As you may have guessed…this is NOT my story. It's not about me. It's not about Sora either. It's about The Beginning…of the End. Of Life…The Universe…And everything. It may include Sora, but that's all. But I guess I must start at the beginning…the TRUE beginning.

It all started with them. The Darkness. Not the darkness in general, but it did involve them. The Darkness. An organization made with only one sole purpose…to destroy the world of men…women…weird aliens from Betelgeuse…and, well, everything. Every world and every person on those worlds. To give birth to a world where everybody was happy…at least, that was what I was told. But that wasn't true.

Second. The Chasers. 3 undefeatable Keyblade Bearers with only one thought on mind…to kill every other Keyblader in our universe, and add their Keyblade and power to their own. And with only Sora and his friends, Mickey, and a handful of other Keybladers, it was near impossible to beat them. And that fact that if you kill one of them, you replace them is a let-down. Immortally skilled in swordplay, almost completely indestructible, and with that last resort 'death and birth' plan, they NEVER died.

And with the ever present Heartless and Nobodies, Maleficent and Pete, as well as newer enemies like The Chasers and the Darkness, this was truly the Beginning of the End.

I will be here, telling this story from beginning to end, no stops. Don't like it, love it, or have a positive emotion about it. It is a sad story, and it should be hated.

A/N- This is The Beginning of the End, Prologue. This story here is a massive rewrite of the original, so I hope you like this one better than the other one.

PS- This is a prologue, so it is short. Please refrain from commenting on the shortness of this prologue. Enjoy the story, and thank you for taking the time to read it.