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It's a bright summer morning in the town of Peach Creek and it's as normal as you can get in this town, which isn't much mind you. The three boys known as Ed, Double D, and Eddy sit on the sidewalk of their suburban cul-de-sac. "I. Am. So. Bored." Eddy says as he lies his head down on the concrete with a monotone expression on this face. "Oh come now Eddy, several months ago we went on a grand adventure, then when we came back we achieved popularity and friends. Not to mention we had to fight a villonus version of Jonny. How could you be bored? Relive them in your mind or something." Says Double D, "Man if what you just said ain't pathetic I don't know what is." Eddy says with his usual dry comebacks. "I have something to say: Hamster-Jelly." Says Ed in a very serious tone, a tone that sounded as if he had just given the meaning of life to them or a top class government secret, in which Double D and Eddy just stare at him for eight seconds with a 'WTF' expression on their faces.

Not that far away in the lane, two new-comers to Peach Creek, Kyle and Zoe, are digging through a dumpster. "Alright Zoe," Says Kyle, "How did you ever talk me into this?" "Oh, I have my ways surfer boy." Zoe replies in a humorous tone. "But, why are we doing it?" "'Cause I'm bored, you guys got to have all the fun stopping an evil Jonny. Now I want my adventure, so keep digging." She orders. "What will digging in the garbage find?" Kyle asks, in the past few weeks he's began to suspect that Double D, Jenna, Nazz, Kevin, and perhaps Paul, he was a bit odd, and himself were the only normal kids in the town. "Sometimes adventure is in the place ya least expect it to be." She says.

Kyle then gets out of the dumpster, "Well you're on your own Zoe. Sorry dude but I'm not digging in trash anymore." As soon as he begins to walk away he trips over a bottle. "Hey, plot device time, thank you writers." Zoe says as she picks up the bottle that Kyle had tripped over. "What is it?" Kyle asks he picks himself up. "Whoa, is this what I think and hope it is?" She asks as she pulls a rolled up piece of paper out of the bottle. "A treasure map? It looks right out a cartoon." Kyle comments on its appearance.

Zoe takes the paper out of the bottle and then tosses the bottle away. "Wow, way cool! Look at these dark and dangerous directions." She said in a pirate-like voice. "Let me see that." Kyle says as she gave him the map. Kyle sees a something written on the back of the map and then reads it aloud: "'Beware for this rout is not for the weak of heart. You must have courage, strength, and stuff. Either that or your just insanely full of greed. First you go three miles down the Great Peach Creek River the take a left where it diverts into a river not of Peach Creek. You shall then follow that river for a day, then you shall come upon the graveyard of ships, then after you leave that rotting lagoon behind you shall go to a place where few dare venture. Shipwreck Rock. If and only if you survive that godforsaken obstacle, you must go down the river until you come across a fork in it. One was shall take you to the cave where lies several large crystals, each worth a fortune. The other way, however, will lead to a waterfall and your very demise.'" Kyle finishes. He has a very puzzled look on his face.

"I don't know Zoe; it seems weird that we would find this, like it was staged or something." He says, but Zoe has a determined and extremely exited look on her face. "I'm going to regret reading this aren't I?" Kyle moans. "We've gotta find that treasure! Come on!" she cries as she grabs Kyle and ran down the block. "Zoe wait!" Yells Kyle, she then drops him on to the sidewalk. Kyle get up, again "My day for falling." He mutters, "How are we going to get there? My mom has a boat, but I don't think she'll lend it to two eight year olds." Zoe ponders this for a moment. "I know just the guys who can help us." She then leads him off to the cul-de-sac.

