"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard to American Airlines flight 180 from Los Angeles to New York. Please be sure that all seats are in the upright position and personal carry-on items are stowed away in the overhead compartment before takeoff. Before we depart from the gate, we ask that you turn off all cell-phones and other electronic devices. We will be showing an inflight video on emergency procedures before takeoff, if you need assistance; please let me or any of the other flight attendants know. My name is Brittany and once again we would like to welcome you onboard, please enjoy your flight."

The job is easy and the money is good, but I had big dreams too. After I graduated college I thought I could hopefully land a great paying gig dancing in either of the big cities of NYC or LA. Now I travel between the two cities so often I can't even remember the last time I went to a dancing audition. Being told 'No' over and over at auditions is really discouraging and I needed a job to pay the bills and loans piling up. A friend suggested working on a plane and now here I am, handing out peanuts and ignoring the pervy gazes sent my way by the men in business class.

Today was just any other day, my life has become pretty monotonous and although the everyday seems the same for every flight, it's the people that make it interesting enough. Yes even the annoying, perverted and crazy ones. Everything is like a colorful picture book and the passengers float across the pages with their stories and actions. The crying baby with his mother near the emergency exit, the expensive suits that constantly ask for a glass of wine so they could get a better glance of my ass and of course the various regular people.

The happy couple on their honeymoon, the hoodie wearing college kids returning home, wide eyed children playing their games and the other passengers, all so different but together in one place for a time. I love their expressions the most, the happy, the sad, the frustrated and the tired. Each person has a story and it helped pass the time imagining what each person could be doing. Today my eye catches a stiff looking woman sitting in one of the economy right aisle lanes. I finish my announcements and do the demonstrations on cue along with the motions on the screens. I watch the tense woman, petite with caramel skin, wavy dark hair, rigid posture and wearing a white jacket with loose jeans and sneakers pay the screens no mind, continuing to stare outside with her headphones on.

Her slim neck turned towards the window on her far end and seemingly ignoring everything and everyone. The slight shift of her legs crossing shook me out of my stupor and reminded me to smile and finish along with the demonstrations. A quick check on passengers along the aisles included my newfound fascination with this innocuous woman sitting in an aisle seat, it clearly seemed like she would rather have the window.

While I was helping another person buckle correctly near her, I discreetly checked her over and tried to figure out her story. Too old to be a college student, too bored to be a first time flier but yet she was so stiff, the muscles could be seen straining from her turned neck. Maybe she was scared of flying. I noticed a small leather bag resting against her legs and smoothly walked over and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.

"Miss. Excuse me, miss?"

Whether she chose to ignore me or I didn't tap her hard enough, the woman never reacted to me and I continued to look down at her in puzzlement. The gentlemen on her side must've seen me because he turned his face to her and pointed to me directly behind her.

"WHAT? The fuck do you want, old man?"

Shocked by the girl's outburst, my face mirrored the one of the gentlemen in shock with a trace of fear. Jeez, someone's testy today. I tapped her shoulder again, to better divert her attention to me instead of the man who was only trying to help. The minute she turned around my eyes zoomed in on her lips. They were still set in a snarl but the fullness of them matched the equally fiery hazel set of eyes squinting back up at me. Her long lashes almost touching her cute cheeks in her anger. I pulled myself away from her mesmerizing eyes and coughed a little to assert myself back into work mode and addressed her again.

"I'm sorry miss, but we're taking off soon and your bag needs to safely be tucked under your seat or in the overhead compartment."

I watched as she gave me a once over and mumbled something under her breath and deftly shoved her bag under the chair in front of her using her foot.


"Yes, thank you."

I shined a tentative smile at her and gave a small nod before moving on. Walking quickly and finishing my duties, I headed to the back and waited for my cue from the captain to take my seat. Rude passengers, it wasn't my first time handling them but this incident with the women before had me a little puzzled. I tried to catch a glimpse of her from the back but could only see her well-manicured fingers tap impatiently on the armrest.

"Britt, you alright?"

