I scramble to kiss her as hard as I can wherever my lips happen to touch. I couldn't believe it. After everything that happened to us I would never have believed that the one thing I'd been missing was within reach. My eyes are already tearing and I'm sure I've been a blubbering mess since she told me she loved me but my body refuses to stop pouring out all the emotions I have for the woman.

Hearing Santana softly shush me is when I start to realize that I've been mumbling and hiccupping a string of words containing the word love and her name. I don't quiet down until she pulls me into a hard hug and I let loose a cry of relief at finally having her with me again. My cries quiet down to soft sniffles and I take a second to just squeeze her tight, wishing I could mold her to me so that we will never be apart.

"Britt, I love you, god knows I love you but I can't really breathe and I think we've been on the floor for the past hour. Do you maybe want to get up?"

Nodding my head to her question I pull her in for one last tight hug before sitting up and kneeling in front of her. My eyes have adjusted a little in the dark and I become worried when I see Santana use the edge of the bed to push herself up onto her knees. I reach out to see what is wrong but she gently pushes my hand away and gestures to the table lamp instead. Taking that as my cue I scramble up off the floor and turn on the light, casting our shadows against the walls.

"Santana…what happened?"

She makes a shooting motion at her leg before grunting and lifting herself up onto the bed. I turn to look around for the stick and find an ornate wooden cane on the ground. I gingerly pick it up off the floor and lean it against the bedside table before kneeling in front of her and lifting up her leg. I look into her eyes to mutely ask for permission to roll up her pants. A quick nod and I slowly push the material up her leg and just over her knee.

At first I don't notice anything unusual until I remember that she was shot in the back of the leg. I turn the leg slightly towards the light and I cringe inward at all the fresh pink lines etched into her skin. One still had stitches in it and I cautiously touch it as I begin to trail my fingertips around her new scars. The flesh was still tender and red in most areas so I avoided touching those. Not being able to resist I press a quick kiss to her knee before sidling up her body and slowly easing her back on the mattress so that I could lie right on top of her.

"Does it still hurt, San?"

"Hmm yeah, I guess, but Susan's got me on some great meds. The only trouble is walking around since I'm still not used to the cane yet."

I pause momentarily as I keep count with every breath she takes and close my eyes, content when I feel her fingers run through my hair. Her nails gently scratching against my scalp gives me a slight shiver and I press my head closer to hers as I hum out in pleasure.

"The bullet hit the bones in my leg and kind of shattered them so by the time I got some help getting it out it was already messed up. They kept me asleep during the surgeries until they finally deemed it safe for me to move without injuring myself and that's why it took so long to come and get you. I'm so sorry, Britt. I would've come sooner but Mike said if they hadn't drugged me then I would've come looking for you and I would've exacerbated the problem even more. I'm sorry you had to wait so long."

"I missed you so much, Santana. So damn much. I had to stay in the hospital and I couldn't move without someone watching me. Quinn and Rachel moved all of my stuff out of my apartment because I got evicted. And now you're hurt more and my body is still sore and I think I got high before-"

"Stop. How about we lie here for a few minutes, okay? I just want to take a second to feel you against me and hold you close. It seems like forever since I've gotten to do this and I want to spend as much time as possible being with you. Is that okay?"

"More than okay."

My nap before was definitely not enough as my eyes begin to droop and I shuffle further into Santana's warmth. At some point she maneuvered my body fully onto the bed and pulled up the comforter over us. I didn't want to sleep for fear of not seeing her again when I woke up but she begins humming a soft melody and my mind completely slips back into the realm of shapeless dreams and colors.

I awoke with a start again but this time my heartbeat calms instantly when I feel the weight of someone's arm across my hip and I turn over to see Santana's sleeping face right beside mine. I control my breathing and movement for fear of waking up my sleeping companion but I continue to watch her. Not being able to help myself I lift a finger to trace over her face lightly and I giggle softly when I see her cute face scrunch up in annoyance.

The hand on my waist comes up sluggishly to rub her nose before falling back to the same position and pulling me closer. I snuggle into her, happy and content in finally being able to wake up before my ever alert protector. Soft snores begin to emit from her mouth and I try to keep my laughter down by chuckling into her chest. Being so close to her heart I lean more into her and rub my face against the rough fabric of her shirt.