"Honest to God, we had our backs turned for like two seconds!" Eddy moans as Ed, yet again, has his head stuck in a mailbox. "I can't wait for an episode where this hack of a writer explains how this guy got smarter in "Ed, Edd, n Eddy: The Teen Series"!" Eddy yells in frustration. "Eddy's right Ed, how did this happen?" Double D asks as Ed's head sticks out of the mailbox's left side. "If I told you I'd have to eat you Double D." Eddy then sees Paul, one of the new comers, coming towards them. "Yo McMoney, what's happening?" "Well the incredible shrinking brain over there got his head stuck in the mailbox." Eddy says, "I wish I could say this is the first time this has happened to us." "All done." Said Ed, who was now standing right next to Double D as if nothing has happened. "I swear this guy is like magic." Paul says, "Don't ask us hoe he got out, he did this the last time this happened."

Just then Zoe and Kyle come rushing towards them. "The Eds! Just the three wackos I wanted to see!" says Zoe, "Salutations Zoe, what do you require of us on this glorious summer's day?" Double D asks. "Look what we found by the dumpster!" she says as she held up the map. "Yep. A piece of paper." Says Ed importantly. "No genius, its what's on the paper." She gave it to Double D, who examined it. "Why I do believe this is a treasure map. Yes indeed another fake treasure map that will lead up in yet another interesting situation, again." "Wow, what a downer." Kyle says. "Well I am sorry Kyle but you see we have been through this 'treasure hunt' before and it always ended in disaster." "Ah, don't listen to Sockhead here," Eddy says pushing Double D over and grabbing the map, "we'll help you find this treasure and get rich too." "Yo, man, you can count me in." chimes in Paul. "Me seventy-four." Says Ed in agreement.

"Gentlemen, please! You can't honestly believe this is a real treasure map, I think Kyle and Zoe have been tricked." Eddy responds by saying; "Load of crud Double D, if there is a treasure then we will find it." Eddy says leading Ed, Zoe, Paul, and Kyle along. "Why do I bother?" Double D sighs following them. "So tell me Eddy, how are we going to get there? We haven't a boat." Asks Double D. "We'll make one Sockhead. We'll find this treasure without any trouble." "Eddy don't you remember the last boat you captained? That day was a complete disaster." Eddy then stops dead. "Okay you got a point, but who's gonna lead if I'm not?" "Why not Country boy?" Paul suggests. "Why that's an excellent suggestion Paul, I'm sure Rolf would be…" "Rolf? Oh-no! I don't want that guy leading!" "Oh come on Eddy, Rolf could be a great leader he is the leader of those Urban Rangers Jimmy told me about." Kyle says "Even worse!" Eddy cries. "What's his problem?" Zoe asks. "You'll have to forgive him; Eddy's past experience with the Urban Rangers has been less than pleasant." "Oh come on Eddy, treasure remember?" Zoe says to Eddy. "Fine. But he better not try to pull any weirdo tradition of his like sending us over a waterfall or something." "Let's go!" cheers Ed as he picks them all up and heads to Rolf's house.

At Rolf's backyard / farm He is tending to the cows. "Ah, yes a fine offering you give our buckets today my cows." Says Rolf as he shut the door, then turns around to see Ed carrying Double D, Zoe, Kyle, Eddy, and Paul. Ed drops them all down to the ground. "Here we are." He says with pride. "So we are Ed." Double D says picking himself up only to face Rolf. "What be this foolishness Ed-boys and company?" Paul then speaks to Rolf. "Hey listen Country Boy, Zeph and Zoe here found a treasure map and we want your help to get it, dig?" "Dig? I have done no digging today, Jive-talking-Paul-boy." "What he means, Rolf, is we want to go find a treasure out on the river and we want your help." Kyle explains. "Yes I see Water-loving-Kyle-boy. Rolf shall consider this." He then goes into his shed and shuts the door. "What's Rolf doing? It's treasure! He should want to find it no matter what weirdo country he comes from." Eddy says impatiently.

