So this fic is for hotxhotguy who wanted Kaname to feel guilty about what he did to Zero in Welcome to the Universe, but that's not going to happen ever so I'll just write you a whole new fic where he can. Although I have deviated from that path a lot, please enjoy this fic for it is written for you with love 3.

Cross lead Zero toward the training room, skipping his way down dressed head to toe in white fur. Zero could feel the autumn chill through the windows, but seeing Cross dressed like that inside was just absurd. They walked down the clean, marble halls of the Cross Hunter's Academy. The academy was dedicated to training the next generation of hunters to fight against vampires. As of late, Cross had been experimenting with training hunters in new ways of coexisting with vampires.

Hunters have tamed vampires for generations. By marking the vampire with a tattoo and dipping its blood on an anti-vampire metal a human can bond with the vampire. This sort of bonding had been done before to tame vampires, but Cross enhanced the bond. By making the hunter share part of their mind and soul with the vampire it created a more intimate bond. It was Cross's daughter, Yuki, Zero had bonded with. Had it not been for part of her soul he would be a raving made monster, guzzling down blood as if it were air. As they moved Zero could feel his tattoo getting warmer as he moved closer to Yuki. He could feel the warmth that was her soul within him, the gentle soft touch of her feeling he was near. Their bond was strong.

"Oh, new trainees. New trainees," Cross sang. "Zero I can't wait for you to meet them."

"Would you stop that old man?" Zero growled. "Your very presence is annoying, let alone your God awful singing."

"Oh, what a wonderful mission this will be." Cross sang more, ignoring Zero's displeasure.

Zero gritted his teeth. After coming back from a much needed break after a serious den extermination, Cross drags him into doing grunt work. "Isn't there someone else that can do this?"

Cross's voice dipped into a deeper octaves. "No, it can only be you. You. You. You."

Zero rolled his eyes. This infernal singing wasn't going to stop any time soon. They walked on, down familiar halls and taking turns that told Zero they were going to the gymnasium.

"We're here!" Cross let out a high pitch squeal and burst through the double doors of the training room. Zero entered in behind him far less gaudy. The training room was as big as a gymnasium, but with far more weapons hanging on the walls. Dozens of weights and training equipment were neatly spaced and organized throughout the gym. The only thing out of place was the five large cages, covered with sheets so the inhabitants couldn't see. By each cage stood a hunter, dressed in their black uniforms, they were all a deadly force to reckon with.

"Zero," a tiny voice squeaked, "I'm glad you're here." Yuki walked up to Zero, her bright smile welcoming. His tattoo blazed hotter than before, the gentle warmth was soothing. He could feel she was anxiety and happy. Yuki felt Zero's confusion and understood he had no idea what was going on.

"My dear, Yuki, what about daddy?" Cross twirled like a ballerina.

"Now, we can begin." Yuki ignored her father and turned towards a case where the balls were kept. On top lay of the cage laid a person Zero loved more than his own life. "Ichiro we can start now. Zero's here." At the top of the cage the balls popped out a silver headed boy with Zero's face.

"Zero," A yawn broke his sentence, "it's about time." Ichiro carefully wiggled his way to the side of the cage to climb down. "Took you long enough," Ichiro said with glee.

"Hey little bro," Zero said. Even though now they weren't brothers now because of the vampire blood that coursed through Zero's veins, they still considered each other family. They had been born twins, but now looked more like brothers who were a year apart. Ichiro was growing rapidly for a seventeen year old. Now, Ichiro stood two inches taller. His face was more mature, with his cheeks becoming more defined and his eyes deeper set, while Zero still held some of their baby fat and cherub features. The blood in his veins was causing him to age slower; soon he'd stop aging completely. Deep down Zero could feel the pain of not looking like his brother anymore. Ichiro would grow old and die while he would stay young forever.

"Now that Zero is here we can get started!" Yuki said jumping. Now Zero remembered he had no idea what they were doing.

"What are we training in today?" Zero asked hoping either Ichiro or Yuki would know what was going on.

"You are training -." Cross answered.

"We are training bound vampires today." Yuki interrupted her father. "You and I will be demonstrating basic techniques and ways to fight."

"Yuki why are you so cold to Daddy?" Cross being to tear up. "Why don't you love me?" He asked while running out of the gym.

"You know you shouldn't ignore him like that." Ichiro said while laughing.

"Probably, but if I don't he won't go away." Yuki replayed. "Now let's get started. Positions, please." She told the hunters. "Zero stand by me." Zero followed Yuki's instruction, some of it was by his own free will, but he could fill the underlying tug of her command. "Today we will begin training you in controlling your newly bound partners."

