Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading this lovely novel by Brigi. I hope it was to your liking.

I wanted to post the last part and this letter today, because this day marks the fifth anniversary of this story. Five years ago on 28th of July I started working on the translation of The Boy with the Piercing Blue Eyes.

I think that my skills improved along the way, so later I'm going to go over the whole thing and correct mistakes along with reediting the whole thing. But that's going to be much much later.

To tell you the truth, there is a sequel to this story called Emerald Destiny but I'm not sure about what to do. It has been on hiatus since before I started translating this one, so it'll probably not going to be finished.

In case Brigi decides to continue it then I'll surely translate it. So far, there are 21 chapter and it is a really good story but I'm not sure if there is any sense in starting it.

Also, there is a sort of side story called Some Sentimental Stuff which is about some intimate moments between Severus and Rowena. It's not that long, so if enough people want it, then I'll consider translating that too.

Thank you again for reading. Especially if you've been following the story from the beginning.

Also, thank you for all the favs and follows and most importantly for the nice reviews.

Yours sincerely,