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Chapter 2


"You're in an awfully good mood today," Misaki commented dryly as she walked past Usui who was waiting for her at the gate of her house. He came to walk her to school. He had been doing it a lot lately, but since they went to school early, no one had seen them coming together yet. Now though, they were a little late, mainly because they both failed to sleep early last night what with feeling giddy and all.

"Good morning to you, too," Usui said cheerfully, causing a blush to appear in her cheeks.

"Idiot," she murmured as she tried to stop her lips from twitching to form a smile. His cheerfulness was contagious.

Usui only grinned wider at his companion's comment, knowing that she was just feeling shy.

"Ayuzawa's boyfriend," he murmured, causing her blush to intensify. He chuckled, and all the way to school, he was grinning and whistling happily while she would glare and roll her eyes at him openly, but would also smile secretly.

"Hurry up or we're going to be late, idiot Usui."

As soon as they reached Seika High, she stayed at the gate to greet and check on if students, especially the boys, were wearing their uniforms properly. He, on the other hand, headed to his classroom. However, he had let his guard down so he was taken by surprise when he was ambushed by a couple of girls when he was leaving his locker. He inwardly groaned and cursed himself.

"Usui-sempai, I really like you. Please go out with me."

"Usui-sempai, I…"

"I'm sorry but…" he started to say, but stopped talking himself when he saw something at the corner of his eyes. "Wait a moment."

The girls wondered why Usui was asking them to wait, while he waited for his chance to do what he had in mind. He would clear up things to finally be able to openly be with the one he loved while at the same time lessen, if not stop, confessions to him.

"Hey, Usui, why are you still…ack!"

Misaki was startled when she suddenly found herself in Usui's arms. Her eyes widened when she saw two girls which she didn't see before as they were hidden by the lockers. The said girls were gawking at them. She struggled in his arms in alarm, but he never let her go.

"Calm down, Ayuzawa."

She looked at him in disbelief, telling him how she could calm down when they were putting on a display. He simply raised his eyebrow challengingly, before he rearranged their position so they were standing side by side with his arm around her waist to prevent her from bolting.

"You see, I can't go out with anybody because I already have a girlfriend," Usui said, ignoring Misaki's surprised gasp and addressing the two girls who seemed to have frozen in shock as soon as the words left his lips. The girls' jaws were hanging and their eyes were huge as they looked at Usui and Misaki standing side by side.

'Damn you, Usui! Suddenly putting me in a spot!'

Misaki was fuming, but she tried her best to conceal it to avoid making things worse. Besides, she grudgingly recalled that she had agreed to not keep things a secret anymore. Though this wasn't the way she expected their relationship to be exposed.

'And what did I expect? There's no helping it anymore.'

"P-president a-and Usui-sempai?"


To Usui's surprise, it was Misaki who answered. He looked at her flushed face with wonder, before a smile broke his lips. The smile turned into surprised once more when the two girls in front of them swayed. Simultaneously, he and Misaki caught each girl before they hit their heads on the floor.

"Geez. Look what you've cause, Usui," Misaki said with concern, though she wasn't really blaming him. "Should we bring them to the infirmary?"

"Nah. Just wait it up and they'll come around," he answered with a shrug. They gently leaned the girls at the locker and waited for them to snap out of it.

"Great," Misaki exclaimed as she slapped a hand on his shoulder. She could hear steps coming, but she stood her ground, resolve to not run away, and as she had dreaded, a few students came. They stared in curiosity when they saw her and Usui with the girls who looked like had fainted.

"What happened, President? Usui-san?" Yukimura, who was among the students that arrived, asked.

"Ah…they…uh…" Misaki stuttered to explain.

'What am I suppose to say?'

"They were shocked by something. They are fine," Usui answered in her stead.

Yukimura was about to ask more question, but the movements from the said unconscious girls caught everybody's attention.

"Ugh…what happened?" One girl murmured as she opened her eyes. "I had the strangest dream. Usui-sempai and President are…"

The girl stopped talking when her eyes met Misaki's concerned and nervous eyes, and Usui's blank stare. Her eyes widened.

"President!" The girl exclaimed, causing everyone except Usui to jump in surprise. The other girl was even brought awake by her outburst. "S-sorry," she said sheepishly.

"H-how are you girls feeling? Are you okay?" Misaki asked, lending a hand to help them up. They gratefully accepted her offer, though they were flustered as to how to react with the news that they had received. They were both torn between awe at the news and at the same time feeling a sense of loss due to it.

"Yes. We were just surprised, I guess," one answered with a nervous giggle.


"Congratulations, President! Usui-sempai!" The two chorused loudly, causing everyone again except Usui to jump in surprise. By this time, the commotion had attracted more students and Usui, Misaki and the two girls had quite a number of audience, all who were confused on what was going on. "We wish you all the happiness! Please excuse us!"

After wishing them well, the girls ran away leaving other students to look after them in bafflement with the exception of Usui who was nonchalant and Misaki who was fidgeting nervously.

"What just happened?" Yukimura asked no one in particular.

"Nothing. All of you, go to your classrooms," Misaki said in a firm voice, belying the uneasiness she felt inside.

