She looked over the familiar landscape, from the misty lights across the river to it's rushing depths. From the stars that sparkled in the sky to the water cast silver in the moon's glow. Such a familiar sight and yet it was completely different. Everything seemed brighter, the air seemed fresher, the night was more beautiful than it had ever been before.

Enjolras' arms slid around her waist, resting on her flat stomach. He pressed his body to hers protectively and comfortingly. His head rested on her shoulder, their cheeks touching gently. She smiled and felt her heart begin a beating dance at the contact. How she had longed for him to be with her like this. Her illusion had never done him any justice. He was here, really here. His arms were really around her, his heart was really beating against her back, his breath was caressing her neck gently, he was loving her finally.

They stood, comfortable in their embrace for a while.

"i want to marry you, Eponine" he spoke softly, so soft she nearly missed it.

She turned around in his arms, her eyes finding his once more. Her heart thudded and her neck tingled.

"Marry me?"

His eyes were on hers, a smile on his lips, his hand came up to her face, gently caressing her cheek.

"Say yes, my love. I want you to be with me forever, I want you to be mine. I want to keep you safe, give you the best. You know my wealth. I love you. And i know that -"

His words were silenced for the second time that night as she took his face in her hands and kissed him fiercely.

She pulled away, resting her forehead against his, "yes, i will marry you" she whispered.

He grinned, lifted her up and swung her around in the air. She laughed out loud with him, her hair flowing around her, her dress trailing in the wind. He placed her back on the ground, grinning broadly.

"I love you, Eponine. And when this war is over, everyone will know it, because we will be married."

The war. What if... "Enjolras, i don't want you to go to war." She whispered, a horrible ache in her chest at the thought of losing him to the war.

"'Ponine, i must. You know i must." He spoke softly.

"But i -"

"- don't fret, love. Everything will be fine. Don't bother yourself with what is to come. For now, let us enjoy the night, and that we have each other."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced him, needing to stand on her tip-toes to reach his height. She squeezed her eyes shut against her tears. She was so scared for him. She didn't want this war to come; she didn't want to lose him. His arms locked around her waist, so strong and comforting as he held her so close against his body.

She sighed and buried her face into his shoulder, breathing him in and letting her fears be calmed. She would do as he said and enjoy the moments she had with him while she could.