I turned around and looked straight at my co-worker Quinn. We became easy friends after a few fly-arounds and worked well together as a team.

"Oh Quinn, I didn't see you there, no I mean yes, I'm fine, just another one of those passengers."

"I know exactly what you mean, I had to strap down this 6 year old myself and she certainly wasn't making my life easier. So who is it this time?"

"Umm, I mean you can't see her from here, but she's sitting towards the middle, white jacket."

"Well, do you want me to take care of it? I can take your side instead so it's not a big-"

"NO! I mean…I got it Quinn, thanks. She wasn't being difficult, she was just…"

"She was just? Ohhhh I get it now…Brittany, she's hot isn't she?"

"Oh My God, Quinn!"

I didn't even have to check my face to feel a hot rush of warmth flooding my cheeks. It definitely wouldn't be the first time Quinn has caught me checking out girls, but that usually only happened when we were off work. I prided myself on being professional and good at my job, regardless of the circumstances. I watched as the huge grin stretched across Quinn's face before being cut off by the captain seconds before I could retort my answer. I sat down in a huff and waited for Quinn to do the same as we began to take off. I whispered harshly at her as we began to buckle ourselves into our seats and got ready.

"Lucy Quinn Fabray! Jeez, we're at work, I was just trying to tell her to move her bag, I wasn't checking her out okay?"

"Brittany Susan Pierce, I didn't say anything about checking her out…but that's exactly what you were doing, weren't you? Telling her to move her bag my ass, Hah!"

Frustrated at my friend and still unable to push the blush I was sporting on my cheeks away, I huffed at her and ignored her snickers and prodding. Aren't we almost safe enough to go back to work yet? Goddam pilot is taking forever to take off.

"Aww come on B, I was just kidding, no harm done. You know I can't help it. Plus you haven't dated in forever and honestly, you've been single long enough. I know dating is hard Britt, but it's time to get back out there. Plus your ex is a bitch anyway so it's time to move on, more fish in the sea you know. Or at least in this case a flying hot piece of ass in the sky."

"I know, I know, it's just, I don't know if I'm ready to date again, I mean come on Quinn, the past blind dates you set me up on were completely horrendous."

Quinn had the decency to at least look sheepish as we both remembered well the girls she set me up with. There was the stalker girl who wouldn't take no for an answer, the introvert who was afraid of almost everything and of course who could forget the girl who tried to rob me after our date.

"Yeah, Quinn, I think I'm done taking your advice on love for now."

"Jeez I said I was sorry, how was I to know that girl was going to snatch your purse when you went to the bathroom? Look I'm not telling you to ask the girl out on a date, just chat her up. We're stuck on this hunk of metal for at least 5-6 hours, the least you could do is talk to her again."

"How do I even do that, last time she almost bit the head off of the guy next to her, let alone me."

Quinn smirked as she wiggled her eyebrows around and smiled evilly back at me.

"Nuh uh, whatever it is, Fabray, I don't want to hear it. All your plans end up with me being stalked, hurt or robbed, so no way."

"Oh come on Britts, totally one time things, but this time I got an even better plan. Do you remember that the back…"

The intercom crackled alive again as the captain informed everyone that it was safe to unbuckle and move about. Thankfully the flight was a short one and a red eye so most passengers would already be gearing up to catch a small nap before landing. The night shifts were definitely one of the best times to work since people were less rowdy and there was a smaller chance of any incidents happening. Brittany went about tidying up her food cart and began stocking up to push it down the aisles. Wholeheartedly ignoring the glances sent her way by Quinn, she instead focused on carrying the right amount of snacks and beverages.

Successfully grabbing enough things for her cart Brittany quickly sped down the aisles, mainly to avoid Quinn, but also to see the woman who caught her interest from before. She tried to pace herself but couldn't help tapping her shoes when a passenger took too long to choose between soda, water, juice or alcohol. She kept the genial smile plastered on her face as a bald man eyed her chest longer than needed while trying to 'decide' what soda he wanted. She only carried Sprite and Coke. The dirty bastard.

