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May 19, 2012, 4:30 PM

"Seth!" Lilo Johnson tackled a tall, slightly tanned boy in a blue graduation gown with a hug, a silly smile plastered on her face as she tip toed to give her childhood friend a small kiss on his right cheek. Her high school diploma was tucked securely underneath her right arm, along with the award for being ranked as number eight in the school's top ten. Her graduation cap was lost and forgotten deep in the crowds of fellow graduates and parents; three rings of handmade flower-leis hung around Lilo's neck.

A camera flash went off in the back ground.

Noelani and Zack Johnson threw a secretive glance at each other. Her mother only let herself smile a small bit at the young adults. Lilo's step father only rolled his eyes and later chuckled half heartedly at the sight playing out in front of him before turning his camera to the other graduates in the family: Mat and Kino.

"You two," Noelani called out at her nephews, "Look over here!" Lilo just went on with her conversation with the boy she hugged earlier.

"Can you believe it?" Seth Iha asked, looking down at Lilo, "We're finally done with high school!"

Lilo only gave the eighteen year old boy another smile only it was smaller this time, along with an easy shrug of her shoulders. "I'm still trying to get over the fact Mat actually graduated with us."

"College, baby!" Mat's voice boomed into their conversation as he tackled the two, one arm slung around both their shoulders. Mat Kaeha's brown eyes held a life's worth of playfulness as he towered over Lilo's head, swaying as if he was going to break out into an impromptu dance; his dark curls of hair bouncing slightly along with the movements too. He placed a kiss on his cousin's temple before simply nodding in acknowledgement at Seth. "Where's the salutatorian?"

"Kino!" Lilo waved her free hand around to catch her other cousin's attention, "Kino! Get over here!"

Promptly, a lean and tanned boy with two plaques in his hands walked over towards the trio. Thick rings of flower leis circled around his neck; a reassured grin tugging at his lips. Lilo gave her cousin a sideways hug with her free hand, and in return he messed up her hair.

"Zack," Noelani gently tapped on her husband's forearm and pointed in the direction of four graduates, "Take a picture."

Another camera flash went off in the background.

May 19, 2012, 9:15 PM

Nico held back a moan as a girl kissed him slowly on the Adam's apple; a small, almost nonexistent grunt manages to escape. The girl's pedicure hands calmly working their way down towards his pants, undoing his belt at a slow pace. Okay, he was just losing interest right now.

Kandy? Kara? Kelsey? He couldn't remember her name, but he knew it started off with a 'K' and her last name was Rite. She was a daughter of Circe; dark hair with purple streaks in it, dark eyes, thin but soft lips, and pale skin.

"Nico!" A feminine voice squealed as harsh knocks echoed at the door of the Hades cabin, "Nico di Angelo, you two timing cheat!"

"You're still with that bitch from Eros cabin?" The dark eyed girl asked, "Really, Nico?"

The boy just ignored her.

"Kaydence!" Joanna Williams yelled as she continued to pound on the door, "I thought we were friends!"

Nico only let out a groan of annoyance as he pushed Kaydence off of his body, "I thought you said your friend wasn't going to find out."

"She wasn't supposed to!" Kaydence shot a glare at the door, "Go away Joanna, I'm busy right now!"

These girls were never going to get it, would they? Nico rolled his eyes, picked the pale girl's shirt up from the floor before tossing it carelessly at her. In quick and fluid steps, the son of Hades swung the cabin door opened revealing a girl in tears.

"Nico," Joanna said angrily, "you're such a douche! Kaydence, how could you?"

"What do you mean, "'How could you?'" The daughter of Circe was now in other girl's face, "You started it when you stole Eric Carson away from me first!"

"You said it was okay!" Joanna yelled between heavy sobs.

"You slept with my boyfriend!" Kaydence seethed, "That's never okay you dumb, selfish, who-"

"You're both pathetic." Nico interrupted with a bored expression on his face, "Some friends you two are."

Both girls were now quiet as the son of Hades was summing them up. Idiots, Nico thought with a head ache forming. Did they honestly not get the "friends with benefits" agreement?

This wasn't a romantic comedy. The eighteen year old boy was not falling in love with anyone any time soon. Nico promptly slammed the door in both their faces before any more bickering went on.

May 22, 2012, 11: 40 PM

…Your lips tremble
But your eyes are in a straight stare
(In a straight stare)
We're on the bed
But your clothes are laying right there
And I was thinking of places
That I could hide
(I could hide)

Tonight you're falling in love
Let me go now
This feeling's tearing me up
Here we go now

Now if she does it like this
Will you do it like that?
Now if she touches like this
Will you touch her like that?
Now if she moves like this
Will you move her like that?
Come on, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake it…

Lilo laughed as Seth pulled her onto the sandy dance floors of their graduation luau. The whole senior class of 2012 made it to the party, along with some other students who attended the same school as them.

"I need to get a drink," Atlas' daughter yelled over the thundering music as she made her way to the make shift bar, trying to avoid crashing into other dancing members of the party.

"I'll follow you." Seth replied as he trailed after his childhood friend. In less than a minute, a bottle of Heineken was in both their hands as they sat down on the beach shores to drink.

Seth Iha still wasn't used to seeing her drink in front of him. She didn't drink alcoholic beverages before she left to the states, he was sure Lilo picked it up after she came back home. He was still trying to wrap his mind around the slight changes in her personality since then.

He couldn't exactly pin point what was different about Lilo, but he knew that to an extent, it bothered her. Lilo didn't talk about it, so he wasn't going pry and demand she tell him everything.

"You gonna move out of your parents place soon?" Seth asked casually before taking a sip of from his bottle of Heineken.

"Yeah." Lilo was drinking slowly, "This Wednesday, I'll be moving into the Park-Kim apartment complex. It's pretty close to the university and it works out because I can still stop in and check on my parents."

