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When George saw his brother's body, he didn't believe it. He would go over to Fred, shake him a bit, and he would wake up and say, "That was wicked." And George would agree. And they would light a few fireworks and forget the whole thing.

But it didn't work that way.

"Erm… Fred?" George asked, "FRED!" he yelled again. Then he slapped his brother as hard as he possibly could. When that didn't work, he slammed his fists into Fred's chest as hard as possible. Nothing.

"Rennervate!" No, not stunned. Only one answer left. The answer that made George fall to his knees and start sobbing.

He had lost his other half, the other side of him, part of his SOUL!

What do you do when you only have half of yourself?

What do you do when you're incomplete?

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