Classified Spy File 8 (Epilogue)

When they returned to Siddley, the jet had fallen asleep. Finn bumped tires with the plane and his eyes opened halfway before he let out a groggy yawn. "Mornin, Finn."

"Not quite," Finn replied, "but I hope you slept well all the same; it will likely be morning before you can catch any more winks."

Holley raised an eye-ridge at Finn. "Have you been... waiting here for me a while?"

Finn smiled.

"But I thought you said the mission is urgent!"

"It is. Not that urgent, however."

"...I massively appreciate it."

"No time for chit-chat until we are on board, Miss Shiftwell."

"Ah! Yes! Sorry!" Holley rushed inside as soon as Siddley lowered the door.

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