The smell of her invades my senses and I remember the pang of loneliness from the hospital as I waited for the day Santana would come. The slight smell of antibiotic cream is already something I've connected Santana with and I breathe it in greedily, knowing that the medicine is working its magic on my girlfriend. The hand on my hip slides over as Santana's body turns more into me and I pull her further in as I take comfort in the calm and familiar aspect of being in a hotel room with the woman I love. I smile wide when I feel a warm hand slide under my shirt and begin exploring across my back.

"It's too early to be creeping on me, Britt. Go back to sleep, love."

"Says the woman with her hand up my shirt. Morning, San."

Her thumb presses down on my spine as she drags her finger up and down the middle of my back making me arch and moan at the way her massage feels. She begins using the rest of her digits to squeeze and rub at the sore muscles and I stretch further as I feel the tension leave my back.

I feel her move away but before I could protest her body slides on top of my back as she now has use of two hands which divest me of my shirt before kneading harder into the sore muscles I accumulated yesterday. My body relaxes further and she takes her time rubbing out the kinks and knots in my back. I sink further into the mattress as she begins to use her lips to kiss delicately over my skin.

"God, that feels good, San. You won't believe what I had to do to get out of the hospital yesterday."

"My sources tell me that you hid out in a bathroom until you unhinged a window and flipped out onto the lawn. Very MacGyver of you, my dear."

"How did you know?"

"Mike told me. I had him delegate some of my guys to keep a watch on you while I tried to fight off Susan and her kid to let me out early so I could get to you. I just landed yesterday actually and I was going to come get you myself but you snuck out before I could even think up a plan. You know, I'm really proud of you, Britt, and I'm sorry for taking so long."

"Don't be sorry, San. I got out, didn't I? Besides, I'm super proud of myself too!"

"You did very well, I'm impressed."

"Oh yeah? How impressed are you?"


She mouths the word over my back as her lips continue to climb towards my neck while one of her hand stretches over my arm until she slips her fingers in between mine and I hold onto them tightly before pulling it to my lips and kissing each one. She finally reaches my neck and I tilt my head as she presses closer and begins to nip and lick in the area. I almost don't notice that her other hand has left my back until I feel them unbutton my pants and reach past my underwear to tortuously slide in between my wet folds.

The noise that comes out of my mouth isn't even remotely human sounding as she continues her motions and I take in a sharp breath of air when she begins to rock her hips into mine. They begin to guide my own as I lay under her trying to push her fingers into the one place I want them most. I whine when her fingers come close to my opening and a hard push of her hips was all I needed to have them inside me but they play coy as she barely slips them over my opening. They slide back up and instead swipe deliciously over my clit. I almost cum when she applies a little pressure on the small nub but I'm more focused on how her hips are pressing down harder into me. My own body follows along and soon I am writhing underneath her, unable to flip her over or form coherent words to tell her what I want, though I'm sure she is well aware of what I desire now.

I curse her out when her fingers decide to take another trip back down and I push my hips up along the bed to catch her fingers but all I receive is another rough push of hips, forcing me literally to dry hump the bed. She laughs at my attempts to wiggle underneath her trying to find some sort of friction as she guides her fingers right back to the edge of my opening again. This time I call out her name pleadingly and she answers me back by shushing me and biting hard into my neck. Her fingers plunge into me and I eagerly push my body up to meet them. She uses her hips to guide me faster into riding her fingers and I feel her clench our hands tighter as she uses the leverage she has on top to push harder into me.

The heavy breaths next to my ear tells me that I'm not the only one feeling the need to reach a climax. I turn my head back towards her as I kiss her wildly and greedily suck on her tongue when it finds its way into my mouth. I pull back and close my eyes as I bite my lips from screaming as an orgasm rushes through my body. Santana's fingers continue to pump in and out of me even as my body shakes from being pleasured. My breathing quickens when I don't feel her stopping and another round of tingle inducing burst of pleasure rushes through me.

My body is already gearing up for another explosive orgasm as she finds my lips again and kisses me with wild abandon. I can feel the restriction of her pants riding up behind me and I reach my free hand backwards to try and reach for the zipper. After several trial and error moments I finally unzip her pants and reach my hand as far into her panties as possible. The wetness I find there only spurs me on to find my goal as she continues her relentless dance inside me.