A few minutes later Rolf comes out of and says; "Yes! The Son of a Sheppard will assist you on this quest." "Alright!" cheers Zoe, "But, the Urban Rangers must come along as well." "Oh boy." Double D moans burying his head in his hand. "Oh no! No way are the Urban Losers taking over this treasure hunt!" Rolf the squats down to meet Eddy's eye level. "Oh is that so Three-hairs-Ed-boy?" "Yeah!" Eddy barks back, "Wow bros! Wow!" said Paul as he gets between them, "What happened between you two anyway? Is the times you had with the Urban Rangers that bad McMoney?" "Oh, you better believe it! In fact let's have a montage just to show it!"


(From 'Oath to an Ed')

Burrito explodes in the Ed's and Rolf's faces. "No badge." Said Rolf

Toilet paper holder fall into the toilet "No badge." Rolf says.

"SHUT UP SHARA!" Eddy yells. "NO BADGE, EVER!" Rolf yells

"It is time for the 'Walk of Shame'" said Rolf

(From 'An Ed in the Bush')

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Belly button eater!"

(From 'Ed Overboard')

The Rangers take Ed away for payback for leaving them with the Kankers.

(From 'Mission: Ed-possible')

Ed and Eddy see that Rolf was the one who gave their parents the report cards instead of Double D.

(From 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ed')

Eddy gets his leg hair pulled off with duct tape.

Eddy's funny bone is smashed continually into a file cabinet.

Eddy being thrown through a thorn bush, naked.

Eddy and Rolf being smashed by rocks.

The whole 'Tour of Tears sequence'.


Paul, Zoe, and Kyle just stand there in bewilderment. "Wow, I don't blame ya McMoney; I would hate Country Boy too if I went through all that." Paul says, Zoe, however, is exited. "Oh cool! Rolf can I be in the Urban Rangers too?" Zoe asks with excitement. "Rolf apologizes Crazy-Zoe-girl, but the Urban Rangers are male only." "Male only?" she says, disappointed, "Looks like Woman's rights still have a lot of complaining to do!" she says jokingly, "We apologize for that joke, the writer has been beaten with rocks in retaliation." Double D says to the reader. "Anyway back to the plot." He finishes. "Oh come on Eddy, the Urban Rangers can help us over come these obstacles plus, they might not ask for a share of the money they might get some badge for it." Double D persuades Eddy. Eddy sighs "Fine they can help." "All is good then, yes? We shall need a boat, we Urban Rangers have none." "Wait so you have a freaking train but you don't have a boat?" Eddy asks angrily. "Budget stuff." Rolf says, simply. "My mom has a boat, we could use it." "Very well then we sail at 9o'clock tomorrow!" Rolf declares, "No-neck-Ed-boy, you shall be cook, Double-D-Ed-boy, you shall be first mate and map reader. Everyone else, decide you own job title! Rolf must go tell the other Urban Rangers!" They all leave and prepare for the next day.

The Cabin Cruiser Kyle's mom owns, is sitting in the river with Eddy bringing a wheel barrel of food, Double D is making sure everything was ready, Paul's filling up the gas tank, Ed is…well Ed, Kyle has brought his guitar as always, Zoe is building a crow's nest that Rolf ordered her to build. Kevin, Jenna, Nazz, and Sarah all stand around the ship to watch. "So you sure this treasure is Real Double D?" asks Kevin, "I hope so, or else it will be just another goose chase, just like the others." "Wow this town must've seen some loco stuff." Jenna says, "You have no idea." Nazz responds. Just then they see a carriage being driven by Jimmy and Jonny, the latter of which is blowing a horn. The carriage is pulled by Victor, who speeds towards the small dock, he stops and Jimmy is thrown off. "Jimmy!" cries Sarah, "I'm alright." Jimmy says, getting up, Jonny then opens the door of the carriage and says: "Presenting: Captain Rolf!" Rolf walks out of the carriage looking strange in what must be a captain's uniform from his country, it has long sleeves and was red, a very bizarre looking hat that was purple, with big black shoes and pants. Double D walks down to greet Rolf, "Salutations, Captain we are almost ready to set sail." He reports. "Very well, First Mate Ed-boy. Urban Rangers Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank take you place among the crew." "Yes Sir." They both say, they go on board. Double D, Jimmy, Eddy, Kyle, Paul, Ed, Jonny, and Plank wait on board as Rolf stepped on and looks around. "Very good crew, today we embark on a journey to riches, for our friends, and the 'Treasure finding badge!' for us!" Jimmy and Jonny cheer at that, "Now my friends set the sails!" "There are no sails!" calls Jenna from the dock. "Then let the wooden bork-bork-bork loose!" Rolf commands, "What the heck are you talking about?" Eddy yells, "How is Rolf supposed to work on this ship?" Double D sighs "Just start the engine, Paul." "Yes sir." Paul said and went up and starts the ship. "Ah now this ship works." Rolf said "Set sail then!" The ship gets out of the dock and starts out. "Good luck guys!" calls Nazz, "Don't get hurt Jimmy!" Sarah calls out. "I'll try not to Sarah!" Jimmy calls back.

