems so humanity expanded underground and into space; not long after that all the nations of the world united, population growth was capped, and eco-friendly technology was perfected thus allowing the surface of the Earth to heal. About half the population lives underground, but they spend as much time on the surface as those who live there do. But enough introductions, what brings you to Third Earth?"

"Well in Bobby's journals he mentioned that by now the New York Public Library has a supercomputer that can know everything about everything, and it can like predict the future and stuff, and I was wondering if maybe we could use it to search for a possible turning point for Second Earth and Camp Half-Blood."

"That's a wonderful idea… well I'm not sure how helpful it'll be with regards to Camp Half-Blood, but that could work for researching Second Earth's turning point," said Patrick.

As we crossed a bridge and passed into Manhattan I noticed that there were a few famous buildings still standing, like the Empire State Building (though it had a new shiny metal coating on it), but it seemed kind of lonely in a way. When we pulled up to the New York Public Library I almost didn't recognize it, because even though the stone lions still stood guard along the steps the library itself was now a small more modern looking building. When we walked inside I saw people sitting in easy chairs and reading on what looked like the Third Earth version of Kindles; at the very center of the rotunda was a glass case containing a copy of Dr. Sues' Green Eggs and Ham.

"Quite a beauty isn't it? The last actually book left as a reminder of a time before all books were on computers, but personally I'm more partial to Horton Hears a Who," said Patrick.

"When I was little I loved The Cat in the Hat, I must have begged Daddy to reread it to me a million times! I remember one time…" but then I just paused, not moving a muscle. I was still getting used to the fact that my Dad, along with all traces of my existence on Second Earth, was gone; I know Bobby's Uncle Press had told me I'd see him again soon, but his being gone still stung all the same. As much as I was still hurting I managed to pull myself together and stay on task.

"So everything's on computers now?" I asked.

"Oh yes, on computer chips no bigger than grains of sand," said Patrick.

"I think I'm gonna like this place," said Aja.

Patrick lead us down a hallway that had several door with numbers on them, once we came to a door with the number twelve on it the door slide open and we walked inside, inside the room was a computer so fantastic and massive that even Jimmy Neutron would be jealous.

"Identification," said the computer after it in a female voice after Patrick pressed a button.

"Mac, Patrick. Occupation, teacher, librarian, historian."

"Welcome back Patrick, how may I be of service to you?"

"There's gonna be tons of information about the early 21st century, do you know anywhere we should start Silena?" asked Patrick.

"Well I might have a few ideas," I said.

"Let me show you how it works first. Just push this button here and in put some data like so. Computer new search: Kennedy, Fitzgerald, John; born circa 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts; 35th President of the United States."

Suddenly the computer emitted a light and a life-size hologram of JFK formed in front of us!

"Kennedy, John F. 35th President of the United States of America, presidency lasting from January 20, 1961 until assignation on November 22, 1963; preceded by Eisenhower, Dwight D. and succeeded by Johnson, Lyndon B," said the computer.

"It gives you a few basic stats at first and then you can ask more specifics by pushing this button like this. Computer: play except from Moon Speech of Kennedy, John F," said Patrick.

"We chose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other thing, not because they are easy, but because they are hard!"

"That's enough," said Patrick, and the hologram froze in mid-sentence. "Computer: new search. It's all yours Silena."

"Computer: Beauregard, Silena. Born turn of the 21st century in New York City."

"No available data for that entry," said the computer.

"You're a Traveler, as far as the computers concerned you don't exist," said Patrick.

"Okay then, Computer new search: Beckendorf, Charles. Born during the turn of the 21st century in Stony Brook, Connecticut," I said, and then the computer created an image of you Charlie.

"Beckendorf, Charles. Born during the turn of the 21st century in Stony Brook, Connecticut to Beckendorf, Elizabeth; father unknown," said the computer (but we all know Hephaestus is your dad).

"How old was he when he died?" I asked.

"Uncertain, however, data regarding Beckendorf, Charles ceases circa mid-July of 2009."

"Where was he seen last?" I asked, my mind racing with possibilities, suddenly another hologram appeared, it was of Percy!

"Beckendorf, Charles was last seen with Jackson, Perseus aboard the cruise ship Princess Andromeda on the day of its sinking," said the computer.

"Speculation?" asked Patrick as he pressed another button.