Seth chuckled, "How long did it take you to convince them you can live on your own?"

"Less than an hour," Lilo took another sip, "I also had to mention that I'm working two jobs this year more than enough times to reassure them I could pay my rent."

"Good luck with that," Seth shook his head at her, "Two jobs…Damn, Kai."

"Maybe I like to work." Lilo retorted back, "There's nothing wrong with that."

"Lilo, you're getting paid for being a hula dancer at the Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel." Another easy chuckle escaped his lips, "That's easy money right there. Though you never told me what the second job was."

"English and science tutor for elementary students," Lilo looked with distaste at the green bottle in her hands. "Want the rest?"

"Nah," Seth pushed the bottle back to Lilo, "I'm good."

"So?" A certain smile was now painted on Lilo's lips as she gently bumped into Seth's shoulders.

"Hm." Seth took a long sip from his drink, "So what?"

"What are your plans for this year?" Lilo gently swirled the bottle in her hand, "You haven't really talked about what you want to do."

A burp escaped the boy's mouth as he looked at his now empty bottle of Heineken. "You know, I think I will finish yours up."

Lilo gave her drink to Seth without tossing him a glance, "You don't know what you want to do, do you?"

"I do. But right now, I'd kind of like to take a break from everything."

For some reason, Seth's words called a certain memory into in her mind. Her deal with Thomas, the fight with Nico, the clubbing adventure with David and Rachel, those memories made her retrace and relive everything right back to the beginning.

Gods, how much longer did she have until Thomas called her in for a favor? Another year. Lilo just had one more year until then.

Lilo fought back a sigh and started to scribble random patterns into the sand. The calming sounds of the waves crashing on the shore made it a bit easier to block those memories out of her conscious stream.

A comforting silence settled between the two friends as they stared out into the ocean; a melancholy smile came to her lips as Lilo found her mind drifting involuntarily to a certain boy she met at a camp once. A sudden thought popped up in her head.

Lilo turned her head and looked at her old friend, "Hey, Seth?"

For a moment Seth was shocked at the serious expression hidden in her hazel brown eyes, "Yeah?"

"Can you promise me that we'll always stay as friends, no matter what happens?"

She looked so sad. Seth realized, "Lilo…What's wrong?"

"Please?" She tried again.

The Hawaiian boy sighed and ruffled her hair, "I can't promise, but I can try."

Lilo smiled up at him, "Mahalo."

Seth gave her a small kiss on the top of her head, "No problem."

May 30, 2012, 8:15 AM

"Have you reconsidered my offer, Mr. Ishikawa?" Thomas Hopkins asked as he took a seat in front of the young man's desk. "I believe a year is more than enough time to make a decision."

Ishikawa, Hiroshi Ishikawa, was no older than eighteen and already preparing to take over his family's multi-million business. The young heir's almond shaped eyes were a honey brown color, his dark brown hair was combed over lazily to the side. At times it would fall out of place, and he'd have to rake it back into order with his hands. All in all, this young man was handsome. Hiroshi looked away from a current report on how well the markets he invested in were doing.

"Where is Miss Cole," There was a slight Japanese accent in his voice as he talked in English; any girl would have melted at the sound of it, "She came in with you the first few times you paid me a visit."

"Miss Cole," Thomas replied, "Is back in the states, taking care of things for me there until I return."

Hiroshi Ishikawa felt tempted to return back to his reports, but he knew he was testing the older demititan's patience enough as it was.

A massive amount of sunlight peaked in through the grand glass windows of the young heir's office, temporarily blinding Thomas from seeing any of the sky scrapers surrounding that particular area of Tokyo.

Land of the rising sun, Thomas thought as he tried rub out the stinging sensation out of his eyes.

Of course the son of Hyperion would bloody choose an office with this much bloody light exposure.

The son of Kronos cleared his throat, "So do we have a deal?"

The Japanese teen leaned farther into in chair, "I don't see the point in working with a child of Atlas."

"Are you asking for the full title and rights of being a general?" Thomas asked rubbing his chin a little bit.

"If Atlas lost the Titan war the first and second time it came around, what can you say to make me think his latest child is any better?"

"She's smart," Thomas added, "A little slow at first, but she's smart-"

"I know she's smart. Any child born from a Titan has to have some brains to them." Hiroshi interrupted, "But is she cooperative? Will she respect my boundaries?"

Thomas Hopkins held onto his patience. Why, why did he have two young demititans on his hands who asked him too many questions? Was perfect timing a foreign concept to everyone else who wasn't a child of Kronos?

"You'll both be working closely together," Thomas stated as evenly as he could, "There will be no room for any boundaries if you want to restore Hyperion's pride and title."

Hiroshi fell silent. Thomas promptly looked at his watch and began heading towards the door.

"Sorry for taking up your time, Mr. Ishikawa." He had on hand on the door knob before the other's voice piped up.

Hiroshi's voice was clear and loud as it reverberated through and around his office, "When do we start with the first plan of action?"

Thomas grinned to himself and turned to face the young man, "We have another year to perfect the plans, best get your paper work and whatever else done within that time." Thomas then reached into his inner coat pocket and reached for his wallet, "Also, this is who you will be working with."

The son of Kronos pulled out a picture of a girl out of his wallet and placed it on the heir's desk. Hiroshi arched an eyebrow and studied the caramel colored skin girl, jet black hair that came down straight at first before turning into messy, frayed waves towards the end, hazel brown eyes, and a small smile tugging at her lips.

Her, Hiroshi thought in disbelief, she's a child of Atlas? He shook his head before throwing the picture in a random drawer.

For this girl's sake and Hiroshi's sanity, she had better be as smart as Thomas thought her to be.