Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie with a Twist



Disclaimer: The long awaited sequel to Jessie's Story has been completed and this is it! This is MY version of how Turbo took place, with my character included. Rocky never hurt his back, and Justin doesn't exist. You will finally learn a little more about Jess and her family besides Zordon and everyone else who was mentioned in the first fic. I do not own the rangers or any of the other characters that Saban created. I only own Jess, Lexi, and her family. Enjoy. It's rated PG-13 for language and violence.

Ch. 1: A Contest and a New Adventure

Lerigot gasped for breath as he hid behind a log. Any minute now he would escape to Earth, but first he had to ditch those sons-of-bitches that Divatox had sent after him.

"Come out, Come out where ever you are wizard," murmured one of the goons as he looked in the bushes. Lerigot pulled out his key, murmured something in his language, and disappeared into the air. There was only one person who could help him now…

* * *

Meanwhile, back on Earth, six teenagers sat around a small table in a Juice Bar in Angel Grove, California. These weren't ordinary teenagers though. They all shared the same secret. They were superheroes, defending the galaxy from evildoers who tried to take over the world.

"Here you go guys," said Ernie, the juice bar owner as he placed a tray full of food on the table the teens were sitting at.

"Thanks Ernie," said Tommy Oliver, a tall, muscular teenage boy who placed his arm around his longtime girlfriend Katherine Hilliard.

Adam Park, who was muscular like Tommy, chuckled as he watched his best friend Rocky DeSantos being held back by his other best friend and Rocky's fiancée, Jess Hartgrove. Rocky had immediately lunged for the food that was sitting on the tray. The others had burst into hysterics as Rocky put some whipped cream on Jess' nose and took off, with Jess chasing after him.

"Jeez, they're only engaged and yet they're acting as if they were married already," said Tanya Sloane, Adam's girlfriend.

"I don't see you complaining about us," said Adam, which made Tanya furiously blush. Tommy was still laughing. Kat hit him hard on the shoulder.

"The same goes for you too, mister," Kat said to Tommy in her deep Australian accent. At that time, Jess and Rocky had returned. Rocky was rubbing his shoulder, which meant Jess had given him a good beating.

"You were lucky that time, Bucko," said Jess as she sat down next to Kat. Ernie came back over to the table and handed a flyer to Jess.

"Oh Jess, I thought you guys might be interested in this, since you and the girls have a band."

Jess looked at the flyer. It was a Battle of the Bands contest, to be held right in the Juice Bar this coming Saturday night. The prize was $5,000 cash.

"The prize money would be enough to cover a good part of the wedding, Rocky. Hmmm, today's Wednesday," said Jess. "That's not much time, think we can pull it off?"

"Maybe," said Kat. "But we'd have to work extra hard with the short amount of time we have."

"I think we should do it," said Tanya.

"Great! There's a new song I've been wanting to do. I just finished it last night!" said Jess. "Ernie?"

"Yeah Jess?"

"Sign us up!"

"You got it!" he said as he wrote something on a piece of paper attached to a clipboard. At that time, a beeping sound went off and the six of them, silently groaned. Ernie smirked. He knew their secret, but didn't plan to tell them that he knew all this time. The six paid for their food and got up. Rocky grabbed a sandwich as they ran over to the corridor by the entrance. Luckily, no one was around but them.

"Go ahead Dad," said Jess into her communicator, a wristwatch device that each ranger wore.

"Rangers, please come to the Power Chamber. It's urgent," said Zordon.

"Right," they said and each ranger disappeared in colored-streaks of Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple with the tap of a button on their communicator.

* * *

"Aye, Aye, Aye!" exclaimed Alpha 5 as he ran around the large chamber, pressing buttons here and there. The rangers landed in the middle of all this. Jess and the others ran over to him.

"Alpha, what's going on?" asked Tommy.

"A massive surge of evil energy has messed up our sensors!" Alpha replied. "Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye!"

"Rangers, you must act swiftly, our galaxy is in grave danger," said Zordon as he appeared.

"Danger from what?" asked Kat.

"An evil pirate, by the name of Divatox, has forced a good wizard and close friend of ours by the name of Lerigot into hiding here on Earth. Lerigot is somewhere in Africa, and I need three of you to go find him. The other three need to stay here and keep an eye out for Divatox."

"Kat and I will go get him," said Tommy. Kat nodded.

"I'll go too," said Jess.

"Jess, Tommy, Kat, use the navigators in your power packs to locate him. But find him fast as he won't last very long in the Atmosphere," said Alpha.

"Be careful," said Rocky as he placed a kiss on Jess' forehead.

"Aren't I always?" Jess replied with a smile as she put her power pack on.

"I love you," said Rocky.

"I love you too," said Jess. They kissed.

"All right you too," said Adam as he pulled them apart. "Break it up. She's gotta go."

"Be careful you guys," said Tanya.

The three rescuers disappeared in their respective colors as the other three got to work.

To be continued…..