"So what do you recommend…Brittany?"

Reading my nametag does not take that long asswad, eyes up here douche! I sighed internally but kept my smile intact as I ignored his dirty looks.

"Sir, I only carry Sprite and Coke. If you are unsure I also have juice, water and alcohol."

I finally was able to pass him a cup of water after a woman, clearly annoyed by her lecherous neighbor, spoke up and requested her own drink instead. I continued my stroll down until I reached the woman I've been eyeing and did a quick analysis of her again. I was surprised to see her entire posture still had not changed. Stiff posture, earphones snug against her head and body turned directly towards the window. I gently asked the man from before if he needed anything before trying to tackle the woman who clearly seemed to want to ignore me.

I wondered what was so fascinating outside the window, it was almost pitch black outside and there really wasn't anything you could see from this altitude. I turned to the woman and was about to ask when I glanced at the window instead. There in the reflection of the glass pane was the mesmerizing eyes staring directly back at me. I stared back wide eyed as I suddenly realized that the woman had me in her sights the entire time and was not actually actively ignoring me. I felt my lips part a little as I continued to stare right back at her face in the window. I saw her quirk an eyebrow at me and grin as if she was a naughty child caught with her hand in the cookie jar but was unapologetic.

When I finally was able to tear my eyes away from the window, I coughed lightly and instead booted up my training and asked her if she wanted anything. When I didn't get a response back, I stared down at her turned head and realized she really wasn't going to bother answering me. Instead of just letting Quinn take care of her or be exasperated and continue on to the rest of the passengers, I tilted my head back to staring at the window and was surprised to be presented with an impish smile staring right back at me.

I cocked my hip a little and forced a little sigh before pointing to various items in the cart for her to see. When she finally nodded after my fingers landed on some orange juice, I poured her a cup and then realized my dilemma in handing it to her if she wasn't going to turn around and get it. I looked at her folded up food tray and reached to pull it down when I felt her hand wrap itself around my wrist stopping my actions.

I was left immobilized as I looked into the window and watched her gently release my wrist to then only slowly trail her fingers to my own and gently liberate her cup of juice from my hands. Where did her hand come from? I could've sworn it was laying still on the armrest and then all of a sudden I felt her smooth fingers caressing mine. She must have lightning fingers or something. Oh God, wrong thing to be thinking about right now.

I inhaled sharply and stood up quickly as I grasped my own hand and stared back at our reflections. I then saw her tip the cup in my direction in thanks. My legs moved without my notice as I tried to flee the scene with as much dignity as possible, my face felt so warm I must have been blushing profusely. Who was this woman? The one that causes my heart to race and thump, resounding loudly in my chest, who is she?

Stopping my train of thought, I pulled together as much will power as possible and continued my journey down the aisle. I had a job to do and no mysterious, albeit incredibly alluring, woman was going to stop me. Besides I had to finish up the line and get back to Quinn, she must have seen our interactions from the other side of the plane and was probably dying for me to finish so we could chat in the back. No sooner had I finished unloading my cart and putting away any miscellaneous items, I found the presence of Quinn quietly but excitedly stirring right behind me.

"Quinn, if you don't stop fidgeting I will put something in your drink, preferably a sleeping aid."

"Well? Oh my god Britt, if you don't tell me what happened I swear I will turn on the intercom and start reciting all your nasty habits when you're at home."

"Oh whatever pfft. I don't have any nasty habits."

"You leave your clothes all over the place even though your apartment has an indoor washing machine."

"Well I'm tired and you know we're not even home all the-"

"You also leave empty food cartons everywhere, brush your teeth once a day, shower when you feel like it, don't pick up after Lord Tubbington and-"

"Okay, okay! So maybe I'm a bit of a messy person, it's not exactly a crime you know."

"So tell me then! What just happened? There is no way you stood there for so long to pass her a cup of juice. Now spill."

"Well…at first I thought she was ignoring me. I mean she wasn't being very subtle before about being disturbed. So I mean I was just trying to ask if she wanted anything but she wasn't even looking at me."

