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Temari banged her head against the wall of her room. Why? Why did I have to be the exchange student! Temari banged her head in synch on the wall. Why why why why why why why...she banged to the rhythm. "Are you trying to dent the wall?" A voice spoke up behind her. "Gah!"she exclaimed, whirling around, turning to see blood red hair, completely different from her sandy color. Her shoulders relaxed. "Oh, Gaara, don't scare me like that." He smiled shyly at his older sister.

"Just wanted to see how you were doing, considering you're currently brooding and banging your head against the wall."she blinked at him.

"Which reminds me," Temari said and turned slowly back to the wall, "Why why why why why why..." she chanted, banging her head to the monotone beat.

"Oi! Who's at the door?" A voice yelled down the hall. "Kankuro you idiot, it's only Temari denting the plaster with her abnormally hard skull." Gaara replied calmly as Kankuro walked up and stood beside him. "Well, why's she doin' that?" Kankuro demanded. "Dunno. Stress? Craziness?" Gaara guessed. "Knowing Temari I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter." Kankuro replied, cocking his head to the side. "Well as much fun as this is, you know, you two standing in my doorway discussing wether or not I'm mentally stable, I have to get to school." Temari sighed, removing her head from the wall. "Oh right! You're going to Konoha high!" Kankuro stated dumbly. Temari groaned and straightened her uniform. "Have fun. And you look nice today, Temari." Gaara commented.

"Yeah you do! Spend some extra time doin' your makeup today? What, tryin' to impress those losers?"

"Says the loser in the makeup."

"It's not makeup, it's warpaint!" Kankuro yelled after her, as she ran out the door to school.

Temari was early to school. Yet when she arrived there was already hundreds of students standing in the HUGE courtyard, talking, laughing, running, and being downright sociable. She SO wasn't going to last here. In Suna, people chatted politely when needed and you really didn't talk to people you didn't know, so she wasn't exactly a "social butterfly".

She wandered the courtyard, looking for a place, not overcrowded with loud teens. She was SO going to die.I rather have hot way dripped all over me before being forced to talk to one of these happy charms.

Happy charms? her inner-self questioned.

Yeppers. They all seem like the type to burp unicorns and vomit rainbows.

Ah, therefore making them 'happy charms'.


Lost in her deep, mature, and totally not insane inner thoughts-she wasn't exactly paying attention. She walked straight into a girl, bashing foreheads. "Ohhh..." Temari groaned in pain. "Ow..." the other girl mumbled, rubbing her abnormally large forehead. Temari momentarily stopped rubbing her forehead to glare at the girl. "Mind watching where you're going?" she snapped, giving her a glare that would've made Kankuro avoid coming home for two days. "I could say the same to you!" the girl shot back, scowling. Temari laughed. Certainly don't want to make enemies with a girl like her! "Hey, forget it. I'm Temari." she offered up. The other girl instantly brightened. "Sakura, pleased to meet you!" she replied. Huh. Guess she may get along with these happy charms after all.

Sakura chattered non-stop, twirling her bubble gum pink hair around her finger. Temari zoned out after a bit. Sakura, for all she knew, could be talking about toasters. She snapped back to attention when a new voice joined the two. "Hey Sakura, who's the chick?" a high pitched voice asked. "Ino, this is Temari, Temari,Ino." Sakura filled. "Hey, you new?" Ino asked. It became clear she was the barbie type. Long silky blonde hair, blue eyes, nice smile, freakishly skinny. A barbie down to the tee. "Uh, yeah." Temari grumbled, not really sure if she liked this girl or not.

"Oh cool! Whereya from?" Ino asked curiously. Temari pulled on one of her four ponytails. "I'm an exchange student from Suna high." she answered. Ino nodded and turned to Sakura and started blabbing. Temari sighed as the bell was rung, and started into the huge building, towards her class. She was surprised to find Ino and Sakura already inside.How'd they pass me? she wondered. "Oh, hey, Temari!" Ino squealed, running up to her. "Looks like we're in the same class together! Cool!" Ino screamed in her ear. She winced.

I fear my ears will spontaneously combust if I spend to much time with her.


With all her damn squealing! My ears feel like they're on fire!

That's not good.

No it's not.

You should see a doctor about that.

Trust me, I will.

Agreeing with her inner-self, Temari was dragged into class by a shrieking Ino, hugged by a squealing Sakura, and dragged into a empty desk.

Why do I have a feeling I'll be deaf by the end of the week?

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