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Sayonara, Yuuki…

At the highest point of the academy, was kiryuu Zero. Leaning against a pillar of marble, you can even say he was kind of ... hidden. Perhaps embarrassed by the thoughtless attitude of being watching her right now.

Kuran Yuuki.

The pure-blood Princess.

He could see her from far.

So distant.

Each second more and more distant from him.

When did this happen?

Oh yes, it was when she was no longer hisYuuki ...

He could remember as if it had just occurred, so many lively memories, so much intensity. Her words full of brotherly love and somehow... something else.

"Zero, matte!"Her face was pure beauty at that ephemeral moment. Perhaps, it was because of the intensity of her feelings for him or because of that agony that flowed through her breathtaking brown orbs.

But those words caught him by surprise. "This man is ... My onii-sama!"

Oh she was lost.

Zero still could not believe his ears, it was as if his senses were just joking with him.


It took him a few moments to realize.

So it was true, his Yuuki was lost.

He had lost her forever.

Immersed in the darkness of the curse of being a pure-blood. A damned creature of the darkness.

The creature he hated the most! Still hates.

Yuuki Cross was now something cold, distant and empty.

An insane monster thirsted for just one thing: blood.

But ... If she had become something so disgusting, then why he could not take his eyes off her slim silhouette that's moving away right now, going so far away from him? The silhouette that remains following by a path which he certainly can not go through?

Leaving with that damned vampire.

"Yuuki, you're certainly leaving before me".

She looked at the horizon, the last rays of dawn graced her ivory skin.


Since then, Zero was confused, lost in his inner agony.

Those damn creatures have taken everything from him and now it was finally the final punishment.

Yuuki ...

Even after so long without seeing her. Even after so many months working out that so damn acceptance. Still ... it was so hard.

As a guardian and a hunter, his rationality insists that his destiny is chasing her to finally kill her. To spare the world of one more shadowy creature. However, his heart insists on telling him otherwise. Well, that just does not seem to want to listen anything about that damn rationality says.

Ignore it.

Because after all, deep down, so deep down he knows that the girl who was walking way under the last rays of twilight is still his...

Yuuki Cross...





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