"When the course is laid and the anchors weighed a sailors blood begins racing!" Jimmy starts to sing then Eddy walks next to him. "You sing another word you're going overboard." "Yes sir." Jimmy says nervously. Inside the cabin Rolf goes over to Jonny, who's the helmsmen, "How are we doing Jonny-the-wood-boy?" "We're doing a six on the power and it looks like smooth sailing for a while, captain." "Very good, continue." Double D then walks up to Jonny and Plank, "Jonny, make sure to take the left after two miles, that's where we want to go." "Plank says he'll remind me Mr. D." Double D then walks out of the cabin to see Ed carrying dynamite! "Ed! Where in heaven's name did you get this?" "Rolf gave it to me to put in his quarters." "Thank you, now I have to have a chat with Rolf." Double D goes on top of the cabin where Rolf stands looking out at the river. "Rolf, do you care to explain why Ed was taking explosives to your quarters?" "Ah yes Double D Ed-boy, you see Rolf wants to be prepared for anything we may come across." "But Rolf are you sure that dynamite is necessary?" "Of course! Now be off!" Double D climbs down, with worry written on his face. 'Oh, I know this whole thing will end badly.' he thought. Ten minutes later there's a sharp turn that made everyone on the ship fall over. "We must've made the turn." Kyle says to Paul, they all hurry up to see the ship going down another river. "Well done Jonny, you could have given us a warning though." Double D said, "Warning? Plank says you knew the turn was sharp, why didn't ya hang on to something?" Johnny asked for Plank. "Well done Rolf's crew, tonight we shall feast on Eddy's food." Rolf declares as the sun begins to set.

Later that evening Eddy comes out with the food. "Alright hot dogs and fries for everyone!" He says as he gives them to everyone. "Ah yes Three-hairs-Ed-boy you have done well." Rolf says as he smells the hot dog. "Rolf, who is going to be the helm guy tonight? Me and Plank are exhausted." Jonny asks Rolf as he eats. "Very well Jonny-the-wood-boy, Kyle-boy shall take your place tonight." "Don't I get a say in this?" asks Kyle, "No! Rolf has spoken. Now eat up." "Adventure, oh brother." Kyle mutters.

That night, Kyle is barley awake, he can feel the fog around the ship going into his face. He hears foot steps behind him. Then a wack on the head. He slips into darkness. A hand set's the ship's speed from three speed to ten speed. The ship then sped off into the misty moon-lit night.

Paul is having a nice dream of sexy woman giving him a massage, then he is suddenly whammed on the head as he falls off of the wooden bench he lay on. "What the heck was that?" "We're under attack!" cries Ed, who grabs a random piece of wood and runs out on deck. The others follows him where they see Kyle moaning in pain, "Dude, what happened?" "We hit something, wicked, I hope it was a rock!" Zoe says. "Relax people!" Eddy says he then climbs over to the front of the ship. "Wow! We hit another ship!" It was true, they had hit what looks like an old alligator tug boat, "Well here's that grave yard of ships the map was talking about." Says Zoe "G-G-G-Graveyard?" asks Jimmy, frightened, "No need to fear Jimmy, it's only a term used to describe an area in the water where multiple ships have sunk." Double D encourages.