"Possible that Beckendorf, Charles was killed in the sinking of the Princess Andromeda, but this is uncertain as no body was recovered from the wreckage."

"Further speculation?" asked Patrick.

"Suicide possible, but there is little information that would suggest this."

"Further speculation?" repeated Patrick.

"No further speculation," said the computer.

"This is useless! No matter what the turning point is it has something to do with Camp Half-Blood, I just know it does, and this stupid computer can't tell us anything!" I shouted as I threw my hands in the air in frustration.

"Hold on a minute, does Camp Half-Blood have a library?" asked Aja.

"Yeah, but not like that's going to help us," I groaned miserably.

"No, no, this is perfect! Remember what Pericles said on First Earth? He said that he was the Traveler from First Camp Half-Blood, and we know you're the Traveler from Second Camp Half-Blood, and he said that Andromeda Jackson is the Traveler form Third Camp Half-Blood; so that means that Camp Half-Blood is still around and most likely they've upgraded their library with a computer like this, and there's a good chance it'll include information about everything demigod related."

I perked up at this, "Aja have I told you how glad I am that you're an Athena-girl? What a minute, if Camp Half-Blood and Olympus are always in nation where the flame of the West is brightest, and all if the nations on Earth have united together, then where's the camp?"

"Doesn't matter, we can just use the flume and it'll take us to wherever Third Camp Half-

Blood is," said Aja.

"Like I said, glad you're an Athena-girl!"

Before heading out for the flume we stopped for lunch at a cheeseburger joint, and the cheeseburgers were pretty good, like cheeseburgers from Second Earth (I guess some things really don't change). After lunch we made our way towards the subway and the flume, we slid the ancient door open and suddenly a huge black dog tackled Patrick!

"Ahhhhh! Get it off me! Get it off me!" screamed Patrick as the beast snarled and bared its fangs.

"Aja, you said that you and Spader were honorary Batus right?" I asked nervously.

"If we had staves we might be able to do something, but…" suddenly the stone at the center of Aja's ring began to glow, and then it produced a beam of light that solidified into the staff of a ghee warrior!

No seriously, and as if that wasn't weird enough Spader's ring did the exact same thing! At first we all just stared in stunned silence at the impossible sight we had just witnessed, but the sounds of Patrick's screams snapped us back to reality. Aja gave a nod to Spader and they charged at the monster dogs; one lunged at Aja from behind but she whipped around and jammed the end of her staff into its snout; the other dog had Spader pinned to the ground, but he still had his staff in hand and managed to jab the dog in its jaw, and after it let him go he brought the staff down hard on the dog's head.

Now the only thing left was to get the remaining dog off Patrick; Aja threw down her staff and lunged at the beast and clamping a hold on its throat with an iron grip, after the two rolled across the cavern in a fierce battle of wills there was a loud snapping nose followed by a yelp from the dog as it drew its final breath.

Aja stood up and look at me, the fury of the battle still burning brightly in her eyes, "So, still doubt I trained with Batu warriors on Zadaa?"

"No, that… was… proof enough," I stammered.

"Remind me never to get on her bad side," whispered Siry.

"So what were those wogglies doing in the flume?" asked Spader.

"They're not just dogs. I looking into their eyes, they were yellow, quig yellow," said Patrick grimly.

"But if quigs are guarding the flume that means Third Earth's gone hot, and that means Saint Dane can't be too far behind! And how did you guys make staves with your rings?" I asked.

As if in response Aja and Spader's staves began to glow, and then they turned back into bolts of light and retreated back into their rings.

"Yet another Traveler mystery," muttered Aja, clearly ticked from encountering something else she couldn't explain.

As badly as we wanted an explanation we had to just shrug it off and continue on, and on that note we all shouted "Third Camp Half-Blood!" and the flume sprang to life. The flume ride was shorter than most, guess since Third Camp Half-Blood is located within Third Earth it doesn't take as long to travel using the flume. After the flume dropped us off in the basement of the Big House I almost wondered if something had gone wrong and the flume had sent us back to Second Camp Half-Blood, almost being the key word because then I saw her; she was wearing an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and jeans, her long hair was ink-black and her eyes were sea-green (she kind of looked like how I envisioned Percy would if he was a girl), and on her finger was a Traveler's ring.

"Andi Jackson, daughter of Poseidon and Traveler from Third Camp Half-Blood."

"Any relation to Percy Jackson?" I asked.