The loud knock on the door pushes everything to a screeching halt as we breathe heavily against each other while turning our heads sharply towards the door. Her hips still their movements above me but mine are still trying to coerce her fingers into continuing but another loud knock on our door stops me completely. Someone from outside calls out for Santana and she hollers back with a slight twist of her fingers and I grunt at the feeling of her beginning to slide out of me. I quickly squeeze my legs to keep her hand still before turning back around and biting her hand in retaliation.

"Ow, Britt. That hurt!"

"Ma'am, you alright in there?"

The rough voice calls back into the room before knocking again. Santana playfully glares down at me before answering the man behind the door.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What do want?"

"I was told to come check on you. Our flight back to base is ready to take off in a couple of hours. Do you need any help in there?"

"Just because I have to use a cane now doesn't mean I'm a cripple for life!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, it wasn't my intention to-"

"No shit it wasn't. I'm fine so go away!"

"Yes, ma'am."

I listen as the man's heavy footsteps begin to walk away from the door and I sigh in relief as I begin to laugh out loud at the odd interruption. I can still feel the slick warmth where my hand is still awkwardly reaching into Santana's pants and I begin to reach further in to get closer to my goal but she shifts lower and I pout at her for evading my advances.

"Santana, if you still want the use of your other leg you will let me give you an orgasm right now."

"Babe, we kind of have to leave soon..."

"If you leave me lying here like this, Santana, so help me god I will beat you with your own cane."

"Not that a little S&M won't spice up our sex life but we really have to go, mi amor. I haven't even showered yet and I really don't want to get on another plane smelling like a hospital."

"I just came from a hospital, San."

"I know. So how about we call a rain check and I'll make it up to you when we land again?"


Deciding to take matters into my own hands I flip her off my back before turning around and pinning her arms above her head. I immediately begin to press my body into hers and kiss up her neck but a loud hiss of pain makes me pause and I look at Santana's face in worry. Her teeth are clenched together and I lift up off of her to try and find where I've hurt her by lightly touching around her body.

"San, oh god, I'm so sorry. Are you alright? Did I hurt you? Where are you hurt? Tell me please. Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. God, I'm so stupid, always so stupid. We shouldn't even be doing this, we should get you back to Susan, she'll know what to do and how to help. Hold on while I get-"

"Wait. Brittany, stop. I'm fine, I just need a minute to-"

"You are not fine! I hurt you! I should've been more careful. What was I thinking doing stuff like this when our bodies aren't even healed yet?"

"Babe, slow down please. I'm alright. I just pulled something when I rolled over. I just need to relax the muscle. Besides, have you looked at your body? It's kind of hard to resist you. And you're not stupid, stop saying that."

"But I just-"

"No buts, now help me stretch so we can take a nice relaxing shower."

Although I'm slightly disappointed that I was unable to return any favors to my girlfriend, we did enjoy a nice hot and warm shower. Full of warm caresses and sweet lady kisses. It was a bit hard trying to keep my hands to myself but I kept in check as I just enjoyed my time with her instead. By the time we emerge from the bathroom we are reminded about our time constraint so we dress quickly and I make sure Santana takes her medication before I help her step outside. Careful to keep a hand on her waist and another on her free arm I maneuver us down the steps and into the waiting black car.

I shake my head a little when I see our driver trying to help my girlfriend into the car but instead gets clobbered with her cane so I move forward to ease her into the car to avoid any more trouble.

"I got it, Britt. God, I'm not a cripple, alright?"

"I know, sweetie, I'm just trying to help."

"Sorry, Britt. I guess I'm just tired of people treating me like some kind of invalid."

"I understand but I don't think the driver wants to get hit again and we really need to go so lets just enjoy our ride together and not argue okay?"


Considering that my girlfriend is already leaning up against me as the car starts I smile when all I hear is an answering grumble as her medication seemingly kicks in. I watch her cutely scrunch her nose when I kiss her eyes as they begin drooping. She stares tiredly up at me for awhile and I wonder what she is thinking about. Her thoughts are apparent when she puckers up and leans up slightly to kiss me on the lips. I happily lean down to indulge her for a few minutes as we make out in the back seat of the car.