"So what happened then?"

"Well it turns out she wasn't ignoring me after all. I kinda sorta caught her staring at me through the window…"

"Wait, what?"

"She was looking at me through the reflection, but we didn't really talk. We just kind of stared at each other."

As much as it seemed kind of juvenile I thought there really was something to our silent conversations. We haven't formally talked to one another but there was just something about her that drew me in like a bear to honey. And honestly who could get over that hot bad girl exterior. I always do fall for the wrong type of girls. I sighed and switched back to my conversation with Quinn before she got too far ahead and I couldn't keep up with her anymore.

"Soo, what are you going to do about it? I mean technically you haven't spoken a full sentence with each other yet and I can tell you're already really into her."

"Well yeah, Quinn. I mean she's totally hot and you know what my type is. She fits that bill completely. I just don't want anything to happen; we are still on the job you know."

"You make it seem like we're cops, Britt. We're flight attendants. Not to mention, hot gay flight attendants. It's hard enough trying to keep a relationship, let alone finding someone we like. If you think you have a shot at her then grab her attention before she gets off and you never get to see her again. I mean come on, what is there to lose, right? If anything bad happens you probably won't see her ever again anyway."

"Lucky for you to say, you already have a girlfriend waiting at home. How is Rachel by the way?"

"Nuh uh, you can't change the subject on me that easily Pierce. She's fine though, thanks for asking, now back to our conversation. Just, you know, do your thing. You're pretty hot yourself in your own right, Brittany. Flirt with her a little and see what comes of it. You never know if you don't try, right?"

I sigh and nod in acknowledgement. As much as I don't want to admit it, Quinn is right. What are the chances of making a connection twenty thousand feet in the air? What is there to lose anyway? I look at my watch and notice that three hours had passed and there was only 2 left until we landed. It was either now or never. If only I could gather enough courage to walk over and speak to her. I pace in the back near the restrooms, giving me the space and quiet needed to formulate a plan to speak to the mysterious woman. How can I get her attention without making a scene and falling into an awkward situation?

While I pace back forth behind the curtains, I vaguely note it being pushed aside and a person passing through to the restroom. I shoot a cursory glance up to see who it is and lo and behold, the same woman occupying my mind for the past few hours waltzes through. I widen my eyes in her direction and watch dumbly as she smirks a devious smile, casting the image onto her beautiful face and continuing to walk slowly towards me. Her slow movements remind me of a predatory cat stalking its prey. With her hips swinging side to side and her deliberate steps towards me, I began to realize she was getting closer and closer. Wait, is she going to kiss me?

I clench my skirt tightly in my hands and squeeze my eyes shut, not knowing what could happen and hoping this wasn't a dream. I feel her breath skim over my lips and I couldn't help but breathe in the smell of her perfume. A slight whoosh of air passes my cheek and I shiver at the close proximity of her lips to my face. A soft but deep chuckle whispers into my ear as she speaks beside me.

"Hey, you're kinda in the way of the bathroom."

I quickly shake myself out of my stupor and mumble a quick apology before letting her pass. I train my eyes on her as she passes me by and steps into the bathroom. Right before the door closes I swear I saw her wink at me before the occupied portion slides closed. I squeal a little and try to shake off some of the nerves and shock from meeting the woman so abruptly at the back of the plane. Okay chill out Pierce, now is the perfect opportunity. Just wait a bit for her to finish and act natural. Strike up a conversation with her at least and its mission accomplished.

I pull my uniform to straighten out the wrinkles and check in a side mirror for any touch-ups. No sooner had I finished making sure I looked alright I heard the door slide back open and the woman steps out. I clear my throat trying to get her attention before she walks away or my courage fails. I get a better look at her now, she is slightly shorter than me but her body exudes a world of confidence. Her casual stance is paired with sensible sneakers, jeans and a hoodie. There really wasn't anything eye popping about her, in fact, she looked like any other plain Jane. Except her eyes, they were a stormy brown and screamed knowledge, critique and power.

