As the description says, this story features a different character for each in-game hour for Majora's Mask. And Oh course, I don't own these characters- they belong to Nintendo.

Without further ado, let the story begin.

Approximately... Seventy-two hours. The very seconds, I couldn't even begin to guess. But if it does indeed happen, that is the time this land has left.

I am speaking, of course, about the moon. If it is to fall, it will be in seventy-two hours. It will land in the center of Clocktown... But guessing from the size and speed, it will leave a disastrous wave much greater...

Could this be the end? No, of course not. This entire world will not be destroyed. But everyone on the surface will perish. Of course, it isn't much of a matter to me... I have lived a fine life. Many tears, many smiles... All under the moon that I now peer at with the telescope.

It's almost hard to grasp. But I know I must. After all, if I can't manage to keep a hold of myself, what happens to the others in town? Many of them have questioned me through their innocent children.
Those poor young boys... I have lived a fine life. But them? Oh, to be so young and to die. But perhaps the moon doesn't fall... Then what? It's nearly sickening to think of! My fair life would surely end tragically, as I would be shunned as a false prophet. In this strange fear, I almost do want the moon to fall. I have lived a good life. And I want to die with nothing but reflections of the fine times I have spent gazing into the sky.
The Stars. The Sun. And, to end the day, The Moon.

I feel a shake from above. Peering back into the telescope, I look toward the moon, and then toward the sun. Then back toward the moon.
Yes, it is definitely inching closer. I believe my calculations to be correct. The Dawning of the Festival. It does in fact seem fitting.
Thinking of this, I stare intently at the moon. I feel as though I could just remain here and spend the remainder of my days. In fact, I rarely leave this top floor any more. My old legs do not fare well with the staircase to the bottom layer. And so I stare in a dream-like state at the large rock. The Moon. Coming closer. Falling. Seventy-two hours.

Wait, it's nearly seventy-one hours at this point. Ha, had it not been for my rumbling stomach, I would not have realized nearly an hour had came and left that grand countdown.
Alas, my mind does wander too often! It is time for my morning tea. Smiling, I reach to the table that I had recently asked one of my regular visitors to move next to my telescope. It saves my old bones the trouble of walking. And the fact that the self-proclaimed 'leader' of the children had visited me the past night and made me a new round of tea was evident in the heat that filled my aged body when I took a sip.

Life was good. And if it could end good, then I would be content.
Reflecting on this, I gaze back into the sky. Maybe I should just spend my remaining hours like this.

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