The descriptions of the characters are based around the 25th anniversary concert cast (Samantha Barks, Nick Jonas, Ramin Karimloo ect)

Eponine x Enjolras: i have tried to keep it as close to the story line as i can but this fic will take a different path from the story because...well you will see ;D

Also, a few lyrics from the songs will be included, a few tweaks might be made by me to make it fit the Eponine and Enjoras story ^_^

Enjoy 3

Eponine couldn't go home. If she did, her father would punish her. His warning still rang in her ears...

"You aint ma girl! You'll rue this night. I'll make you scream - You'll scream alright!"

Thendaier had wanted revenge. Revenge on Cosette's father, Monsieur Jean Valjean. But she had gone against her father's will and revealed him, screaming to alert Cosette and her father. So she could save Marius. Marius...

Her father and his gang of disgusting friends had fled, he leaving after he had given her his warning. She couldn't go home. If she did, he might as well kill her.

Marius had fled with her, she had left him at the gate to Rue Plummet, he had headed to the ABC cafe that had become he and his friends' sanctuary. And she, well she did what made her feel better – stay as far away from home as she could.

And now I'm all alone again nowhere to turn, no one to go to.

She sighed and shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her worn coat. She glanced around at the dark, dirty streets of Paris. The street smelled from the sewage, the houses all around were tall and cramped, dirty and uninviting. The lower class lived miserable lives. But still, she loved walking the streets at night. She loved the dark, here she could be free, she was hidden from everyone's gaze and completely alone. She could think what she wanted, do what she wanted, and be whoever she wanted to be. For a while, she could live inside her head...

She imagined Marius as she always did, imagined he was walking with her. She could feel his arm wrapped lovingly and protectively around her, she could feel the comforting warmth radiating from his skin. She could have him for her head.

Pretending he's beside me

But...this Marius was different from the real Marius. For one, this Marius loved her, not Cosette. He was also taller, and not as scrawny – more solid and muscular. His hair wasn't as curly and a deeper brown – almost black. And when she looked at his wasn't Marius she saw, it was one whom she had never spoken two words to.

She loved Marius...but only in her mind...because in her mind, he was everything she wanted, he was perfect, he was nothing like the real Marius. He was him.

I love him, but only when I'm on my own.

She walked further into the night, her hallucination growing stronger with every step. The moon's rays shone feebly through the veil of clouds that patched the sky like dark angels, watching over those below, mocking them in their grief.

She let her mind wander with her illusion as she walked. She let everything she was dreaming be all she knew for the time being. She let her every sense become completely occupied by the ghost of a man she imagined by her side.

Then she glanced up and found herself standing in front of the ABC cafe, her feet leading her here while her mind wandered.

The light pouring from the windows of the ABC cafe chased away the cold shadows of the night and her illusion fled with them.

She stood alone in the shadows, shivering from the sudden cold night air. Her eyes wide, were on the door.

Would he be in there? Who was "he"? Who was it she was wanting to see? Was it Marius...or...him?

What's the matter with me? Why am I acting so childish? He doesn't love me, he has Cosette – No! It isn't him you want! You know who your heart yearns for! - Even so, he doesn't even know I exist! – He does, you just haven't been looking – I love him.

She clutched her head in her hands. The battle she forever fought within herself returning. She took a deep breath and moved towards the door, pushing it open.

Who is it I truly want? She asked of herself for the hundredth time. And the same answer returned; an answer from her heart; an answer she knew in her depths of her soul was true.