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Chapter 6: A Simple Bet



Mike said as he punched into Owen's chest.

Owen gasped as he was knocked to the ground from the power of the punch. The gasp echoed within the Dojo. Mike and Owen had just finished up a sparring match with Mike being the victor 3 out of the 4 fights.

With trouble, and little breath, Owen lifted himself off of the ground and acknowledged his defeat. Sure he had lost that little friendly competition and it wasn't a huge deal and all but… There had been the simple bet beforehand.

Mikes countenance changed from the serious one when fighting to as if he was about to burst from laughter.

"Hahaha! Yeah as if I'm going to forget about our little bet! You have to my servant for the whole weekend! Ha, yes this is going to be great!

Owen grumbled. "Well if I have to be your servant you have to at least do your end of the bet! It's not even that bad!


Owen was flipped upside down on the back of Mike's old blue patterned sofa. Mike sat beside his faithful friend each feeling the intensity of what they were doing, videogames, definitely the average teenage thing to do on a weekend.

"This is getting pretty lame Owen…" "I mean can't we find something more interesting to do on a freaking Saturday!"

Owen laughed, he had just sniped Mike in the head for the hundredth time that match. He set down his wireless black controller and sat up on the couch.

"How bout we go do a little sparing down in the dojo." He suggested. "Get us in shape and all!"

"Sure I'd love to kick you're a…"

Owen interrupted. "But… Let's make it a bit interesting. You win the majority of four matches I'll do whatever you want for a weekend."

"That would be freaking awesome! Somebody to do all of my chores and homework…" Mike happily reached out to shake Owen's hand.

Owen withdrew. "But if I win even one then you ask Amanda to the homecoming dance that is coming up, and you finally confess all that bottled up feeling that's driving everybody insane! Seriously dude, just do it already!"

Mike hesitated for a moment juggling all the possible outcomes of both the fight, and the confession that would be undertaken. He shrugged it off and wearily held out his hand to comply with the terms.

"Deal!" The two friends said in unison.

End of Flashback

Owen chuckled.

"Hmm? What's so funny, you actually want to do all my stuff this weekend?" Mike questioned curiously.

"Well I do have to and all, you won the majority of the matches, but you lost your side the bet my friend. You didn't win every single match." He let out a burst of laughter. "Meaning you have to confess!"

Mikes face turned the color of cherries. "Wha?"

Silently he thought to himself of the hole that he had just dug for himself. The dance didn't scare him a bit, nor did the confession. The fear of plain rejection struck fear into him.

The melody of his favorite band was heard in the background of his thoughts. He quickly realized that somebody was calling him.

Owen glanced down upon Mike's black phone, the called idea read AMANDA.

Owen smirked. "Why what a perfect time to ask her to the dance!" With that he left the room towards the kitchen.

Mike gulped and nervously picked up the phone.