Jonny gets into the cabin and reverses the ship. The ship backs out and it has some dents and scratches, which Double D inspects. "We'll be fine Captain, nothing major." "Good, Paul-boy, refuel the tank of bad smells we continue, no matter what!" "Sure thing." Paul said as goes to get a tank of gas. They continue on, Double D decides to ask Kyle what had happened. "I don't know Double D, I felt a wham on my head then I just fell asleep dude." "Jonny also told Rolf and I that the speed was set to ten instead of three, did you do that?" "No, I don't know who did." The cruiser then exits the graveyard of ships.

"Jonny-the-wood-boy, keep a look out for a large pile of rocks." "Yes Captain Rolf, sir." Jonny says as he keeps hold of the helm. Rolf then walks out to the deck and looks up to see Jimmy in the crow's nest that Zoe had built. "Ranger Jimmy, how does it look from that position?" "All clear so far Captain." Jimmy says, he turns to Zoe on the deck, "Um, Zoe? Are you sure this is thing you built is safe?" Zoe looks up, "Of course Jim! It's as safe as I am sane." "God help me." Jimmy mutters in fear. "Captain, may we have a word with you?" Double D calls to Rolf from the stairwell, leading to the lower deck. "Yes, yes Ed-boys." Rolf goes below deck to meet them. "Uh, Captain, the rest of us are wondering how do you plan to get us past 'Ship Wreck Rock' and the waterfall?" "Yeah Stretch, how do ya plan on getting us over those?" Eddy adds in, "Cheese!" cries Ed. They ignore what Ed said and continue; "You see Ed-boys that was why we brought explosives, we shall blast our way past these obstacles!" "Okay! Now I have no regrets taking this nut along!" says Eddy. "I don't know, it seems terribly risky, not to mention dangerous." "Ah relax Sockhead!" "Yes, Rolf agrees with the short Ed-boy." "Me too." Says Ed.

"Rocks ho!" cries Jimmy, they all immediately run up to the deck, to see the rocks getting closer. "Slowing us down, sir." Jonny calls from inside the cabin, "Good Ranger Jonny and Ranger Plank." As they get closer and closer to the rocks they see how sharp and jagged the rocks are. They were black and shiny, they have pieces of wood strewn about them, hinting at the ship wrecks. "Wowie Plank, sure does look creepy!" Jonny says. ""Stop!" yells Rolf, the ship then screeches to a halt, "Hey, wait a minute, how did we screech? We're on a boat." Paul wonders. "No-brain-Ed-boy, bring me the boom-boom stick!" Rolf commands, "You bet." Ed replies as he goes to get the dynamite, "Now Rolf, are you sure this is safe?" Double D asks, "Yeah, you won't blow us up will you?" Jimmy asks nervously. "No, no, no, we shall not die, probably horrendously injured, but no die." 'I'm beginning to agree with Eddy, we shouldn't have brought Rolf along!' Double D thinks. "Here ya go Rolf." Ed says as he hands the dynamite to Rolf. "Well done Ed-boy. Now Ranger Jonny prepare to back up as fast as Wilfred on bath night!" "Yes sir, Plank and I will have us in safe distance before ya can say…" "Good, now shut it!" Rolf yells up to Jonny, "Uh, yes sir." Jonny says. "In the name of my Great Nano…save our rears from doom." "What?" Paul asks. Rolf throws the explosive onto the rock and Jonny reverses hard. Then there's a mighty 'BOOM!' they are almost thrown off their feet from the blast. They look over to the smoking ruins of the rock. "That was soooo wicked!" cheers Zoe, "Let's do it again!" says Ed "Well….okay" agrees Rolf, "Uh, Rolf, is that necessary? Asks Double D, too late, another great 'BOOM!'. "One more, just for good measure," says Rolf, "Stop it for God's Sake!" cries Double D "Very well, Ranger Jonny, take us through." "Aye Aye Rolf, sir." Jonny responds, he then takes them through the now smoking ruins of the rock.

