Summary; It happened the moment he realized she was a girl, the way she called for his help, he knew at that moment…She had won his heart By;Gbaby808

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"Mori-senpai? Are you okay?"Her floated to his ears as he was pulled out of his daze. It was mid-spring and the host club had been booming with service but oddly enough today they had very few clients.

"Hm"His reply came with a slight smile allowing her to know he was okay. She turned it and walked away carrying that tea set that she couldn't remember who she was supposed to bring it too in the first place.

'It looks heavy'His eyes followed her as she walked through the room carrying that tea set

"Takashi?"Honey had noticed his cousin staring off into space often lately, it was as if there was something far more important on his mind

'Yes?'Moris thought seemed to come through his eyes as he looked down at Honey who was sitting there holding his stuffed bunny Usa-chan

"Why have you been staring off into space so much?"Honey watched as Moris eyes betrayed him and he glanced up to catch another glimpse of Haruhi as she handed the tea set to Tamaki

'Ohhh'Honey thought as he followed Moris eyes that seemed to be locked on Haruhi as a smile played across his lips

"I'll help you Takashi! Don't worry!"Honey patted Moris arm

'What?'Moris thoughts once again came through his eyes as Honey just smiled


"Don't drop it"Haruhi pointed to the tea set she had just set in Tamakis hands

"My dear daughter, don't worry! Daddys got it!"Tamaki gripped the tea set tightly in his hands keeping it still

"If it drops that's another 100,000 yen to Haruhis debt Tamaki, be careful"Kyoya walked past them staring down at his note pad writing things down so fast no one could even catch up

"Haruhi! Come here and entertain with us!"Hikaru called from across the room as he sat with Kaoru in his lap. The two girls in front of them cooed and seemed to be near fainting at the thought of Haruhi joining in

"I'd rather study then do that"Haruhi looked away from the two who where deep in their twincest

"Haru-chan look out!"Honey yelled as he ran straight into Tamaki who barreled forward tea set in hand

"AH!"Tamaki released the tea set and there it went.. felling straight towards Haruhi… the cups and all flying into the air headed straight forward

'Oh crap this is gonna hurt'Haruhis thought as she instantly closed her eyes waiting for the pain


But it never came, instead she felt warmth and pressure


"Mori are you okay!"

"Oh dam!"

"Boss you're so clumsy!"

'What's the..'Haruhi opened her eyes to see a slightly undone tie

"Are you okay?"Her eyes shifted upward as she looked up and saw something she never thought possible. Moris voice was slightly shaken with concern and he tightened his grip around her

"Y-yes thank you Mori-senpai"Haruhi whispered softly as Mori smiled softly.

"Good"His voice seemed lighten slightly as he released her and stood up straight and turned around to the others who stood there in shock

"Mori-senpai! Your back!"Haruhi pointed in horror to the sight. The glass had cut through his blazer and shirt allowing blood to slowly stain it

"Takashi are you okay?"Honey grabbed his cousins arm a bit worried, he didn't mean to Takashi to throw himself in front of that


"You should go to the infirmary Mori, Haruhi escort him"Kyoya looked up from his note pad only for a moment as he passed a slight smile to Honey

"Right! Come on Mori-senpai"Haruhi reached forward and grabbed his hand gripping it tightly as she raced out the door with him


"And done! Good as new, now just change the bandages tonight there shouldn't be any scaring"The nurse patted the last bandage on Moris back and stood up. She grabbed the large first aid kit and walked into the back room

"Thank you for saving me Mori-senpai, I'm really sorry you got hurt"Haruhi bowed slightly in her chair. Mori sat there on one of the many beds in the infirmary as he reached over and ran his fingers over the wholes in his shirt.

"Are you okay? No cuts?"Mori placed his shirt back down on the bed feeling like it was beyond use right now anyway. Haruhi just shook her head no

'Great he's shirts ruining too'Haruhi thought as she felt even more guilty about not moving out of the way of that falling tea set

"Haruhi"He very rarely ever said her name. Haruhi looked up at him and in one swift movement he had reached forward and pulled her into his arms. He wrapped them around her like how he had when the tea set was falling

"Mori-senpai?"Haruhi whispered softly confused as she placed her hands against his chest

"I need to protect you"Mori didn't know why truly himself but he had to protect her, he needed to. Haruhi looked at him confused, it wasn't like Mori to do something like this

'Then again he is the 'wild' type'Haruhi thought as she looked at his eyes

"Why? I'm fine"Haruhi smiled and patted Moris head like she had seen Honey do so many times. To her surprise he smiled and leaned closer. She was up in his lap as he placed his forehead against her and looked into her big brown eyes.

"Because I'm not good with words"

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