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And so we hit noon-day with a tick-tock, tick-tock. Sun is high in the sky, a bright and sunny noon-day.
Tick-tock, tick-crack!
Oh dear, Tingle's utensil has broke! And Tingle has no spare! No worries. Tingle has already mapped plenty enough.

What to do now? It is far too early for Tingle to head back the swamp. Father would be displeased. But when is he not?

"Grow up," he says. "You're no child!"
Child? Tingle? No, no, no! Tingle knows he is no child! Tingle is just patiently waiting for his forest fairy to come to him!
"Fairies aren't real, son!"

...I almost want to believe him. It has been so long... Maybe I will never have a fairy of my own...
Tingle, snip-snap out of it! Grumpy Father knows nothing! It is Tingle who knows what is true!

Smiling at his own patience, Tingle smiles at the sun. Big and bright! Shiny... just like a fairy!
Maybe the sun is a fairy?

Humming, Tingle sways his body in the air, rose by the big balloon. A song forms in Tingle's head.
Forest fairy, forest fairy!
How bright and shiny! How lovely and perfect!
Tingle knows you are out there! Tingle will wait, wait, wait!
But what if Father is right... I may just be stupid...
No! Oh my, my no!
Tingle knows what is right! Tingle knows a fairy will come...
One day.
...I hope...
If not, show a sign! Until then, Tingle will believe!

Opening his eyes wide and big, Tingle notices his direction has turned. Instead of the sun, he faces the moon.
Silly moon! It is just past noon-day! It is not night! Go home, moon!
Don't look so glum.
...What if the moon is a sign that I will never have a fairy of my own? It looks so sad. And so close.
Oh my, my no! That is ridiculous! Why would the moon be a sign?
Some people say it's going to fall... maybe I should just count my blessings. Maybe I should just go home and spend what time I have with Father...
Snip-snap out of it, Tingle!

Humming more, Tingle looks down at the water of the big, blue ocean.
The sunlight sparkles on the ripples.
Just like a fairy!

...While I'm here, I guess I could just relax and watch the beach.
And wait on that fairy!

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