"Yes? Can I help you with something?"

"Sorry, yes, I mean well, I just wanted to apologize to you if I offended you in anyway."

Smooth lines there Casanova, any other witty things coming out of your mouth today? I cringe at my lame comment and wonder how I even graduated school. The woman seemed confused at first but took it in her stride and smiled back at me.

"Oh please don't say that. Actually I should be sorry about before, sometimes I can be a bit of a grouch so I hope you would forgive me if I came off as a bit of a bitch."

"Oh no! Not at all. I mean, yeah okay its safety protocol but I bet you were planning to do it later anyway. Besides, I would take you any day over the perverts I deal with."

"Oh is that so? Do you get a lot of them normally?"

I lean back onto a wall and begin regaling her with stories of touchy business men and lecherous old farts trying to cop a feel. I even mention in passing about the man I dealt with before and I could swear I saw her face twitch a little. I brush it off and continue my stories about horrible passengers, ending with a funny story about a man and his constant need to press the service button. I smile at how easy our conversations are becoming and can't help but want to know more about this gorgeous woman in front of me. We laugh and share other stories about plane rides and I find my attraction to her growing as the time goes by. We finally fall into a companionable silence and I silently pray this isn't the end of our meeting. She tilts her head to the side at me and smiles earnestly before resting her hand on my arm.

"You know, you're pretty cool Brittany. Why can't all flight attendants be like you? It would make my life a hell of a lot easier."

"Oh you're just saying that, do you fly a lot normally though?"

"Hmm, you can say that I suppose. I'm in the air a lot for work so my life has practically been spent in airports and in the sky."

"Oh what do you do?"

"Umm, I work in security a lot so it kind of has me everywhere and nowhere at the same time."

"Ah, I totally understand what you mean."

I pat the hand on my arm reassuringly and aimlessly began rubbing slow circles across the back of it, soothing and understanding. I surprise myself with a thought and tugged her hand in between mine to better direct her attention to my question.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe this; you must think I'm so rude. I'm sorry but I don't even know you're name! You must think I'm so stupid, I mean obviously you know who I am by my nametag but I didn't even remember to ask you yet. God, I'm so empty headed sometimes. I'm Brittany, by the way."

"I'm…uhh San, you can call me San."

"Well San, it is very nice to meet you."

I genuinely smile at her and giggle at the sudden awkwardness that settled in between us. We smile back and forth a few times before I chuckle and begin to say something but I stumble forward instead from the sudden jolt of the plane. The mild turbulence ended quickly before I could even mention it and I try to balance myself before falling. I feel strong arms wrap around my body, catching me perfectly right before I could face plant into the floor.

I look up and see the same smirking face of the woman I've been trying to flirt with holding me safely in her arms and looking down at me with her beautiful russet eyes. I blush a deep red, waiting for her to pull me back up but also hoping she would never let me go. I clear my throat a few times, letting her know we were still in this weird tango position where she was half dipping and hugging me at the same time.

"Umm San. I think I'm okay, you can let me go now."

"Oh, I don't know if I want to let go. You seem to be a bit clumsy there Brittany, what happens if I let go and you hurt yourself? I can't let that happen."

I splutter in my attempt to respond to her bold statement only to have her pull me back to a standing position and laugh sweetly at my confounded state. Her voice is so beautiful, low but with a soulful tenor attached to it. It made my knees weak and brain turn to mush just looking at her laugh so freely, even if it was at my expense. I shake my head and slap her lightly on the arm before deciding to keep it there. I figured she must be athletic being able to catch me so quickly. I squeeze her arms slightly, impressed with her toned but muscular physique, you couldn't really tell under all those clothes.

"Thank you San, but I'm alright now. You don't go through this job without a few bumps and bruises."

I see her move her arm towards my face until I feel the soft but calloused tips of her fingers brushing away a stray lock of my hair and moving it slowly behind my ear. I could already feel my reaction to her soft touches with the way the heat spread across my face and into the tips of my ears following the trail her fingers blazed across my skin. Embarrassed and emboldened by her obvious attraction to me, I trailed my hand into hers before speaking my mind.