We stay close even as our lips part and she keeps her eyes closed as I pull her gently into me and lean her head onto my shoulder. I turn a little when I feel her arms wrap around my middle and I, in turn, cuddle up closer to her. The safety and content I feel in her arms lulls me into a drowsy state as well and I lean down to kiss her before whispering to her that we should take a nap. Her only response was to place a soft kiss at the base of my neck before bidding me good night. I whisper back an I love you before following her into the realms of my dreams.

"Ma'am, we're here."

I shake the cobwebs out of my head as the driver looks towards Santana cautiously before looking back at me for direction. I nod at him before turning to my girlfriend and gently shaking her awake. Her response was to cling to me tighter and I laugh when she tells me to come back to bed with her. Knowing that we needed to be somewhere soon, I shake her a little harder and let her rub the sleep out of her eyes before blinking and focusing back on me. Endeared by her cute mannerisms and the way her hair seemed to be sticking out in different directions I lean in to kiss her firmly before telling her the car has stopped.

"Not that I don't love the mysteriousness of all our adventures, San, but where exactly are we going?"

"We're meeting Mike and Susan in Detroit but we have to fly again. I would drive but Susan says I'm not allowed to operate any heavy machinery until I'm medically sound."

"I don't mind flying but you should listen to Susan more, she is the doctor after all."

"Shows how much she knows, I operated you just fine before, didn't I?"

I smack her arm lightly when she wiggles her eyebrows suggestively at me but I can't help but laugh. I scoot myself out of the car first and find myself in the parking lot for a small airstrip and glance over at the only jet on the runway. I reach out to hold Santana as we walk over to the air jet and keep a steady hand on her back as she climbs up. I follow her in and notice a more luxurious interior than the ones I've taken with Santana before. The seats are plush and the interior more sleek. This was obviously a private and very personalized aircraft and I begin to realize who it belongs to as every item is embossed with a cursive S. L. on it. I cringe a little from the knowledge of who originally owned the jet but feel my anxiety pass as Santana situates herself and calls me over as she pats down on the seat next to hers.

"So how do you like my new jet, Britt?"

"It's nice..."

"Come sit. Apparently dear old dad had some expensive tastes that he kept hidden away from everyone."

"So, do you like own everything now, San? What happened?"

She shifts herself in her seat as I sit down beside her. I buckle us in by instinct when I hear the engine turn on and I take ahold of her hands when I catch her wringing them and looking anywhere but at me. I kiss her fingers as the propellers beside us begin turning and the plane rumbles forward onto the gravel landing strip.

"I know this isn't exactly the place or time to tell you this but I feel its sort of necessary since everything that has happened to us."

"What is it, Santana?"

"There's no way to sugar coat this so here it goes. I've more or less become the de facto leader of Lopez La Secta. Or at least, what's left of it. The word got out that I killed Santos so now a whole bunch of people are pissed and confused. Since technically I'm of his blood I should be inheriting the whole damn thing but a few old bastards think because I'm a woman, too young and stupid, that I can't control the whole gang. Mike has been helping me crush a few of them out and bring everything back to order again but there's still some people out there who think they can do a better job than I can. But I guess that's the gist of it really."

Her eyes are pleading with me to understand and I do but my emotions have been on a roller coaster ride since I've been with her and it's a little slow on the intake of such important news. Does this mean new dangers? Are we being chased again? What does it mean? Am I dating a mob boss? What happens if the cops catch Santana? Do we have to hide our entire lives? Am I going to need a body guard? What types of horrible things will I find out about this gang? What types of horrible things will I find out about Santana? What am I going to do?

All these questions and thoughts rush through my mind as the plane ascends into the sky and I feel a bit light headed for the first time since traveling by plane. I knew I was exhausted and the sense that everything just became overwhelming is catching up to my body so I lean back and close my eyes before trying to rub out an oncoming migraine.



"You okay?"

"Hmm fine. Just give me a minute first, San."


I know I'm worrying her but being a mob boss's girlfriend all of a sudden is a big change from just being a gangster messenger's girlfriend. Or at least that's how my mind is thinking about it. Am I going to end up one of those grieving mob boss wives with their husbands in jail or dead or something? I didn't want Santana to go to jail, ever. But this line of work doesn't really have a good ending. I mean look at Santos, he totally got what was coming for him but still, it's not like the job itself is safe. And what about all those bad things that come along with a gang? Could I live with myself if I stayed with Santana through all that? Will she change into someone like Santos? Will I change?