"Of course, he's my famous ancient ancestor, and you must be Silena Beauregard," said Andi.

"Of course, so if this is the future does the camp still have a library, maybe a library with a realllllly big computer with all the information about Camp Half-Blood's history?" I asked.

Andi's eyes grew wide with excitement at this, "You need to do research? Ooh, that's my specialty! Let's go!"

"I think I'm going to like it here," whispered Patrick.

When we made it up the stairs and to the porch of the Big House the sight of the future camp took my breath away; in many ways it kind of resembled the camp, but there were all kinds of new buildings, like cabins for Hades and the minor gods, and that temple Annabeth had wanted to build. What got my attention the most though was that while the camp had much in common with Second Camp Half-Blood there was still a lot that looked kind of futuristic, not excessive Jetsons futuristic, but it had defiantly seen more progress than the bit of Third Earth I'd seen up to that point.

Andi seemed to pick up on my confusion, "Camp Half-Blood has some of the greatest innovators in the world; the Athena kids design the greatest buildings, the Hephaestus kids make the fantastic machines, and the Aphrodite girls make the hottest fashions. As for why we haven't expanded these innovations outside of the camp, that's up for grabs; some of us think the Mist has something to do with it, but I've been researching it and I think the government of Third Earth stunting progress for some reason."

"Maybe that's what the turning point of Third Earth will be, people who want progress vs. people who want the status quo maintained," said Patrick, a bit grimly.

I frowned at this, "What does High School Musical have to do with Third Earth's turning point?"

Aja sighed and rolled her eyes, "Status quo means the state which is, and to maintain the status quo means to keep things the way they are."

"Sounds like Ibara, in a way it all boiled down to the Jakills seeking the truth and the Tribunal trying to keep the truth from everyone on Ibara," said Siry.

"Well they were just following orders, and they didn't want to risk Lifelight getting revived," countered Aja.

"Okay I'm totally lost," I said.

"When we saved Veelox it caused changes to Halla, prior to that Veelox and Ibara had the same relationship to one another that the Earth territories have, meaning that Ibara was Veelox 300 years in the future. However, when we saved Veelox it caused a split in the territories so that now Ibara is 300 in the future of an alternate timeline where we never saved Veelox."

"So Veelox is the timeline where we managed to set things right, and Ibara is 300 years in the future of a timeline where we failed?"

"Basically," said Aja.

Presently Andi lead us to the Library of Camp Half-Blood, which by the year 5010 kind of looked like the New York Public Library from Second Earth, but instead of stone lions it was flanked by two huge statues, one of Percy and one of Annabeth.

"Hobey! That's a big sword!" said Spader as he admired the statue of Percy.

"You think he's compensating for something?" snickered Siry as he nudged Spader, who soon started snickering as well.

"If we could all try to be mature for a minute, I'd like to introduce you to my ancient ancestors Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase," said Andi.

"Knew they'd get together!" I squealed with delight, but then after I saw everyone staring at me I added, "Oh, sorry… continue."

"Okay, so these two are arguably the greatest demigods to have ever gone to Camp Half-Blood, and even though I could go on all day talking about just how great they were, but I guess what stands out the most about them is the roll they played in Titanomachy II," said Andi.

"Titanomachy, that was the war between the gods and the titans, right?" asked Aja.

Andi nodded, "Titanomachy I occurred about 6,000 years ago give or take a melena or two, while Titanomachy II occurred about 3,000 years ago. The reason they're named the way they are in kind of like how World War I was named the Great War until World War II happened. Another interesting fact is that, if the pattern is anything to judge by, then given that's it's been 3,000 years since the last Titanomachy there's a chance that we might be overdue for Titanomachy III, even though we have no evidence to suggest as such, but then again it would make a great turning point for Third Camp Half-Blood, but then again…"

"Um Andi, we kind of need to do research on the computer," I said.

Andi turned bright red at this, "Oh! Right… I kind of have a tendency to ramble when I get excited about what I'm talking about. Um… yeah, let's do some research."

So yeah I'm back, and just to straighten things out, yes Andi is a direct descendent of Percy and Annabeth, and the reason she's a daughter of Poseidon is that godly powers diminish with each generation so it wouldn't have been… awkward, for Poseidon to hook up with Andi's mom (plus gods don't have DNA). So now that we've addressed that you can leave a review! =)