This is quick and dirty, just a lemon I wrote that came to mind after I saw this fuckhot picture of Kellan:

http: / / bit. ly/ FuckhotEmmett

It's not edited. There's no plot. It's just some fun smut I wrote in the middle of the day for no reason. But seriously, look at that picture. :)

This has nothing to do with Twilight. :)

"Where are my fucking panties?" I grumble, dropping down to my knees to peek under the bed. "Wasn't I wearing panties?" I ask, mostly to myself.

"Yeah," Emmett says, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. "I'm holding them ransom."

He's still naked and making no moves to get dressed; even though we spent the last half hour fucking in every position imaginable, I know he wants more. Wants me to stay.

"Fuck," I complain, grabbing my bra from the floor and pushing the straps up over my arms. "Give them back. I can't go back to work without underwear."

"Then don't go back to work," he teases, reaching out to pull me back to bed. His long fingers curl around my thighs and he pulls me closer, until I'm standing between his spread knees. "Stay with me, Rosie," he whispers, bending his head to press a soft, wet kiss to my hip.

"Haven't you had enough for one day?" I ask, pushing him away playfully. I walk away, reaching behind my back to fasten my bra as I move toward my clothes. I reach for the Chanel shift dress I'd laid carefully over the back of an armchair, but Emmett's chasing me. His arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me flush against his chest.

"Never," he whispers, pressing his lips to my neck. "Can never get enough of you."

I sigh, resigned to the fact that I can't escape his affection. That I really don't want to. I let him hold me like this, swaying back and forth and brushing his lips over my skin, until I feel him start to harden against me.

"Nuh uh," I tell him, wiggling out of his embrace. "I have to go back to work. And you do, too." I pick up his jeans off the floor and toss them in his direction, watching as he steps into them, pulls them up over his muscled thighs, and tucks his semi into the front.

"I'm my own boss," he argues, buttoning the bottom button on his fly. He leaves the others open, stalking forward towards me again. "I can work whenever I want to."

"Well I have a meeting in an hour with Tyler from finance, and I need to go over some reports before I talk to him. So I have to get dressed," I tell him. I pick up my dress and smooth my fingers over the fabric, making sure it isn't wrinkled.

"Rosie," Emmett says, his tone low and dangerous. I tear my eyes off of the fabric and turn to look at him. He wants more. And fuck, I do to. But I really need to go... there are reports and meetings and...

"Put down that fucking dress. Come here," he growls. I love it when he's demanding like this.

"Or what?" I ask, defiant. I turn the dress upside down and lift it over my head. Just as I'm about to tug it down over my shoulders, I feel him move closer. Feel him pull the fabric away. Feel him lift me off my feet.

"Emmett! Jesus," I cry. I always protest, but I'm secretly thrilled when he picks me up and throws me around.

"You can't leave yet," he says, pushing my back against the wall. I slide down slowly, my chest pressed against his, until my feet are on the floor. He leans into me, his torso pressed against mine and his cock pressing against my thigh. "I'm not done with you."

I make a half-hearted attempt to push him away, and he grabs my wrists, pushes them slowly up against the wall, and then transfers them both to one hand. I know that he'll let me go if I really want him to-the thing is, I suddenly can't remember why I ever wanted to leave. Not when his body is pressed up against mine like this, his muscles flexing as he holds me fast.

"Fast," I whisper, lifting my knee just a little.

"I thought you liked slow," he teases, dragging his knuckles down the side of my body from my shoulder all the way to my thigh.

"You gave me slow," I tell him, dropping my head to his chest. "Now I want fast."

His fingers dip between my legs, spreading me gently.

"Hard?" he asks. "Rough?" His words are a contrast to his touch, feather-light and barely enough to tease me.

"Stop talking about it and fuck me," I beg, thrusting my hips against his hand. He grins, pushing his jeans down to free his cock. This time when he enters me there's no teasing, no long, drawn-out kisses and shallow movements. There's just Emmett, thick and hot and so hard for me, filling me up in one thrust like we never really stopped fucking.

"God," I cry, scrambling to lift my legs higher around his body. He hitches my thigh up over his hip with one hand, reaching down to cup my ass and help support me.

"I knew you wanted more," he mumbles, fucking me relentlessly. "You only came twice."

"Harder, Emmett," I beg, pulling my arms free of his hand. I wrap them around his neck, helping to hold myself up so he can put all of his energy into his movements.

"You love it, don't you?" he asks, nipping at my earlobe. "Love getting fucked like this and then going back to work? Trying to focus on financial whatever while my cum is running down your thigh?"

"Yes," I pant, pushing back against the wall for leverage. Trying to give as good as I'm getting.

"You're gonna feel me all afternoon, baby," he promises. I know he's right. His hard, deep strokes feel good, so fucking good, but I need more if I'm going to come again.

"Touch me," I demand. "Want to come."

"Can't," he pants, lifting my leg higher around his waist. There's no room between us for either of us to reach down and give my clit the attention it needs. "How about this?" he asks, changing his rhythm. He's not pounding into me anymore, he's grinding against me. His body provides the friction I need while his cock rubbing back and forth against the perfect spot inside of me.

"Yes," I tell him, scratching at his neck and his back as I scramble to keep my body in this exact position. "Fuck, yes. Keep doing that."

"God, Rose," he groans. "Look at me."

I want to comply, but I can't lift my head. My entire body is tense, tight, twisted up and ready to explode.

"So close," I whine, my teeth scraping over the cord of his neck, tight with strain from holding me up, from fucking me this hard.

"Look at me!" he demands, just as I feel my body start to release. I throw my head back in pleasure, pulsing and twitching around his cock. "Open your eyes," he whispers, his tone more gentle now.

I open them and look up at Emmett's face as I come and come and come, as he kisses my lips once, gently, even as he fucks me through my orgasm.

"You," I tell him, returning his sweet kiss. He knows what I mean and changes his movements again, doing exactly what he likes, what he needs. It only lasts another minute or two until he's coming, too-nuzzling my neck while he explodes inside me.

He drops my legs and I let them fall to the floor. Exhausted, we lean against the wall together, panting and giggling and kissing.

Until I see the clock over his shoulder.

"Okay, now I really have to go," I tell him, pushing him away.

"Awww, come on, Rosie," he whines, but he says it with a wink this time. I tug my dress on over my head and pull a hairbrush from my bag, fixing my blonde curls while I stare into Emmett's mirror. He walks up behind me and zips up the back of my dress, kissing me right between my shoulder blades when he's finished.

"Emmett?" I ask sweetly, tucking my brush back inside my bag.

"Mmm?" he says, meeting my eyes in the mirror.

"Can I have my panties back now?" I ask. He grins, shaking his head slowly and brushing his lips over my shoulder.

"Hell, no," he says. "I gotta give you a reason to come back tomorrow."

Hope you enjoyed. :)