Zero watched as each hunter took their place by a covered cage. He couldn't believe how many had successfully bounded with a vampire. Branding a vampire is still considered incredibly difficult for both the vampire and the hunter. Even if the vampire is willing, they must go through countless pricks from anti vampire needles filled with dyed silver ink; this allows the ink stay there forever. After that, the hunter and the vampire must go into a room filled with light from the sun and the walls etched with symbols. That's when part of the hunter's soul is placed within the vampire's body. Zero remembered his six hours sitting in a chair, his neck stiff, and Yuki laboring away with the needle. She had dropped the needle several times in the ink. He wanted to scold her, but he was far too weak to do so. After that he and Yuki were sent into the binding room. He remembered her holding on to him and then passing out. When he stepping out he was alright, his skin a bit burnt, but better than when he went in. Yuki's big eyes stated at him with renewed life, before she fainted from exhaustion. Zero wondered how the other hunter's binding went.

As the hunter's finished getting near each cage, Zero noticed one of the cages was missing a hunter. "Okay," Yuki continued, "Your first command will be to greet them. Remember even though the vampire is still a very intelligent being..." Zero zoned out, knowing how this lecture would go. He concentrated on the cage with the missing hunter. Something disturbed Zero about that cage. The scent that came from that one was sweeter than the others. The aura around the cage was darker than the rest. Zero started at the cage closer, attempting to study it. "…bow!"

"Wha-," Zero was barely paying attention when Yuki gave the command, but the bond between them saw to it that his body was always listening to her. Zero's legs fell underneath him, his arms planted themselves before him, and his forehead hit the floor.

"With more feeling behind your commands you can make your partner move against their will. Now, one by one give it a try." The command faded away and Zero was about to move again.

"My God, women! At least give me a warning." Zero screamed.

"Well if someone was paying attention they would've heard me call the command out three times before that." Yuki said between her teeth.

"If I'm like that with my partner I hope we get a divorce." Ichiro joked.

Zero looked up at Ichiro from the floor. "Wait, you bonded with a vampire?"

"Sayori, you first." Yuki said, progressing with the class.

A short haired honey blond girl stepped forward and unveiled her vampire first. The creature hissed its displeasure from being removed from the dark sanctuary. Inside the cage snarled a golden haired, female vampire. "My name is Sayori Wakaba. It is a pleasure to meet you." The vampire only stared at Sayori, her eyes uninterested. "Please, bow." The vampire jerked as she fell to the ground her body moving on its own. Her eyes were wide with hate at being commanded so easily. "What is your name?" Sayori asked.

"R-Rima Toya," The vampire tried to hold back her tongue, but could not.

"It is a pleasure."

"Great job, Sayori." Yuki cheered, "Your turn, Kasumi."

Kasumi pulled the cover off the cage with enthusiasm. The cage held a stunning brown haired, female vampire. She was tall and had the figure of a beautiful model. Kasumi face was one of pure conceited and blush. "I am your new lord and master, Kasumi Kageyama. It is a pleasure to have you." There was a gleam of foul lusty intention and drool oozing from Kasumi. "What's your name gorgeous?" The girls could not help, but feel sorry for the female vampire.

"I think someone needs to put their tongue in their mouth before it gets bitten off." Sayori warned.

"Up yours, Yori! You're just jealous because I caught a gorgeous and powerful vampire." Kasumi turned his attention back towards his vampire. "Well gorgeous." The vampire looked at Kasumi with utter boredom. She gritted her teeth, but willfully answered his question.

"Ruka Souen. A pleasure." She hissed out her greeting, showing true frustration at her new arrogant overlord. Kasumi didn't seem to hear her and was squealing like an idiot about how beautiful her voice was.

"Kasumi that's nice and all but you're supposed to get her to bow." Yuki tried to remind Kasumi of the task at hand, but he was lost in his own world. "Oh, just go on ahead, Shiko."

Next, was Nasdeshiko. She slowly peeled the covers back from the cage, as if revealing something of grand value. Inside the cage was the youngest vampire they had ever seen. His baby face and blonde hair with large baby blue eyes were only seen in paintings. His tiny hands held the bars and large eyes examined the room with much curiosity.

"Hello, I'm Nasdeshiko Shindo. It's nice to meet you." Nasdeshiko bow.

The little cherub eyes grew wide and a smile caused his face to blush. "I'm Aido Hanabusa, but my friends just call me Idol. Nice to meet 'cha." He said while jumping twice his height.

"Oh, um… could you please bow for me." Nasdeshiko asked shyly.

"Sure." Aido landed in bowing position with a loud smack on the bottom of the metal caged.

"Thank you." Nasdeshiko said.

"Eh, good job, Shiko." Yuki praised, "Next up is Kaito."

The black curtain over the Kaito's cage disappeared in a blink of an eye, unveiling a strawberry blond, male vampire. The vampire's eyes glowed red while black smoke blew from his nostrils. The vampire bowed without a command.

"I am Kain Akatsuki. It is a pleasure Lord Takamiya." The vampire spoke.

