Mikado stood silently on the raised sidewalk one day in Ikebukuro. He leaned on the rail, holding his phone in one hand, and his newly purchased bag of sushi in the other. There was nothing new or interesting on the Dollars message boards, no people to be saved or helped. So he figured that he'd get some sushi.

Walking on the road below him was Izaya, skipping along as usual, and occasionally looking over his shoulder for any sign of a certain bartender. He glanced up to see that the leader of the oh-so-famous Dollars happened to have a bag of sushi. Izaya suddenly craved sushi, and didn't feel like moving to get it. He decided to steal it.

"MIKADO!" The boy was shocked out of his thoughts when his name was called by a familiar voice. "What's the ever-busy leader of the Dollars doing here?"

Mikado glanced up and down the street that the sidewalk was above. Other than the man on the road below him, there was no other person on the street.

"O-oh. What do you want, Izaya?"

Izaya gave his famous 'I'm-up-to-no-good' smirk, "I was just wondering what the Dollars leader was doing away from his computer? I heard a rumor that the Dollars activity has increased lately. And that someone's about to plan a major attack on the Dollars. I can't believe that you'd be this neglectful."

Mikado looked vaguely surprised, "But the message boards have been pretty empty as of late. Where did you hear this?"

"Just a contact. Do you want his number?"

The boy hardened his face, unsure what Izaya was doing. The information broker rarely gave out information for free. "Sure…I guess…"

"All right, Mikado~ In exchange I want that sushi."

This was his price? It's a small price to pay for the information…Mikado had a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach, like something wasn't right.

Regardless, he dropped the bag of sushi to the ground below him, and watched it be caught by Izaya. He opened his phone to the contacts page, and prepared for Izaya to give him the number. To what really shouldn't have been his surprise, Mr. Orihara was skipping along the road away from him. The information broker called out, "Sorry, Mikado~ I lied~."

And that was several hundred yen that Mikado would never get back. He didn't even know why he remotely trusted the information broker anymore.

Curiously enough, as Izaya crossed the next street over, a traffic light hurtled at him, and destroyed the sushi instead of the man.

Izaya took this as his queue to leave, mentally groaning over the loss of his free sushi. But he didn't linger on that too long, as he was too busy running for his life from a very angry blond man.

I'm not even kidding in saying that this is my French homework. It was to write a fanfiction based on the poem "Le Corbeau et Le Renard." And translate said fanfiction into French.

This isn't my usual standard of work- My French, is on a 4th grade level, and I couldn't do much with description. So therefore, you get this lousy thing.

I will be posting the French version soon~~

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