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It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon, the snow covered grounds left little to do, but stay inside the castle. The four marauders were thrown around the dorm room in various states of boredom. Lupin huddled over a book, James was playing with a snitch whose magic was starting to wear off, Peter starred out a window, and Sirius hung his torso off the bed with his long hair barely skimming the wooden floor.

"Prongs, I'm bored." Sirius said as blood was starting to rush to his head making his face red.

"Me too. What'd you want to do?" James responded locking the slowed snitch in his drawer.

"I don't know. This whole mandatory study time is painful. I mean how hard can OWL's really be?" Sirius laughed and pulled his torso onto the bed by sitting up with his abs. Seemingly, just to prove how impressive they were.

"Here's a novel idea, why don't you three study?" Lupin said, a little agitated that the silence of the room had been broken.

A thick band of laughter erupted from James and Sirius, "Do you want curse a fourth year?" James suggested

"Na, they'd all be at Hogsmeade anyway." Sirius flopped back into the cascade of pillows.

"I do need to make another plan to ask Evans out." James said

"Wait I got it." Sirius jumped out of bed, rushing to his trunk to pull out a roll of parchment, a well of ink and a very beautiful peacock quill.

"Got what, Pads?" James responded.

"We're gonna make to do lists." Sirius said with a smirk. James looked at him curiously his eyebrow raising in a supercilious glance.

"Look Pads, I know you like organized stuff but since when do you make to do lists?" James questioned

"Only when there sexual do to lists, Prongs." Sirius said with a laugh. The mood of the room quickly changed, James was now perched on the edge of his bed looking at Sirius, Peter had a geeky smile plastered across his baby fat face, and Lupin had raised his face from the book to stare with a smirk on his face at the parchment in Sirius's hands.

"Now how would another piece of your magically charmed parchment work for this?" Lupin questioned

"You see, you write down sexual fantasies, nothing super specific just anything, from a place, to a specific person, a ethnicity of person, certain props maybe?" Sirius laughed looked over at Peter and muttered, "Like with a penis pump, Wormtail?" Sirius laughed and was quickly joined by James and Lupin.

"So you in?" Sirius said not to anyone in particular. Only Peter responded with an enthusiastic "Yes".


"Why the bloody hell not?" James responded

"Moooonnnnyyyy?" Sirius whined to Lupin


The four sat down around Sirius, James joining him on the bed, Remus sitting on Sirius's trunk and Peter isolated on James bed.

The room remained silent as parchment was given out. Peter finished quickly, and tried to sneak-a-peek at Sirius's list but he hid it from view. Lupin was the next to finish, but he sat and contemplated his final line. James was the next to finish, and rolled up his parchment. Sirius took that time to grab a second piece and continue to scribal furiously.

When Sirius finally laid his quill down, the other three marauders seemed increasingly interested in what was written on his parchment.

"Ok, you first Wormtail." Sirius stated.

"uhhh, well, I..." Peter stuttered, at that moment James grabbed the scroll and read aloud.

"Kiss a Girl, and Have Sex with a Girl." James said, the smirk on his face growing exponentially.

"Pads if I'm not mistaken, I think we should be able to amend the lists." James said

"Prongs, I think your right and I think we should amend Wormtails to say 'Kiss a Real girl, and Have sex with a Real Girl'." the group laughed as Peter looked slightly dejected but Lupins list was next.

Remus grabbed it and read aloud, "With someone I really love, and with my soul mate" he looked up.

"Awe, Moony, Our old love bug." James teased.

"Come on guys, two things? Nothing else? Your sex lives are going to be really bloody boring." Sirius moaned

"Well I had another one..." Remus trailed off

"I'm listening Moony" said Sirius

"As a werewolf?" Remus replied

"A werewolf? Really Moony? Who or what would you do? I mean god I really hope you don't mean one of us in the Shrieking Shack." Sirius erupted in laughter

And unlike the dejected Peter, Moony laughed the comment off and the Marauders went back to the two remaining lists.

"Prongs, your next" said Sirius as James started to read from his scroll

"Lily Evans, Lily Evans in the library, Lily Evans in a Broom Cupboard, Lily Evans in an Empty Class Room, Lily Evans in front of Snivellus, Make Lily Finish Multiple times before I do, and Lily Evans in every single room of our house." James finished with a smirk, but before he could get too cocky Sirius interrupted

"Ok, while your effort was obviously more valiant than the other two, I feel as little Miss Lily might have a problem screwing you in front of her childhood best friend, second, the multiple finishes, I feel as though you might be overestimating your abilities Prongs." Sirius laughed, as James shot him a dirty look.

"Well Pads, why don't you just show us how it's done then?" Prongs retorted

"Ok, well here goes,

In a Ministry Elevator

In an Ocean

In a Muggle car wash

On a Magic Carpet

On a roof top

On the Astronomy Tower

On a Staircase (preferably a moving one)

Broom Sex

On a boat

Completely Body Painted

Flying Road Head on my Bike

All tied up (Me or Her)

Skinny Dipping (in the Black Lake)

After Strip Poker

In the Forbidden Forest

A Slytherin in the Dungeons

In my Gringotts Vault

A professional female Quidditch player

With a Tattooed chick

And finally, A girl from Beaubaxtons that rides those big horses" Sirius finished the list with a big smirk.

"You can't do all of those Sirius." said the ever logic Lupin

"Want to make it interesting Moony?" Sirius taunted

"Sure, what did you have in mind, Pads?"

"How about wearing frozen underwear for entire night out?" Sirius said with a smirk

"Lame" said James

"How about French kissing a dog?"

"Sirius, no one wants to French Kiss you." James smirked

"Ok I got it, Last one to finish their list has to wear frozen underpants for the duration of the night, while randomly licking everyone in a close proximity's ear, on two doses of ecstasy, and at the end of the night you have to plead your undying for the three Marauders that were able to complete their lists." Sirius finished.

"Done" replied Lupin and James at the same time, the three in agreement then turned to Peter who was rolling his parchment over and over in his hands.

"Come on Wormtail, It's just a little fun." encouraged James

"Fine, I'm in." Peter replied

Sirius tapped the charmed rolls of parchment three times with his wand. And the four of them would never know just how many stories they'd gained from the creation of those simple To Do Lists.

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