"Kaito Takamiya." Kaito bowed his head.

"Holy crap! Kaito did it without speaking." Kasumi stated amazed.

"You didn't do it at all." Sayori retorted.

"You know what Sayori I'm really getting sick of your-" Kasumi was starting to fume.

"That's enough, Kasumi!" Yuki interrupted, "Everyone, that is an advanced technique where you communicate directly with the mind of the vampire," Yuki lectured, "It is not to be taken lightly, because if you are not experienced enough you can-."

"Lose your mind to theirs." Kaito interrupted. He was mere inches from the cage. Kaito lifted his hand and Kain mimicked him. As Kaito moved up and down the cage so did the vampire. "Yet, if you aren't strong enough they'll do this to you as well. Like a puppet on strings." Kaito moved back from the cage and let go of his control on Kain. Kain fell to the floor, breathing heavily with beads of red sweat running down his face. Kain hissed his displeasure at Kaito, his body shacking with rage and humiliation.

"In short, yes." Yuki looked as displeased as Kain with the little show. "You can lose your mind and control of your body." Yuki made sure the warning hit home. Most of the hunters here had encountered vampires before and knew how deadly they were, but it never hurt to remind them. "Kaito, I would like to see you after class. This little display has earned you an unsatisfactory."

"Alright." Kaito was not the least bit brother by his grade.

"Well moving on. Ichiro it is your turn."

"When did you bond with a vampire?" Zero's eyes opened wide and he stared at his brother wanting him to explain why he was going next. Zero knew his brother was hunter material. His body was weak from illnesses he suffered from when he was a child.

"Same time as everyone else, really." Ichiro answered.

"But-" Zero started to say.

"Not now, Zero, just let me show you."

Ichiro walked up to the last cage. Zero was getting a bad feeling all over. Zero watched as his brother walked into what looked like a black void. Ichiro threw back the cover, unveiling a tall male brunette vampire. His dark red gaze went over everyone in the gym and lingered on Zero for the tiniest of seconds. A faint smile appeared on the vampire's lips. The vampire was shirtless, displaying his freshly inked tattoo over his heart in the shape of snake constricting a rose.

"Hello, I am Kaname Kuran. It is nice to see you all." All eyes were on this vampire. His scent, his beauty, and even his voice memorized them all.

"Ichiro is using his mind to make the vampire speak." Kasumi yelled.

Ichiro's laughter lightened the atmosphere. "Actually, he's talking all by himself. I haven't done anything. How are you Kaname?"

"I'm well, thank you, Ichiro. I see that is your brother over there. Zero, was his name?"

"Yes, his name is Zero." Ichiro answered.

Kaname looked at Zero. Zero felt a chill run through his body as those crimson eyes gazed over him. "Come here, Zero."

The response from Zero was automatic. He began to walk towards the cage. His thoughts all fixated on that single action. When Zero got close to the cage he smelled the sweet scent Kaname naturally emitted. It was a magnificent smell, as if Zero had passed by a field of flower, a bakery, and fresh rain. Zero stopped in front of the cage, nearly shoving his face between the bars. The vampire bent over placing his face in front of Zero's.

"You never drank the blood of the one that made you." Zero shivered from the winter breath Kaname exhaled with every word, "You are like a lion born inside a zoo, never knowing the wild or tasting its fruits." Zero could feel something tugging him in the back of his mind. He could feel the vibrations of the chaos in the room, but right now there was only him and Kaname. The softness of his voice and the way his cold breathe felt against his skin was exhilarating. "Would you like to taste some of that blood, Zero? Taste the wild that has been denied to you for so long?"

Zero was gripping the cage bars so tight his knuckles had gone white. The anti-vampire metal was starting to burn his hands. He whimpered his annoyance at the disturbance. His mouth quivered with an answer.

"ZERO! STOP!" Ichiro was holding him by the shoulders, pulling him away from the cage. A glint of silver lashed at Kaname, striking him in on his tattoo. A loud zap and pop left the hunters holding their ears.

"Zero, are you alright?" Yuki had run up and was hovering over him. Zero lay on the floor, conscious, but unable to move. "Yori, Shiko, Kisuma, get Zero to the infirmary, now!" She said with desperate urgency.

"Yes!" The hunters said in unison.

"Kaito, Ichiro, help me make sure each vampire is carefully placed away. After this you two will be seeing Cross about this." There was an anger in Yuki's voice that when surfaced even Kaito couldn't help but obey.

"Yes." The hunters quickly grabbed the covers and placed them back over each cage. Before the cover could veil Kaname, Zero got the last look at the vampire. Kaname's arms and legs were bound to the bottom of the cage with large claymores stabbing into his flesh and his torso wrapped in chains. Even through all this Kaname stared at Zero with those crimson eyes of his, even after the hunters carried him away.


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