James's Chapter

James's List consisted of a few more items then Wormtail's and Moony's; but wasn't even close to being as long as Padfoot's.

Lily Evans

Lily Evans in the library

Lily Evans in a broom cupboard

Lily Evans in an empty classroom

Lily Evans in front of Snivellus

Lily Evans in every single room of our house.

And James was the Marauder that basically had to convince the one person who hated him most to have sex with him. Sirius already had quite a few things on his list crossed off; even Peter had the first part of his list crossed off.

But his list started to turn blue fairly quickly starting at Christmas of his seventh year. When Lily Evans had finally agreed to go out with him. They'd quickly started dating, and hardly spent any time apart.

He had invited her to spend an early holiday at his parents' house. She'd come over and had a rather quiet dinner minus the excessive sexual innuendo's via Sirius. Which his parents either missed or just ignored. But soon after the meal Sirius had gone out, and his parents had gone to bed in the west wing of the Manor.

They'd gone to the east ring, but more importantly, his bedroom. She looked around to the Quidditch posters, the couple of Muggle posters of girls in bikini's, and most importantly the big four poster bed in the center of the wall. She'd thrown herself onto the bed, her hair swirling in a thousand directions. She'd never looked more beautiful, and that was when the first item on his list was crossed out.

Upon returning to school every Marauder noticed, "Prongs, you slept with Lily?" Lupin asked as they returned to their room.

"Uhhh, yeah." his response was quiet, like he didn't want to kiss and tell.

"Prongs, you mother fucker. Why didn't you tell me? I've been at your house for a week, you prat." Sirius threw himself violently on his bed

"Sorry Pads, But just for the record, I never fucked your mother." James retorted with a smirk

"Oh well, I guess its fine, I mean I did sleep with your mother." Sirius's eyebrow wiggled and James through a punch straight into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

And in less than a week, a second item was being crossed off the list, walking a midnight patrol; they'd stumbled into an empty classroom. A devilish smile had graced her eyes, as she yanked him inside, locking the door behind them.

Their clothes hit the floor, and James pushed her against a desk. He kissed all the way down her neck to her collarbones; as her hands laced their way into his hair. She loved his hair. The black spikes stood out everywhere. That night a second item was crossed off his list.

James was happy, just to be around Lily, he started to forget the lists. As long as he was with Lily he could care less whether he lost the bet. Lupin and Peter hadn't even started theirs.

Right before the spring holiday, Lily had pulled him into the library, the restricted section and started to kiss him. She nipped at his neck, and he quickly started to suck on the side of her soft neck. When Madame Pince started walking around they stopped and walked back to the common room.

But it didn't stop the tightness in James's pants, but it did plant an idea in his head. Another blue line.

That night around midnight, when the other three Marauders had fallen asleep he walked down stairs. Lily was waiting for him by the fire.

He walked over and tossed his invisibility cloak over them both. They walked out and down to the library, finding their spot in the restricted section; they continued what they'd started earlier. After a quickie, the pair headed back up to the common room.

James didn't truly remember when the fourth item was crossed off, sex in a broom cupboard. Close to the end of the year, they'd come back from Hogsmeade, completely blitzed from the case of firewhisky Sirius bought the group. They were a mess of ripped clothing, heavy breathing, and stumbling as they left the broom cupboard.

A fourth blue line appeared on James's lists.

The fifth line, appeared on their second to last day at Hogwarts. Be never thought he'd pull it off, but on accident. He and Lily actually had sex in front of Severus Snape.

He'd snuck down to the common room late at night and after throwing the invisibility cloak over themselves, they started off to one of their favorite empty classrooms. Walking up a staircase, James had started to rub himself up against her as they walked and she'd reciprocated every advance. Finally on a platform of the staircases, she turned and captured his lips.

They were always so perfect, plump and juicy. He pulled out her lower lip and raised his eyebrow. She'd know what he was asking and honestly he thought she'd slap him for even suggesting it. But she always surprised him, she grabbed his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed him her answer. She'd started to pull down the buttons on his oxford, as he backed up against a wall.

Completely unbuttoned, Lily took to his pants yanking them down. He set her down for a fraction of a second to kick off his pants and shirt. She'd ripped off her own shirt, and he helped her slip out of her skirt. He brought her face to his as underwear came flying off. He lost track of where their clothes were flying, he didn't really care bye he knew they were outside the shield of the invisibility cloak.