However, no one moved at Misaki's command as the other students were still trying to wrap up in their head what just happened.

"NOW!" She barked.

Everyone including Yukimura complied at the president's command. The only exception was Usui who looked like he didn't have a care in the world.

"You, too, Usui," Misaki snapped tiredly. She felt like having a headache. Before lunch time today, she knew that everyone would know about her and Usui's relationship already.

Because Misaki was consumed by worry already, she didn't even react when she was suddenly pinned at the lockers by none other than her boyfriend.

"What are you doing? Someone might see…"

"Do you regret it, Ayuzawa?" Usui asked seriously, probing her eyes that stared back at him in shock.

"I…of course!"

His eyes flashed with hurt, before it was replaced by blankness. Before he could say or do anything, however, Misaki beat him.

"That's not how it is!" Misaki exclaimed hotly, her hand reaching for his face to still it. "I regret the way it was exposed to the others, but I've never once regretted that I'm your girlfriend and that I want to protect you!" She explained hurriedly. She looked at him squarely in the eyes as he did the same. She felt relieved when he smiled.

"Now you've done it, Ayuzawa," Usui said teasingly, his eyes bright. He was happy, alright.


At first, Misaki was confused to what he was referring to. When her eyes caught movements to her left, she immediately understood. She stiffened as she gazed at two other students who had frozen on their feet. By the looks on their stupefied faces, they had heard her outburst.

'Way to go, you idiot.'

And as Misaki predicted, rumor had spread like a wild fire at Seika High. Even before lunch time was over, she had yelled to a lot of students who had attempted to peer inside her classroom, probably trying to see if there was any change in her now that it was confirmed that she was in a relationship and to the most popular boy in Seika High at that. The curious/nosy students were proven wrong when she chased them with demon aura surrounding her. The girls' approach was much different, and she couldn't treat them the way she had treated the boys. The girls had reduced her into a stuttering and blushing mess, while they gushed and giggled and squealed in titillation mercilessly.

"That's enough, Sakura," Shizuko said when Misaki thought that she'd melt into a puddle with the heat that was in her face.

Thankfully, the girls finally left Misaki alone, though she knew by the way they were whispering and giggling that she was the topic of their conversation. And while a lot seemed excited, she knew that there were others who were not. Shintani was one example, though she had expected that he wouldn't be happy with her choice. He was close to tears and even almost wailed at her to choose him instead. He only added to the chaos that was occurring.

By lunch time, Misaki wearily trudged out of the classroom. She could feel eyes following her as she walked, and she mustered enough strength to release a deadly aura so that no one would dare to approach her, whether boy or girl.

"Is it really true? Wow. I admire Usui-san."

"He's the only one who can handle the Pres."

"They fit each other. They are beyond any human being I've ever seen."

"How did Usui-san do it?"

"Do you think the Pres would be nicer now?"

"No. She's even scarier than usual."

"Do you think Usui-san would be alright?"

"Do you think the Pres forced him?"

"No way. Usui-san can handle Pres if he didn't want to."

"Then Usui-san really likes Pres."

"Aren't they always together even before?"

"You're right. And only Usui-san has been at the receiving end of the demon president's wrath and survived."

"Usui-san is really cool, isn't he?"

Misaki ignored all the comments including the idiot trio who were crying annoyingly. She headed to the Student Council room hurriedly. She needed some peace. Her head was throbbing like crazy.

"Is that Usui-sempai?"

Automatically, Misaki turned to the source of voice to confirm if Usui was really there. She felt her face heat up once more when her eyes met his. She stopped walking and braced herself when he walked towards her.

The sounds of chattering seemed to have stopped as Usui moved and everyone watched Misaki and him as if they were actors in a show.


"Hey Pres, you going to the meeting room?" Usui asked casually as he approached her.


"Let's go then," he said, walking ahead of her. She watched him with confusion, before she too moved when she remembered the eyes that were looking at them. She walked fast to catch up with him so that they were walking side by side but with considerable distance between them. As soon as they were out of sight though, he detoured.

"Hey, this isn't…"

She stopped talking when he held her wrist and pulled her towards a familiar path. Understanding his intention, she followed his lead quietly, and they were soon bombarded with strong wind and fresh air and the heat of the sun.

"It's too hot here," she complained as she shielded her eyes.

"This way," he said as he led her to the other side of the rooftop where the heat of the sun was blocked. He sat on the floor and amidst her struggles, pulled her into his lap. "I doubt if the Student Council room would give you peace today. They would be peeking or waiting outside for you."

"You're right," she murmured tiredly as she shyly leaned on his chest, letting her tense muscles to relax a bit.

"I'm sorry, Ayuzawa," Usui said as he tightened his hold on her.

"Why are you apologizing? We've talked about it before, and we know this is going to happen. We'll just have to bear with it."

"Of course."

"Let's hope that this will stop girls chasing after you…I don't even know why they are chasing after you when you're such a pervert and an annoying alien," she said, rolling her eyes.

'The same thing could be said for me. But I doubt those girls know him like I do. What a complicated alien.'

