Transformers Discovery of The Female

Chapter 7

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Chris opens her eyes, and feels a pair of arms wrapped around her. She looks over her shoulder and it's Sam. She kissed him the night before outside the window she's looking out of. She could hear the low snoring coming from behind her. Did I really kiss him last night? She thought to herself. She wasn't looking for anyone or anything. It's just a meaning-less kiss, right? Was it? Does Christina actually want to pursue a relationship with a guy that she met a couple of days ago.

She swiftly gets out of his grasp, and walks out of his room.

"Where you think you're going?" The sound of Wheelie's voice startled her.

"I'm going back to my place." She answered, grabbing her shoes and clothes.

"You can't go back there, the decepticon will come after you."

"Whatever," She made her way towards the door.

"Sam!" She turned and looked at Wheelie.


"No, because you have to stay here!" He said. "Sam!" She dropped her things, and tackled him to the ground.

"Shut up!" She whispered.

"Sam!" She quickly got up, and tossed him into the stove. She grabbed her things from the floor, and ran out the door.


Sam's POV

I woke up to the sun hitting my eyes. What time is it? I look at my alarm clock and it was 8 am. Why so early? I stretched my arms, and noticed something was missing. Chris. Maybe she went to the bathroom or something.

I rose from my bed, and headed into the kitchen where I started up the coffee maker. I kept hearing something hit glass. It sounds close. I finally look down, and there's wheelie inside of the oven.

"Wheelie, What are you doing?"

"Chris shoved me in here." He said. "She might be cute but she's very rude."

"Where is she?"

"She left really early this morning. I kept calling your name but you wouldn't get up." Wheelie explained.

"Where did she go?"


"Does she not remember what happened yesterday?" I asked. "Did she say why?"

"Nope," I quickly put on my shoes, and walk out the door. I headed straight to Bee, who was sleeping.

"Bee, We have to go to Chris's apartment now!" He jolted awake, and opened the door for me.