Half an hour later they hear Jonny calling to everyone. "I see it too buddy! Everyone, fork in the river!" Everyone looks at the fork, one river going right and one going left. "Which do we take?" Eddy asks, "I don't know, the map doesn't say." Double D says, "We shall take the right." Says Rolf, "Right? But Rolf, how can we be certain that it goes to the…" "Rolf has spoken!" Rolf yells, they go ahead right. Then the waterfall begins to pull them towards their doom. "Well what do you know, Rolf was wrong." Rolf says.

"Quick! Abandon ship! Woman and me first!" Eddy yells, "Ranger Jonny reverse!" Rolf orders to Jonny, who sets the ship's speed to ten and in reverse, but no avail, "The current is too strong Captain!" "Drop anchor!" Rolf yells, Paul then pushes the anchor button, but it's broken! "Ain't no good Country boy, it's jammed!" "Curses!" Rolf moans. Kyle looks around and he sees a long chain on the deck, 'This will do, but where is something heavy?" then he is knocked to the ground, "Ouch! Watch it dude!" "Oh, sorry Kyle!" says Ed, Wait a minute, Ed, that's it! Kyle then ties the chain around Ed. "Ed, jump into the water and pull us away from the waterfall, go!" "Okay, I believe I can fly!" yells Ed as he jumps into the water. "What just happened?" Double D asks, "Ed is gonna pull us away from the waterfall dude!" "What? Are you sure this will work Kyle?" asks Jimmy, "its Ed, a 25/75 chance of it actually working." Snarks Eddy. Just then there's a jerk, and the ship begins to slowly turn around, "Alright! The big dude did it!" Kyle cheered, "Oh, most wicked." Says Zoe, "Keep pulling Ed!" Double D calls down, "Yeah don't let go armpit!" Paul yells. Just then, they go backwards and with a big jerk, they are held in place by Ed and a safe enough distance of the falls. Jonny then turns the boat around, "Ed, let go!" Eddy yells then they go slowly back. Rolf, Eddy, and Paul pull Ed up, then he spit water all over Jimmy. "Well done Large-Ed-boy." Rolf says. They make it back to the fork and go left.

"Now this is the right way, yes, Rolf has spoken." "Told ya we'd be better off on our own." Eddy mutters to Double D. After a few minutes they arrive at a lagoon, and a cave nearby. "We made it!" cheers Kyle.. They tie the ship down and Rolf gives out orders. "Rangers Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank stay behind to guard the ship." "Yes sir." They both say obediently. The rest go inside the cave, to find a tunnel-way, but with spikes from both sides, jabbing into the other wall. "No way am I going through those things!" Paul says, "I will." Said Ed, who walks right into them and falls backwards. "Well, I tried." Ed says. "We shall go in and conquer any challenge ahead of us!" Zoe declares. Eddy, Kyle, Rolf, Double D, and Zoe climb over the spikes and into a room with a small hole, leading to the treasure probably. "Now what?" Eddy asks, "We go through." Double D answers. Double D went through first, then Zoe, then Rolf tried to but is too tall, and Eddy is too wide, so Kyle goes through and Eddy calls "Bring me a big one guitar boy!"

