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Nessie, Meet Life. Life, Meet Nessie!

Chapter One

It Began With a Word

Nessie sat next to Jacob in the small cabin, while the snow fell strongly outside. It had just passed Christmas, where the snow was still strong. There was a table between them and their foes –Nessie's parents. Bella and Edward battled them in the fight which had become the central part of their post-Christmas celebrations.


Ever since Nessie had discovered words, she and Edward had battled with words, Bella stepping in to cloak her and Jacob's mind from Edward's powers in order to make the game fairer. She and Jacob more or less were dragged into it.

"You know," began Jacob. "It doesn't matter how many times we ask for a rematch. We're always going to lose."

"Oh, I'm sorry Jacob," joked Bella, her golden eyes sparkling with more than just its natural colour. "Are we hurting your feelings?"

"Deeply," replied Jacob. "When you say you're going to cloak our thoughts, you should really say that you'll stop if you think Edward's losing. It's kind of like false advertising otherwise. The fact that you," he said, turning to Edward. "Are about a century old does not help. You are a walking thesaurus. You should be banned from Scrabble because you make words nobody else can work with."

"I don't make them at all," Edward said, looking at him with raised eyebrows. "If you look through enough dictionaries, you'll find every single word I use."

"Your turn, Renesmee," Nessie's mother pointed out. Jacob rolled his eyes and Edward smiled a little ruefully. Bella had been campaigning for the use of Nessie's full name for as long as Nessie could remember. She'd had no success.

Nessie saw the opportunity and took it. Bella was cloaking her thoughts at the time, as she did to give Nessie and Edward the challenge they both enjoyed, and so Edward didn't see what Nessie was doing until she drew back from the board, folded her arms and looked at them expectantly. Bella and Edward looked out the board, stilling. Jacob sighed. S C H O O L was the word she spelled out.

"You know why we can't send you," Edward said to her gently.

"Yes, but it's not like that anymore!" Nessie exclaimed. She had been wishing to go to school ever since her mother and father had described how they met there. That meant that for about half her life she'd wanted to go. "You're always saying how people would notice me growing, but I look like an average teenager now! I'll fit in just fine!"

Jacob's eyes seared her. "Not exactly like an average teenager," he muttered. Seconds later, a chunk which had previously been in the table smacked Jacob on the side of the head. He winced and looked at Edward, who didn't look as if he had moved, apart from his now-stormy expression. "Ow!"

"PG rated thoughts, please," Edward almost growled. His wife understood what he meant immediately and hised a little.

"I didn't think it deliberately," Jacob muttered, blushing a little. Nessie hid a grin. Her relationship with Jacob hadn't progressed to that level yet, mostly on the ground that Edward and Bella regularly threatened to rip Jacob apart if he even thought about trying to. And then that started the rest of the family on it. The only ones who hadn't threatened him at some point or another were Nessie's proud grandparents. Carlisle was far too professional and gentle for that, and Esme far too caring. Of course, it didn't help Jacob's situation that Edward was normally present to clip any thoughts that developed too far for his liking. Normally with a well-placed rock or chunk of furniture.

"Urgh," Bella squirmed, clearing her throat a little. Edward was also grimacing. It took Jacob a moment to realise that he was bleeding down the side of his head. He grinned, knowing that the vampires found his blood to be foul-smelling. Nessie was looking at the blood, thinking about something. Edward looked a little sick. Bella had stopped cloaking her thoughts.

"Nessie, no," he said weakly. Too late.

Nessie's finger shot out, touched Jacob's temple, where the blood was running down the side of his face, and the next thing they knew it was in her mouth. Edward and Nessie's faces changed in an instant. Edward winced and Nessie disappeared, the door banging open. They could hear her eating snow, trying to get the ghastly taste out of her mouth.

"I'll go," Edward said as they all rose, ready to help. "I did warn you," he began to remonstrate as he walked outside. Bella shook her head.

"I don't know how she could do that," Jacob's friend admitted. "I mean, we don't even know where you've been."

"Funny," Jacob grunted. "So what do you think?"

"About?" prodded Bella.

"School. I don't see any reason why she can't go."

Bella's face changed in an instant. She became mother-Bella, not friend-Bella. "She's not ready."

"She can survive off human food. She's not too tempted for human blood. We've taken her around all sorts of places, so she knows how to act human. Come on, Bella, what is it you're worrying about?"

"It's just..." Bella bit her stone lips, worry creasing her marble forehead. "She's not ready."

"I think it's less that she's not ready and more that you're not ready," Jacob told her. "Everyone's been babying her since she was born. Now she wants to get out in the world. You need to let her go some time."

"Thank you, Jacob!" came the grateful reply from outside. A moment later and Edward and Nessie were back in the same spots they had been before Nessie tried Jacob's blood.

"I think we should give it just a little more time," softly stated Bella, grasping Edward's hand for support.

"I agree," he instantly said.

"Of course you do," muttered Nessie, fiddling with some of the Scrabble pieces that had been dislodged. "You two always agree. But...right now...I just want to see what it's like to really be human. Just for a little while. Without anyone trying to look out for me. And I know that pretty much everyone in our family is going to disagree with this, but I just need some time by myself. Please." Nessie's voice had gradually decreased in volume until the last word was a whisper. The plea, and the word Nessie had absent-mindedly spelled out on the Scrabble board, broke the other two's hearts.

"Maybe...Maybe we could try it," Bella eventually whispered.

"I suppose it would only be fair," conceded Edward, looking at the little word on the Scrabble board. F R E E D O M.

"Great!" Jacob announced, ruining the quiet by clapping his hands together. "It's settled. But I think I should go with you."

Edward raised an eyebrow. "Is that so, dog?"

"Think about it. I blend in easiest. No-one's going to mess with her if they know I'm there."

"I wouldn't mind Jacob coming," Nessie said cheerfully. "But...to all my classes? I don't suppose you could be my...boyfriend who's in college, but lives with me? I want to try some classes by myself." Jacob smiled. He liked that idea.

"I don't," said Edward stiffly, glaring as if trying to bore a hole through Jacob's skull.

"How do I say this...My intentions are only honourable," Jacob attempted to mimic Edward's old-fashioned way of speaking. "How'd I do?" he asked Bella, looking pleased with himself.

She was looking slightly horrified. "Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Please, never try that again."

"So Jacob can come with me?" Nessie asked, delighted with the turn of events which would allow her not only to go to school but to be with her Jacob as well.

Edward sighed. Nessie's delight was too much for him to ruin. "Yes, I suppose he can."

Bella and Edward shared an uncertain glance. Nessie and Jacob glanced at each other too, but theirs carried a different quality..

Renesmee was going to high school.

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