"Thank you"Mori had a smile on his lips, the kind of smile that only came from being fully happy. It was strange how happy a simple yes from her could make him.

'I want him more'Haruhis mind was completely reeling as she felt his lips touch her collarbone and work their way down. Like tiny pits of ashes from a flame she felt her skin burn and tingle with every kiss he left against her skin.

"May I?"His voice was slightly shaken with excitement as he gripped the bed sheets practically ripping them apart.

"Do you even need to ask"Her voice something about it seemed to sweet to him. Maybe it was the way her lips moved when she spoke that got him to release the sheets and grip her tightly in his arms. Not to the point of pain but to where she felt safe.

'She's so out spoken'The thought of her being herself with him, even in this situation brought a smile to his face as he placed his lips on hers enjoying the way she tasted like vanilla and strawberries. His hands tugged against his pants in what was perhaps the only time he actually attempted to rip them off without caring what happened to them

'And so adorable'Mori had actually completely forgotten about his belt but somehow managed to rip the leather apart and slip out of his pants while Haruhi was tangled up under him trying to bring him closer to her

'And mine'Mori pulled himself up to his knees and hovered over her while her hands tangled into his hair and her breath was lost only to come back in tiny gasps when he pulled away every few seconds.

"Haruhi"Mori had pulled his lips away from hers leaving her tingling and feverish for another kiss but her eyes unclouded enough to see the look of concern in his eyes

'What? Oh'Haruhi could feel him pressing against her as that sticky wetness dripped down onto the bed sheets when he wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his body shaking and her heart was going to fast she could hear it in her ears. His lips moved but she couldn't understand what he was saying, the only thing she caught was I love you

'Forgive me for the pain'Moris kiss said it all with the way he was pressing his lips down on hers. His hands gripped her hips keeping her still as he started to push and could hear her scream under him

'Pain okay ouch ouch! I thought this was supposed to feel good'Haruhi screamed into Moris kiss as he held her steady which was the only thing stopping her from kicking him. It felt like she was literally being torn apart and she could feel the blood trickle down onto the sheets.

'Slowly, breath, slowly'Mori held himself perfectly still not waiting to cause her any more pain then he knew he was already, the thought of hurting her alone made his heart ache but he knew he had too. Her nails were digging into his arms as her scream disappeared as he pulled his lips away from hers. The tears rolled down her cheeks as she gasped for air trying to adjust to the pain she was feeling.

'This is amazing' laid light kisses on her face trying to keep her clam as he held her steady still waiting for her to relax enough. It seemed like forever until her nails undug themselves from his arms

"I..i'm okay"Her words were strained and covered with pain but Mori knew he had to move soon or risk causing her more pain later. It seemed like he was trying his best to be gentle with her by the slow pace he was moving, it was a steady pace as he tried to get her to relax.

"I love you"Mori was gripping the bed sheets as he released her hips and kept his rhythm. This was Moris first of course so expecting him to be amazing at it would be silly, but even if he had been, Haruhi was already at a complete lose to feel anything.

"Taka..Takashi, hurry"Haruhi was gripped with pain and a bit of pleasure that he was bringing her. But none the less a smile was on her face because this was the final act of love that they hadn't done yet.

"I'm in love with you"Mori had tired his best not to move her as his body tightened as he released inside her not caring about the consequences of his actions. Her body felt like fire as a gasp escaped her lips once she felt what she could only guess was his seed making her feel warm

"I.. I love you Takashi"She was in shocked when he rolled her over to the side with him, curled up under the blankets he very carefully removed himself from her and pulled her into his arms

"I'll be better next time"Mori had a slight blush on his cheeks as he kissed her forehead and felt her head rest against his chest

"It was perfect for me"Haruhi hadn't expected anything less from him, he was everything she could have ever wanted


"You really think so dad?"Satoshi stood there with his father looking out into the feild

"Yes, well you except her now?"Akira looked down at his youngest son with a proud smile

"Yeah, she's okay.. I mean if they get married I get to be an uncle and have a whole bunch of little Takashis to hangout with"


"So?"Kaoru sat at the edge of the bed with Hikaru who had been hiding out playing sick for the past week

"Promise your always be there for me? If I let this go?"Hikaru had fear in his voice as he spoke to kaoru.

"I'm your twin Hika, I'll never leave you"

-Haruhi and Mori-

"I love you Haruhi, you're my.. special princess"Mori tried his best at sounded sweet which only brought on a slight giggle from Haruhi who smiled at him. In the darkness they looked into each others eyes

'I'll be with you forever Takashi'Haruhi could see the outline of his smile. His eyes showed all the love she knew he held for her as she opened her mouth to speak

"And you're my silent prince"