Welcome to a fanfic written on the ABC boards by several different writers. Nothing's too steamy because of the rules of the board. Enjoy!

Topic: Conversations held in the car.

Rules: Conversations can be between any of the characters. The posts can be stand-alone or build on ones already posted. They can be any tone - funny, angsty, angry, flirty, whatevery.

Your posts have to be something that could actually happen on the show, whether now, 2 years ago, or 50 years from now. Whenever. Just realistic. No Josh-zombies.

1. By tiff098765:

As they sat in traffic, Castle thought of the witness interview they'd just conducted. Beckett looked uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm fine," she lied.

He watched her, trying to be discreet. She looked almost in pain.

"You sure you're okay?"

She shot him a look. He didn't know what he'd done to make her angry, but she was clearly mad. At him.

Maybe not, he thought. It's been a rough day. We've been at it since 4am, and she didn't eat all day until I just forced her to. How can she stand to go all day with no food? It's nearly dinner time.

He saw her squeeze the steering wheel. She rolled down her window and screamed at the traffic jam. Castle thought it was odd that she left the window down when she was done with her yelling.

And then he understood why. It hit him like a brick wall and he gagged like he jokingly did when the coffee tasted like "monkey pee." He rolled down his window as fast as he could, gasping for fresh air. Shocked, he turned to look at her, gasping, "Was that you?"

She stared straight ahead but was quickly turning bright red. She watched him in his peripheral vision, trying to waft the foul odor out the window. He was revolted and shocked that she passed gas in his presence. In almost 3 years of riding together, she had never done that.

"Ugh, Beckett, that's what I'd expect from old men & pregnant women! Not you!"

She was humiliated. What could she do? She began to giggle. Then laugh.

He was grossed out & baffled & amused; he asked, "Did something crawl up inside you and die?"

She laughed so hard her eyes teared up.

"Oh, Castle... Don't ever buy me a street-vendor chili dog with onions again."

"Don't worry. I won't."

He shook his head as she tried to make herself stop giggling.