I walked into the house immediately feeling the heat take over my body making me smile. Dropping my keys on the table I slipped off my snow covered boots and coat before heading in the direction that a incredible aroma was coming from. Finding myself at the entrance of the kitchen I smiled watching as my girlfriend danced around while she finished up prepping the food.

I smiled and quietly walked behind her wrapping my arms around the circumference of her waist and whispering in her ear, "It smells delicious hunny."

Giggling she wiped her hands on her apron before turning in my arms, smiling up at me she kissed me gently before slowly pulling away, "Thank you sweety it's about to be done would you mind setting the table for me."

"I wouldn't mind a bit." Grabbing the plates and silverware from the cabinet I made my way into the dinning room.

Soon enough I was sitting down with my beautiful girlfriend having an amazing dinner with the lights low and candles setting the mood. This was my chance, she's the one person I want to wake up holding everyday of my life. I put my napkin on the table and lowered myself on one knee beside her chair.

"Adriana Hays Westerly, when people ask me what I remember most about high school your my answer. I'll never forget how we made it through the best four years of our lives together and now that we are older and in the real world I want to be able to tell people I married my high school sweetheart. Will you marry me?" As I said those words I pulled the box out of my pocket and opened it revealing the diamond ring I have been saving up for since the 11th grade.

"YES! Of course I'll marry you, Nathan!" Giggling she pulled me into her arms and hugged me with all her strength.

I pulled back and wiped the tears falling from her crystal blue eyes, "Good now lets finish dinner, I can't seem to have enough of it."

Smiling from ear to ear she let one more tear fall before kissing my cheek and we finished dinner with small talk and sweet kisses.

That night I fell asleep knowing that in just a few months Adriana would be mine forever. I mean it's insane how the divorce rates have went up the past few years but that would never happen to Adriana and I. We've been together for almost seven years now, if something like that was going to happen it would have already been done and over with.