"Hey San. I know this is a bit soon but I was wondering if you, uhh…"

"What is it Brittany, you can ask me anything."

"Well I have a bit of time off before the next flight out so I was just, I mean you totally don't have to, I mean you're probably busy anyway and…"

"Brittany, just ask me."

"Okay, well I was wondering if you wanted to go-"

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing a slight bit of turbulence so if I may please ask you to return to your seats and buckle in until the safety lights are off."

I stare at San with my mouth slightly open, completely stopped by the sudden interruption of our pilot. I close my mouth succinctly and frown at the horrible timing of it all. Curse those damned weather patterns, completely throwing me off my game. I frown and mumble a few things before apologetically looking at the beautiful woman in front of me. She smiled back and shrugged it off before retreating from me slowly and heading back to her seat.

I watch her walk down the aisle and couldn't help but admire her perfectly shaped behind sashaying in front of me. I look up when I see her turn around catch her winking back at me, completely catching me in my leering and I shyly waved back before attending to my duties. I set everything up in the back, locking down doors and checking other safety precautions before buckling down myself and hopefully waiting for another chance to talk to San.

I hum a little ditty from my childhood and ride out the mildly bumpy turbulence, waiting for another chance to interact with the woman who captured my eye. I couldn't believe my luck, finally a chance at perhaps some company besides a lonely night in random hotel rooms and an equally empty apartment. I let my imagination run wild with the thoughts of coming home to a suburban household with a dog and cat, two small children and a loving wife. I could picture that same scenario with San and I laugh at my own stereotypical behavior.

Meet a hot woman one time during work and you're already planning out the rest of your lives, way to U-Haul it Brittany. I giggle at my joke and couldn't help but agree. I felt so connected to the mysterious woman it seemed like I was just following the red string of fate. I peek down the aisle again and catch the perfectly manicured hands of the woman whose quick reflexes saved me from eating carpet. I shiver in delight, wondering how those long dexterous fingers plus San's ninja like moves would be like in bed. God, I am so lecherous sometimes, but I couldn't wait to get to know more about the gorgeous woman.

I hear the pilot directing the flight attendants to safely continue our work and I unbuckle myself quickly. The faster I do my rounds, the quicker I could get another chance at asking San out. Or at least ask her to meet me in the back. What? A girl has needs too. I grab a large bottle of water and plastic cups before moving down the aisle and asking passengers if any of them wanted any. I could see I was slowly making my way up to San's seat and I poured a glass a little too hard, splashing some water at the weird gentleman from before, the one constantly pressing the service button.

I profusely apologize for my clumsiness and was about to walk towards the back for more tissues to help him wipe off and dry himself. Before I could even take a few steps towards the back, I feel the crushing feeling of someone's forearm crushing my throat. I immediately start struggling and gasping for air against the strong grip the man has on my body. I chance a glance behind me and see the wild eyes of the man whom I just spilled the water on. Noticing the crazed look he kept sending the rest of the cabin, I panic and struggle harder, trying to rip his arm away but no avail.

I try to yell for help from anyone but it came out as a squeak and I'm slowly losing the fight against him from lack of air. I see someone jump from the side and immediately stand in front of me with her arms wide. I widen my eyes at seeing San but could not hear her from the loud pounding my blood seemed to be echoing in my head. I see her lips and eyes move, switching from looking at me and to the man behind me. My vision starts blurring on the sides and I look pleadingly at San to help me before I died from lack of air.

The black dots begin swimming in my vision and I knew it was almost the end for me and I distractingly wondered how god could be so cruel as to send me the woman of my dreams only to rip her away in the same day. I felt the darkness creep into my vision and was glad at least my last vision on earth was of San's beautiful face, which seemed to get closer and closer. I suddenly feel the meaty forearm ripped off my neck and I fell lifelessly forward, meeting the floor dead on and promptly passing out.

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