A gentle hand brushes away my hands before replacing them on my head and kneading firmly into my tension spots. My headache slowly recedes and I see Santana's' concerned face looking at me. I try to smile reassuringly but even that comes out more like a grimace and I watch as her expression begins to sadden before she takes her hands away completely.


"I know it isn't ideal. I know I'm putting you in more danger and I hate myself for doing that. But god knows I'm a selfish person and I want you by my side at all times because I love you so much I can't bear the thought of being away from you again. But I also realize that if I did love you as much as I say I do then I should give you the chance to leave me at any point in time. You aren't a prisoner, Brittany, and I would never force you to do anything you didn't want to do. We'll probably land in a couple of hours and there will be a car waiting to bring you wherever you want to go. I just want you to be happy, Britt, and I know I can't really give you that kind of life with the hand that I've been dealt."

"You know you have an annoying habit of doing that?"


"Thinking that you don't deserve me. That I would be better off without you."

"But Brittany, I'm a mob boss! I kill people for a living! I'm a murderer! You don't understand-"

"I understand just fine, Santana!"

I look at her incredulously and in disbelief before deciding that enough is enough. I grab the back of her neck and pull her in to kiss her roughly, making sure to bite and suck as hard as I can. Obviously words weren't getting through to my girlfriend's mind so I suppose I have to get physical. At first she didn't react until I push a little harder against her to elicit some kind of response. Finally, after a few seconds and a deep breath, she comes back just as forceful and I swear if the beeping of the seatbelt sign hadn't turned on I would've made good on my offer to reenact our coupling at the hotel room on the plane's carpeted floor.

We reluctantly part but keep close together even as I mindlessly go through the motions of checking if our seat belts were still fastened. That and I wanted a reason to continue exploring her body with my hands, even if were weren't going to christen the company's air jet. Trying to catch my breath and wiggle my hands underneath her shirt, I smile when she breathlessly whispers my name and I kiss her lips just to cement the fact that I had actually taken her breath away.

"Not that I'm complaining but, what was that?"

"That, my dear Santana, is my way to shut you up from now on when you're being stupid."

"Well then I guess I should be stupid more often."

I giggle along with her before she leans forward to kiss me softly this time and I notice how red and bruised her lips are. I let her peck me once before putting a hand on her chest and slowly pushing her away but I keep my hand there when she looks at me curiously. Taking my free hand I find one of hers and bring it to my lips before speaking.

"Santana, I know you love me dearly and you want the best for me but right now I want what's best for us. I don't want you to continue thinking that you don't deserve me because that's not true at all. I know I've said this before but I choose to be with you. Because for once in my life I want to be selfish and take chances, I want to be with you. I want what belongs to me and I won't let anything get in the way of that."

Moving my hand towards her heart I give her chest a little push before emphasizing the word mine.

"I love you so much, San. There's no way I could leave you without breaking my own heart and I shouldn't have to because my heart belongs to you. I trust you to keep it safe like you trust me and no matter how bad things get I would never leave you. Your heart, body and soul is mine, Santana. Why do you keep trying to steal it back?"

"I'm not, my love, I swear. I just want you to be safe. And now more than ever I just want to fly you somewhere safe. I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to you."

"Honey, nothing will happen as long as I'm with you. I trust you, I always have. Now I need you to trust in my decisions. You belong to me, Santana, and there is no one on this planet that can take you away from me, not even you."

"Te amo, mi amor."

"I love you, too."

Her smile is so free and honest that I just melt and I hug her to me for the rest of the flight as we snuggle up to each other and enjoy the moment. By the time our plane descends I am happily nestled into Santana's body and only straighten up when the pilot announces that we're landing. I help Santana out of the plane and am not shocked to see two separate black cars waiting across from us. They seem to be waiting for us and I look at Santana when I feel her eyes on me.

I am mesmerized by how searching and open her expressions have become and I nod my head at her as she searches my face for any hesitation. She then signals to one of the drivers and he promptly turns around and drives off. I smile when she begins to pull me along to what I assume is now our ride and give her cheek a quick little peck for her decision. She definitely made the right choice.

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