Table of Contents:

Sugar and Sweat: Zero is a pet to Yuki and Kaname. He lives a life of luxury tasting the sweetest pleasures in life. Rated M.

Our secret: Hidden in his new home, Zero finds a tomb for something he'll never understand. Yet, he understands he's feeding it. Rated T

Dead is the New Drug: Kaname is a chemists and a junkie. When his lab is found by the police he loses his biggest source of cash, until two new costumers come asking him to make a new drug from their blood. Rated M

Children love Chocolate: Follow Kaname Kuran as he raises two silver haired cherubs and see how they tempt him to give them the dark kiss of death from their small little mouths. Rated M

The Asylum: Zero is an intern at St. Cross Psychiatric Asylum. When a new patient arrives Zero can't help but get close. Will Zero condemn his new friend to solitary confinement or help him seek out revenge. Rated T

Tame the Wild: Cross has developed a new way of taming vampires by soul binding them to hunters. When Ichiro brings his new soul bound pureblood to school Zero finds out what wild vampires are really like. Rated T

ittle mouths.t him to give them the dark kiss of death from their smal a new drug._

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