"And Ayuzawa likes me not because of what the others could see but of what she knows about me," he said, voicing some of her thoughts. "Like being a pervert," he added, blowing cool air in her ear, causing the fine hairs in her nape and arms to stand.

"S-stop it, pervert Usui," she exclaimed, leaning her head away from him. He prevented her by catching her head and pulling it back facing him. He gazed at her eyes intently until she felt uncomfortable, though she stood her ground and met his gaze squarely.

"Thank you, Ayuzawa."

"F-for what?" She asked with a blush.

"For being you. For coming into my life. For everything. For being my everything," he said sincerely, causing her heart to swell with love and her face to heat some more.

"S-stop saying embarrassing things, idiot Usui," she stammered, looking away.

'I'm so happy. Damn it, why am I still embarrassed?'

"I love you, too, Ayuzawa," he answered teasingly.


While she might continue to call him names, they were both aware that those names were more of an endearment rather than of their actual meanings. She was glad that he understood and even accepted her inability to convey her feelings properly.

"Thank you, too, for being the person that you are, Usui," she said, bashfully looking at his eyes.

Usui was shocked at the unexpected admittance. A light blush appeared in his cheeks.

"You're so cute, Ayuzawa," he teased while smirking happily.

"Sh-shut up! Anyway, let me sit properly so we can have lunch," she deadpanned as she tried to move away from his lap.

"It's okay. You eat your lunch while staying right here," he said, tightening his embrace.

"You don't have your lunch?"

When he shook his head, she sighed and opened her lunch box.

"Here. It's not much but…" she said with a blush as she offered food at him. She blushed all the more when she saw his shocked face, no doubt not expecting her uncharacteristic action. "If you don't want…"

Misaki didn't finish her words as he took a bite and then kissed her nose as soon as he had chewed the food.

"You're really sly, Ayuzawa."

She ignored his words as she also ate. She was embarrassed, alright, and he was making it worse. However, she was also glad that she could do something for him. After all, it was always him who was making her something to eat.

"You need energy."

"To face the student population? You're right," he said with a chuckle. He had been nagged by a lot of students, especially boys, asking him what he saw in her or if he was bewitched or something the like. Of course they immediately backed away when a deadly aura surrounded him. They would never understand what he saw in her or on what she could offer, but he wanted it that way. The complexity of the demon president of Seika High during school hours and maid after class, and the real person in between, was for him and him alone to have the pleasure of knowing and discovering.

Misaki only nodded in agreement to Usui's words as she contemplated about something.

"I wonder how your fangirls are taking the news in."

"Don't worry. I'll protect you from any attacks from them."

"That's not what I'm thinking. I'm worried about their feelings. No doubt they are hurt."

He chuckled as he shook his head.

"As expected of you. Worrying about others instead of yourself again, aren't you?"

She flushed at his comment.

"You worry enough for me so I don't have to anymore. Besides, we couldn't really help it. It's not like we're trying to hurt people on purpose."

"My valiant girlfriend. Always trying to protect others including her boyfriend from those who she is also trying to protect," he said with a teasing smile.

"Sh-shut up. I told you before, I will protect you, too."

"That's why you're my valiant girlfriend."

She looked away in embarrassment. Her fingers itched to hit him for saying such embarrassing thing, but she controlled herself. Besides, her embarrassment stemmed more at the fact that she was happy. She really needed to learn how to properly deal with her happiness caused by him.

"You know, I think I'm going to forget my lunch from now on so that I will not only share with my girlfriend but also be feed by my girlfriend," Usui commented after chewing the food she offered absent-mindedly.

"You wish," she snapped.

Chuckling, he held her chin and surprised her with a kiss. He insisted for her to open her mouth, and when she did, he plunged his tongue inside. She was breathing heavily when he let go.

"You know what, I think I like it better if my girlfriend will feed me by her mouth," he commented as he licked his lips.

Her eyes widened at his comment.


The food she had just put in her mouth before he kissed her was gone.

'He ate it?'

Her face flamed. She covered her face with her hands as thoughts whirled in her head.


"I'll do the same if you want," he coaxed.

She thought she'd overheat with his comment. He was teasing her, she knew it.


She removed her hands from her face to look at him, and watched with trepidation as he placed a food in his mouth. She shook her head and leaned away when he leaned close.

"N-no…No way."

He pouted childishly. When she continued to shake her head in a no, he gave her the puppy eyed look. She gasped. He was being unfair!

"You…ugh fine! Annoying outer-space alien!"

Defeated, she leaned close to him and opened her mouth when he kissed her.

"Happy now?" She snapped as soon as the episode was over. She rolled her eyes when he grinned at her. "Stupid alien. Let's go now."

Hand in hand, they left the rooftop. For the first time, they held hands in front of the gawking students. Determined, she didn't pull her hand away even though she fidgeted every once in a while. Besides, every time she fidgeted, he would squeeze her hand, silently giving her courage. So with head held high and a slight blush in her cheeks, she allowed him to proudly show everyone that she was his and he was hers. Their secret was finally revealed, and they had nothing to do except to move on and face everything together.




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