By KastleFan301:

"Castle! Get down!" Kate yelled, pulling Castle down on the front seat of the their unmaked car as bullets tore through the windshield of the car making little squares of glass that ricoqueched throughout the inside off the car.

Castle attempted to rise to see where the shots came from as Kate pulled him back to the seat.

"No! Stay down!"she said tersely.

"One Lincoln 40, one Lincoln 40! Shots fired at 73rd and Amsterdam!" Kate yelled into the radio after grabbing it from the dashboard. "Be advised the suspect is a sniper. I saw the sun off the site. " Holding onto to Castle's arm and staring intently into his eyes from their lowered and laying down position on the seat of the car, she asked, "Are you ok?"

"Mostly," he answered and noticed that the squares of glass had made little cuts on her neck and face.

"Are you ok?" he asked, his voice a low, quaivering tone.

"Hell no, I'm not ok!" she replied tersely, her voice trembling in fear as she breathed hard, her heart pounding against her ribs.

"Easy," Castle breathed. "Easy. It's ok. The guys will get him."

"They'd better," she vowed breathing a tremulous breath.

Castle caressed her arm attempting to calm her down. He knew she was running hard with emotions just now and wasn't thinking clearly. He had to think for her.

"Relax. Easy," he said again. "You don't think it's..."

"You're damn right I think it's him..." she interrupted in a scared, low voice. She breathed hard taking deep breaths to gain control as tears collected in her eyes and several spilled over onto her face.

"Shhh...shhhh," Rick soothed. "It's ok. It's ok. Thank god you saw the sun on the sight," he whispered, touching her face where the glass had nicked. "We'll nail him," he murmered against her face as he planted a light kiss on her forehead as they still hunkered down in the seats.