He gently flicked his tongue at her left breast, massaging it's twin as Lily's lips locked around the side of his neck. She starting sucking, until she left a mark. He quickly recaptured her mouth and entered her in a single stroke. She moaned against his lips and wrapped her legs around his waist tighter.

He drove deeper, and she meet him for every thrust. He really loved this girl. Truly loved her. He felt her walls start to flutter, he heard a noise. Footsteps, shit. He stopped she her down on her feet, spun her to look down the stairs, pressing their sweating bodies together.

Snape, Avery, and Nott appeared walking up their staircase. James bit his lip, and Lily whimpered. Avery found some clothes first. James had wrapped his hand across Lily's mouth to make sure she stayed quiet. The three Slytherin's deliberated in hushed voices. James was just praying they didn't look for name tags. Seeing as their required in all Hogwarts uniforms. They didn't.

They threw the clothes over the banister down to unmentionable depths of the dungeons. Lily made a muffled noise from behind James's hand. Snape immediately looked towards them. He waved his wand but seeing nothing, continued on past the platform where they stood. They quietly finished, only stopping for a second as Snape looked back to the platform.

They crept back to the common room, not bothering to go in search for their clothes.

"Lily, you can take the cloak, just give it back tomorrow when you have a chance." James said knowing he was going to have to run half way up the tower naked

"Thank you, James." she replied and kissed him on the cheek.

Standing at the stairway for the boy's dorms he kissed her head before ducking out from the cloak and jumping steps to his dormitory.

Lily cat-called behind him and he couldn't help but smile. As he reached his dorm, he never felt like there were so many steps before. As he quietly slipped into his bed, he heard the other stir. He prayed that they rolled over but he didn't have luck like that, "Prongs Did you just return to the dorm naked?" said Sirius

"No." his reply was short

"Pads, I think he's lying." said Lupin

"Definitely lying." said Sirius

"Whatever." James replied before rolling over and falling fast asleep.

The next morning Sirius just about had a heart attack as he saw that James and Lily actually managed to have sex in front of Snape.

James knew after that night he was never going to be able to live without her. After graduation, he got his family engagement ring from his father.

It was typical, but as he couldn't draw lots of attention to himself or the magical world due to the war, he settled. Nice candle lit dinner, and a ring in a box.

And it wasn't soon after their small wedding that they bought their first house, a cottage in Godric's Hollow.

The second the Muggle realtor had left the house, James had Lily's clothes off, pushing her roughly into the front door. The hallway was checked off. The bedroom was checked off that night. The next morning as Lily made coffee James couldn't help but sneak up behind her and kiss her neck.

He'd never believe that she'd actually married him. He loved her with every cell in his body.

The rest of the rooms were checked off quickly, leaving only two before crossing off the last note on his list. The second bedroom and the living room.

The living room came next, after a party with the Marauder's celebrating the resent success of the Order of the Phoenix. They'd come home and barely in the door they started making out on the living room couch. After just a minute Lily had stopped,

"I really home Sirius gets home ok." she said moving her lips away from James.

"He'll be fine Lily, he's been way worse before." James tried to comfort.

"Yeah, but times are different..." her voice trailed off and she pierced her lips.

"Lil, he'll be fine." James brought his lips back to her's and she quickly relented.

Thing got heated, and as Lily moaned and scratched as his back, James heard the front door open. Lily immediately ducked her head into his shoulder as James peered at the door. The door slammed operand a dark figure in a hooded cloak rushed in.

No one was supposed to know about this house, only Dumbledore, the Marauders, and a few other order members. The cloak soon hit the ground revealing an all too familiar figure. Sirius Black.

When Sirius finally spotted them, ha laughed, "Jeez guys, you could at least put a tie or hell a sock on the door." he slurred

"Sirius it's our house." James retorted, as the mood was officially killed and he wrapped a blanket around himself and Lily.

Lily's cheeks were blood red, and she was obviously mortified. James just laughed and followed Sirius into the kitchen.

The second bedroom was the last room in the house, and on Halloween a final blue line went through his list, making him the third Marauder to finish.

A week after however, Lily made an announcement. She was pregnant, with the baby that would soon live in that second bedroom.

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