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So the story: After what happened at the Ministry (end of HP and the OotP), Harry askes Snape to teach him Occumency. How can Harry deal with his Godfather's death? Will he be able to learn Occlumency in time? Will they be able to defeat Voldemort? A boy with blue eyes appears. But who is he?


Chapter 0 – Prologue

Harry, having washed and gotten rid of all the dirt, brushed aside a watery mop of hair. He spread a white towel on his shoulder so the dripping water wouldn't soak his shirt completely, but a few drop of water still made its way to the parchment he was writing on. Harry wrote a letter. Two weeks had passed since he bid farewell to his friends at King's Cross Station in London. The members of the Order of the Phoenix had warned the Dursley's to treat the boy well. It seems that the daunting wizards reached their goal, although it must be because of their appearance more than the kind words.

The Dursley family now lived in fear on Privet Drive. Whenever Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia see Harry, they turn pale, start trembling and go away, as if the wizard boy is suffering from incurable and infectious disease. Dudley spends every day of the summer outside, biking with his gang and terrorizing little kids. The fat Dursley boy always returns home at dusk to spend as little time with his hated cousin as possible. He still remembers the events of last summer, when he and Harry were attacked by dementors. Whenever he remembers that night, a cold shiver runs through his body, and he eats a slice of chocolate to try to dismiss the memories. Though Harry never told him, this is the best way to regain the strength of the body and soul. Dudley was big enough. But he secretly rejoiced that Big D – as Dudley's friends call him – found the cure himself. As much as he hated his cousin, Harry thought with horror what would have happened if he had failed to stop the dementors. Dudley would be a soulless zombie as long as he lives, and there is no magic that can change that.

He never could have imagined that one day the Dursleys may be in danger because of him. His enemies, Voldemort, the Death Eaters and the dementors attacked his friends and associates in the magical world, but now this Muggle family has a reason to fear.

Harry did not like the family that took care of him during his life so far. However his heart told him to take action. He has to forget old resentments, and talk to them seriously. He wants to grow up because of the prophecy, but this requires something more than resting all summer long.

He dipped his quill in the ink bottle and signed the letter: "Yours sincerely, Harry J. Potter."

He carefully folded the parchment then put it in the already addressed envelope. He sealed it with red wax then closed it with a seal. He turned the small package – it was bulging with the papers in it – and ran his hands over the address. "Professor Severus Snape…"

Sighing, he made his way down the stairs to the kitchen where the Dursley's were already preparing for dinner. They never told him when it was time to eat. So who is left out, will not eat. The first couple of times he had to go to bed with an empty stomach. But he soon learned to use his nose to judge when dinner is ready. He guessed that Aunt Petunia's horrible smelling stew can't smell worse, so it's time to go down to eat. The letter was carefully concealed in the pocket of his pants and he sat down at the table.

Eating with the Dursley's was very specific. They sat around the tiny table, but it was by no means normal. Dudley, who was big enough to occupy one side of the table, was now sitting between his parents on his side of the table. Their motto was to sit as far away from Harry as possible. They didn't speak, but all three of them were watching their food with one eye, and the other one on Harry. They were afraid that the boy would do something that could harm them.

Harry slowly consumed his terrible tasting dinner, and when he finished, with a sigh he pushed the plate away and with clasped hands looked at the Dursleys. They turned pale immediately and either dropped the silverware or stared open-mouthed at the boy sitting opposite them.

"Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, Dudley, I need to talk to you. Now. We cannot delay it any further because it is important." He saw that Uncle Vernon's face first grow white then turned red in rage that he dared to break the sacred silence of dinner. "Please don't interrupt. It is very important for you to know the truth, because as long as I live here with you your life is in danger too." Hearing this, Aunt Petunia made a weak sound, and terrified, she put her arms around her beloved son. Uncle Vernon clenched his hands. Harry swallowed hard then continued.

"Last year when… Dudley and I were attacked by the two dementors… you could see that no one is safe from Voldemort and his powers, not wizards and not even the people who can't do magic. Back then I did what I could and saved Dudley." He made that clear as if to hope that his foster parents might look more positively. It seemed he did not achieve it. "But I'm not so sure that I can protect you now that Voldemort got his full powers back. Or myself…" He said squinting. "There is a prophecy…" he looked up to see their reaction. "It was recorded before I was born. It says that I will be Voldemort's biggest enemy and the final battle will be between us, and one of us will die. Either he kills me or he will die… by my hands."

He glanced at his sweaty fingers and started to rub them to stop the shaking. "No matter how many comrades are with us to help, we are fatal enemies until the end. But while I'm a child and inexperienced, he has the advantage and…" he could hardly say it. "He uses this successfully. He figured how to use me to achieve his goals, and I couldn't resist… and because of me… Sirius had to die…" He felt the lump in his throat constantly increasing, and his eyes began to hurt. "My godfather died. The one I talked to you about. The one who was in the TV. He came to rescue me but it cost him his life. My friends with whom I fought were all seriously injured, because I was impatient and reckless. It's my responsibility and it's very hard to bear. The wizards and witches at the station, with whom you spoke all live for one reason. And that is to protect me. But I don't want anyone to get hurt… or die… because of me."

He pulled out the letter from his pocket. "In the last two weeks I had time to think about what happened. There is a teacher… a very good teacher at school, who in the past year taught me. He tried to prepare me to defend myself from Voldemort's attacks. However, I was unable to learn due to my obstinacy. If I could just put aside my pride, my friends didn't have to suffer. It was a big mistake to act so childish, because it made our job more difficult. Now I have to make things right. I wrote a letter to him saying that I want to start over studying this summer under his supervision. And I need your consent" he finally said resolutely. He looked up into his uncle's eyes. "Uncle Vernon please let Professor Snape spend the summer here, and teach me what I should have learnt a long time ago!"

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