"What's up ahead Double D?" asks Zoe, "I see a hole up ahead, that's it." Double D responds, they the go through the hole to a room filled with crystals! "We did it! Oh so wicked! Ha!" cheers Zoe. Kyle sees a huge crystal that's small enough to fit through the hole. "Hey Eddy! Catch dude!" he yells as he pushes it down the whole. He then hears Eddy: "Oh baby, we are gonna have one heck of a sweet friendship…" Then the ground starts to shake. The cave is starting to collapse! "Oh darn it I knew something like this would happen!" Double D moans, Zoe wastes no time going through the hole, neither does Kyle nor Double D, who make it into the hole just as the cave ceiling comes down, crushing all the crystals. They quickly make it through to find Eddy panicking. "What's going on Double D?" Eddy asks, "It's a cave in! We must get out of here!" Double D answers "Why do I even expect to have luck anymore?" Eddy says in anger, "No time to explain Karma now dude, let's bolt!" Kyle says as there's a great cracking sound, they turn around to see that Ed has ripped out all of the spikes. "Why didn't you do that before?" Eddy asks, "Do what?" Ed asks, confused as always. "Yo, I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but, shouldn't we run away?" Paul asks. "Uh, he's got a point." Zoe says. They all run out, Eddy still carrying the large crystal.

They all get out of the cave, as soon as the entrance to the cave collapses in on it's self, the dust rushing out in a cloud. "Well, okay what a day time to go home. Yes?" Rolf says with pride. Double D begins to inspect the crystal, "So come on Sockhead, how much is it worth?" Eddy asks with anticipation. "It's fake, Eddy." "?" Eddy screams into the heavens. "Okay, now that you've made my ears bleed, yes Eddy, it is indeed fake." "Why. What did I do to deserve this? Don't answer that." He says angrily, "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going home." Paul says, "I hear ya bro." agreed Kyle, "Send 'em the movie Frank." Says Ed as he walks towards the boat with them. "Ranger Jonny and Ranger Plank, start up our vessel." "Yes sir." Says Jimmy. A few minutes later the ship is at full speed, heading for home. "Uh, Captain Rolf, Plank wants to know do if still get our 'Treasure finding Badge'?" says Jonny. "Well… what the hay? Sure." Says Rolf. "Yay!" cheers the two Rangers.

Later, the as the sun is setting, Double D has called everyone to the deck for a talk. "I have been thinking and after all that has happened in the past few days has been rather suspicious, Kyle and Zoe just happened to find a treasure map leading us to a path of danger and 'wickedness' if you will." Everyone gasps, Jimmy then says "Y-y-you mean the one behind this is…" "Alec Baldwin?" asks Ed, "No Ed, it was Zoe!" "Okay, ya got me smart guy. It was me, me the whole time! I set the ship to a ten so we would get there faster, it was I who jammed of the anchor before we left, and it was I who was the second gunmen on the grassy knoll!" "What?" "Sorry, got carried away, and it was me behind everything else!" "Where did those freaking huge crystals come from then?" Eddy asks, "My aunt runs a fake jewelry store, she gave me loads of 'em." "But those things in the cave…" Kyle begins, "Oh, those were already there, and I made the roof fall in with a special lever in that small cavern." She explains. "Okay, so the mystery is solved, we almost died, and Rolf and his rangers have acquired the 'Treasure finding badge'!" Jonny and Jimmy cheers at this, "Wait a sec, if Jonny is down here with us, then who's driving the boat?" Kyle asks. "Oh, Plank is taking over for me." Jonny says. "Get up there now Jonny!" Everyone yells, "Alright, don't see what you're so worried about." He says as he walks up to take the controls.

Later as they begin to approach Peach Creek, Kyle looks out to the setting sun and the red sky and says "Hey guys look at that." They all look over to the sun set and are awed by it's beauty, "Too bad we don't have a camera." Says Double D. "This reminds me of something my grandpa once told me. 'Red sky at night, sailor's delight.'" Kyle says happily. "Is it me or did we just make a very bad attempt at a poetic ending?" asks Ed, "Yeah." says Zoe; "Pretty much." agrees Paul, "Uh-hu." Says Jonny, "Well, at least we tried."


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